MY Superhero


Summary: Superhero: A figure, especially in a comic strip or cartoon, endowed with superhuman powers and usually portrayed as fighting evil or crime. Aka. Dean. Dean was MY superhero

Set After: Prologue/Epilogue will be post-finale, but the rest of the story will be pre-season 1

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A/n: I should really start writing some Dean-centric stories, but I absolutely love getting into Sam's head. Hope you like this one! Came up with the plot while once again in line for "Superman" at Six Flags: Great Adventure. All my best story ideas come from that!


Superhero: A figure, especially in a comic strip or cartoon, endowed with superhuman powers and usually portrayed as fighting evil or crime.

Also known as…


Dean was MY Superhero.


Dad used to always tell me that I was stupid. He used to tell me that Dean was human, just like every else. But Dad was wrong. He was always wrong.

Dean was my own personal superhero. He was always there, always helping me, especially when I told him that I didn't need his help anymore, he was there.

He would give himself up to help me in a heartbeat. I think he said that me once too.

But now… now I was beginning to think that dad was right. That Dean wasn't a superhero.

Superheroes were invincible. And right now, Dean was anything but invincible. He was so banged up. He was so pale. There were so many wires.

So many wires… a tube shoved down his throat because he wasn't breathing on his own.

And it was my fault. Yeah, I know, blaming myself was the stupidest thing to do, but it was all I could do. If I had shot dad instead of listening to Dean, we wouldn't be in this position. Yeah, Dean would probably have been so mad at me, but then he wouldn't be just lying there.

Apparently (according to the doctors), Dean was lucky to even be alive. Between slamming his head on the glass of his Impala and the massive bleeding caused by the demon… he shouldn't be alive. The doctors still think that he isn't going to last the night.

But he was a fighter. He was Dean. He was a superhero. He couldn't die. Superheroes didn't die.

It wasn't fair. Dean was the superhero, the one doing all the saving. He was the Batman, the Superman… Me. What am I? What do I do? Dean's always the one saving my ass, I don't even constitute as a Robin or Superboy.

I walked away from that crash with a few bruises, cuts… sprained wrist, and I had to be careful with my neck. Wow. How horrible, considering that right now, Dean was fighting for his life.

And dad… he didn't even want to think about his dad. His dad was in slightly better condition than Dean was…

At least dad was breathing on his own.

I reached up and wiped the tears away from my eyes with my left hand, since the other one was hurting.

The doctor's words continued echoing dully through his mind:


"You're lucky Sam…" the doctor said slowly. "That was one hell of an accident, and to come off as unscathed as you did, it's miraculous…"

I remained silent, just staring at him, before the words fell out of my mouth. "How's Dean?"

At the crash site they had almost lost both dad and Dean. It scared me. A lot.

The doctor didn't answer right away. "Your brother is still in the ER Sam…" he said slowly. "He's not doing to good though…"

I didn't like the sound of that. "He's lost a lot of blood. There might be permanent brain damage if he even survives…"


That had been day and a half long days ago. A very long 36 hours. Dean had gotten out of surgery after being in the emergency room for over 12 hours.

I had been discharged almost as soon as I had been admitted, there was no real reason to stay. While Dean was in surgery they did brain scans, they did everything… and there seemed to be nothing wrong.

And then they told me that Dean was out of surgery…


"How's he doing?" I managed to get out, my voice shaky. I couldn't keep it steady.

The doctor looked down and shook his head. "He probably isn't going to survive the night…"

"WHAT!" I shouted, not caring about causing a scene.

"Sam, calm down…" one of the nurses said, coming over.

No! I wasn't going to calm down. They were not just going to tell me that Dean was going to die. Dean DIDN'T DIE! It… it… it wasn't possible. After everything we had been through, a car accident was not going to kill my superhero.

"How can I calm down, you just told me my brother was going to die! That my best friend is just going to die! How am I supposed to be calm?"

The doctor didn't have a response for me. I didn't expect him to as the nurse lead me over to one of the seats and forced me down. I didn't fight back. Everything was crashing down on me.


Dean was going to die.


Even now, I still couldn't believe it. Looking at Dean, my big brother, my best friend… my superhero, I couldn't believe that this could be the end.

After everything, Dean couldn't die.

I wouldn't let him.

I reached out and grabbed Dean's hand. There were so many wires, it was… heartbreaking.

Once again, I wiped the tears away.

No. Dean wasn't allowed to die.

I know its stupid, and I know how childish it is, but Dean… even though I'm not eight years old anymore, Dean is still my Superhero.

And Superheroes don't die.


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