Pariah Dark's Treasonous Soldier

Chapter 1: A Little History Lesson

The scene opens with a strange figure giving orders to what appears to be Pariah Dark's troops. As the strange figure reveals him more, he appears to be in a knight in golden armor.

"Sir" said one of the skeleton soldiers to the knight in golden armor, "would it be too risky to overthrow Pariah?"

"Nonsense" said the Golden Knight, "I the Golden Knight, Pariah Dark's most trusted general shall do the very deed myself. I do not wish to lose any of my loyalists. This overthrow of the Ghost King shall be swift."

As the Golden Knight finished making that statement, the Fright Knight was secretly eavesdropping on the little "speech" by the Golden Knight. He then hurried back to Pariah Dark to warn him about the news.

"Who dares disrupt my meeting?" asked Pariah Dark as he got up from the table where he was having a meeting with his top generals.

"Urgent news my lord" replied the Fright Knight as he bowed down to Pariah Dark, "there's a traitor among us."

"And who might this traitor be?" asked one of the generals at the table.

"A trusted soldier, the Golden Knight" replied the Fright Knight.

Suddenly everyone in the room gasped with such a big surprise.

"The Golden Knight!" cried Pariah Dark, "But he has been one of our most trusted soldiers to fight the ancient ghosts and their armies."

"But he's seeking to overthrow you my lord" said the Fright Knight, "and in any book that's treason."

"Hmm, I see what you mean" said Pariah Dark.

"But what sort of punishment should we bring about with the Golden Knight?" asked the second general.

"I say we split his body up into different parts, send them throughout the globe in the human realm" said another general.

"An excellent punishment suited for such a crime" said Pariah Dark, "I shall make the preparations necessary with my other advisors."

A few hours later, Pariah Dark was in his chambers waiting for the Golden Knight to make his move. The Golden Knight was approaching his chambers and drawing his sword. He knew he had the ability to defeat the Ghost King so that he could be the new Ghost King. As he continued to approach the door to Pariah Dark's chambers, the Fright Knight along with several of Pariah's loyalists appeared in front of the chamber door.

"Redeem yourself and become one of us again" said the Fright Knight, "or you shall suffer the consequences."

"I'll rather fight so that I can become the Ghost King" said the Golden Knight as he began to charge at the Fright Knight and Pariah's loyalists.

Both the Fright and Golden Knights clashed with each other in battle as their swords began to clash. The skeleton soldiers loyal to Pariah came to the Fright Knight's aid, but the Golden Knight managed to destroy the ones that came up close to him. The Golden Knight then managed to slice his way through the chamber door where Pariah Dark was sitting on his throne.

"I see you have come to oust me as Ghost King" said Pariah Dark as he observed the Golden Knight walking forward.

"And what do you propose to do to punish me?" asked the Golden Knight as he made a laugh.

"This" said Pariah Dark as he used his staff and fired a red beam at the Golden Knight.

The Golden Knight could feel his body being torn apart. His arms, body, helmet and other parts such as legs and even his own golden sword were separated. The items of what use to be the Golden Knight's body were placed on the floor as the Fright Knight came in along with some of Pariah's loyalists whom survived the attempted coup were surprised of Pariah Dark's quick victory.

"So what should we do with these items?" asked the Fright Knight.

"Spread these items throughout the human realm" replied Pariah Dark, "I don't care even I do come to conquer that realm I do not wish to see this traitor rise up again. That is your duty my loyal Fright Knight. Prevent those who wish to resurrect this traitor."

"I understand my duty" said the Fright Knight as he bowed to Pariah Dark.

The scene then switches back to where Vlad Masters was sitting at the table with the Fright Knight after the Fright Knight gave his little story to Vlad.

"Impressive story" said Vlad, "just where are those items that were once part of the Golden Knight located?"

"You know, it's been so long even I don't know" replied the Fright Knight.

"Perhaps I need to employ some experts on finding these items for me" said Vlad, "but I myself have looked into the legend of the Ghost Knight already with the aid of my other associates. I have already bought them from various museums across the globe and all I need to do is make sure to paint Daniel as the main culprit of stirring up trouble in Amity Park is by making people think Daniel is the thief."

"So when do these operations start?" asked the Fright Knight.

"They have already just begun" replied Vlad.

Meanwhile, Danny and his friends were visiting the museum on a field trip Mr. Launcer and the rest of the class were on.

"Class" said Mr. Launcer, "I would like to direct you kids to the museum's latest additions by an anonymous donation. It's suppose to be based on some sort of legend, but I hardly pay attention to these."

As Mr. Launcer was about to go further into the subject, Danny picked up his ghost sense and raised his hand for permission to go to the boys restroom.

"Mr. Fenton is there a problem?" asked Mr. Launcer.

"I have to use the restroom" replied Danny.

"Fine" said Mr. Launcer, "I don't want any of the museum's artifacts here to be ruined. Now go."

As Danny went around the corner and went into the boy's restroom, Skulcker appeared and began to scare everybody away from the museum exhibit which featured what appeared to be some sort of golden sword along some golden armor. Skulcker immediately grabbed the suit of golden armor and the golden sword from its display and as he was about to make an exit, he ran right into Danny Phantom.

"Becoming a mere thief" said Danny, "gee Skulcker you have really let yourself go this time."

"Listen welt" said Skulcker, "I'm just framing you."

"With who?" asked Danny.

Suddenly four mysterious figures burst in the room.

"This is yours" said Skulcker as he handed the golden sword and suit of armor to Danny and disappears from the scene.

"Hand over those items immediately or suffer the consequences" demanded the bald kid as he revealed himself to Danny.

"This is who Skulcker is trying to frame me with?" asked Danny to himself, "Should be easy."

"Didn't you just hear my friend over here" said a black-haired slender boy who came out of the clear, "or do we have to show you what we're really made of."

"Yea" said the blond tall boy in the hat, "either you vamos or we'll come case you down."

"And just how are you people going to do that?" asked Danny.

"This!" replied the girl who was with the three boys.

She leaped right toward Danny and before Danny could realize he was on the ground and the two items which Skulcker had thrown to him fell in the girl's hand.

"This plan of people hitting people is taking to a whole new level" smiled Skulcker as he watched the events unfold from a safer distance.

"J-j-just who are you people?" asked Danny as he was trying to recover from the attack.

"We are the Xiaolin dragon warriors in training" replied the bald kid, "and we're here to put an end to your quest to resurrect the Golden Knight."