I guess I'll never really know how to explain what happened after the night we found Derrick, I found my love again, and well… after everything else happened. I guess you could say life got a lot better after that. I mean every thing perked up. Meghan and Fred were married (and had two gorgeous twins nine months later, whoever said twins skipped a generation didn't know my brothers). Ron and Hermoine became friends with Harry again, I forgave Harry and grew to like Eve a lot better than I thought I ever would (she so would have been a Slytherin had she gone to Hogwarts). Draco and I got married after that school year ended, before the next began, in August. It was a beautiful wedding; I don't think I have ever seen my mother cry more, or my father for that matter.

Draco and I had three children, two boys and a girl. Our lovely eleven-year-old girl, Kelly is the sweetest little girl ever, she's the middle child and is still overprotected by her brothers, including hey younger one. Our eldest is fifteen, Marcus thinks he is so superior to a lot of people, and already has had his first crush (Eve and Harry's girl, Lily). Our youngest is nine, Nicolas has to do everything his brother does, while still making sure no boys get near Kelly. How I love them so much.

After Draco and I were married, I don't know really what happened, but it seemed like the whole world was professing their love to each other. It was kind of odd, but my mother couldn't have been happier, there were so many new additions to the family, we almost filled all the rooms at the Malfoy Mansion one Christmas.

I guess you could say that my first teaching year at Hogwarts will always be remembered, all the good times, all the bad times, finding new friends where you never would have expected, finding amazing students where you only thought there was ignorance. Finding the most important thing… me.

The End.


That's it people, leave me one.