Title: Avoir Confiance en TARDIS. (Pt. 8 of the Quelle Heure Est-il? drabble set.)

Fandoms: Stargate SG-1/ Doctor Who 2005

Characters/Pairing: Daniel Jackson, Ninth Doctor

Warnings: Crossover-AU

Word Count:

Rating: G or K.

Summary: Daniel finds the wardrobe room.

Author's Notes: Any questions that aren't short term plot kinda stuff are answered or will be answered here-

h t t p / p l s t e w a r d . l i v e j o u r n a l . c o m / 3 0 0 6 3 . h t m l


He walked just behind the Doctor, through the winding halls, wondering if the maze would ever make sense to him. It was very alien, at least to him. He understood human made labyrinths & mazes, they all followed a kind of logic & followed a pattern that was never changing. Through history the mazes, labyrinths & even the dungeons under castles all were essentially the same, his 'Uncle' Dimetri had taught him that much when they visited him in Athens a few years ago. But this, the TARDIS, wasn't human made & even showed signs of being a sentient being herself, was very much not human & followed none of the rules he had been taught.

"Ah, here we are." The Doctor opened the door with a flourish and a huge grin that stretched his elastic face, "The wardrobe. Pick out whatever you want, next few markets we can stop at I'll let you go shopping, but this should do you for now." With that declaration Daniel found himself pushed into a room that was just coated in cloth, plastic, vinyl, leather, & other textiles that he had yet to learn the names of. The lighting was very different from the orange sick bay, it was white-blue and bright. At one end the wall was just mirrors, not one mirror, but rather it was a hundred different mirrors, some huge, some tiny, some with ostentatious frames, some with no frames. Some of the mirrors were fogged, some rippled, some smooth, some clear, some magnifying, some were just so strange that he didn't yet have the words to understand them.

"I'll be in the control room, just trust TARDIS to lead you there when you're done." With that the door closed and he was left alone, lost, and overwhelmed. At least he was until the TARDIS shuddered and into his lap dropped a set of brown & tan bedouin styled robes, and on the rack closest to him he saw a set of light linen trousers and tunic. With a song in his heart he donned the clothes and thanked the TARDIS for her help.

The door opened on it's own & he found himself trusting the TARDIS to show him where he needed to be. It was very strange to his mind, but he really did trust this thing more than he had trusted anyone other than his parents. Maybe, just maybe, if he cold trust the TARDIS like he trusted his mum, then maybe he could trust the Doctor too.