Modern Annoyances.

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Declaimer: I do not own the people from the Ancient Future Trilogy only a copy of the books and the plot used with these people oh and the school is an actual place so yeah and its in Canberra (Telopea is but Elm road I have no idea if it is or not).

Ione sat on the brick wall that surrounded her school and looked out at the other teenagers playing football or talking in their groups. She was known as the "Mute" or the school loser. It was not that she could not talk it was that she had nothing to say any more.

I Her thoughts wandered back to the last school she had attended. She was the most popular person at Elm Road high school. Her boyfriend loved her and she had a group of really close friend.

Then it had all changed, on Friday nights her friends and herself always went out the local youth bar to play pool or just hang out and talk. One Friday Caradoc and a group of his idiot friends came to the youth center completely smashed. She had been outside with one of her friend having a smoke when the group came up to them. With out any warning Caradoc punched her friend in the temple and knocked her out. Ione backed up against the cold brick wall. She was scared, she had heard about what Caradoc and his friend thought a good night out consisted of. She could see that she was that nights fun and she had no way to escape. (if you don't get that then look at the books.) I/

Within a week her family had moved away from the only home she had ever known. Now she lived in Canberra and attended Telopea Park School. The people were nice enough but she had no wish to make new friends and get hurt again so now three months later people had stopped trying and acted as if she was not there, which was just how she wanted it. The teachers left her alone as long as she did okay in her tests and handed everything in on time.

The bell for the end of lunch rang. Ione slowly started to drag her feet towards her next class, English, Room 34, Mr. Morrisimo, Ione slowly recalled where she was headed when she was stopped by a group of girls in front of her, the girls were the "popular" people from her class. Not really caring why they had stopped Ione altered her course to get around them.

Keeping her eyes on the ground Ione edged around the group of giggling and sighing teens. Ione walked slowly towards the language building when she walked in to the back of a tall blonde boy who look to be about her age(15). The boy turned around and flashed what to most girls would have been a heart stopping smile.

"Hi, umm I'm Brockwell but most people call me Brian. This here is Tory my sister and we could both use some help 'cause we are so totally lost." The boy spoke with a slight Queenslandish accent. (Explained later)

Ione looked the pair up and down and walked off with out saying anything.

"Hey! Are you going to help us or not?" A girls voice called down the hall.

The only answer that the pair got was seeing Ione turn the corner and disappear in the crowds of students.

"She is a stuck up b.itch, don't worry about her. But if you need help then I can spare a few minutes. By the way I am Mahaud." A tall girl stood in front of the twins. She was a thin girl with long black hair that if let out would have fallen to her waist, however she had it up in a high pony tail with an ash gray scarf holding it up. Her eyes were to large for her face and a murky brown-gray. Others would call her beautiful but Brian called her just plain mean looking.

"Thanks but I think we can deal with it, if you can point us in the direction of the office." Tory really wanted to get away from this girl. For some reason she did not seem like the sort of person that you would want to get to know on your first day at a new school in a new town.

"Well its back the way you came but you have to turn left at the stairs not right cause that brings you to the library and the three story building but I can come with you if you like?" Mahaud sneered at Tory, while trying to throw an alluring smile at Brian.

Brian was looking in the other direction and did not see the glare that his sister was throwing at Mahaud but he also wanted to get away from her. So shaking his head the two walked off and left Mahaud seething in the middle of the hall, No one brushed her off like that and got away with it. (I know I know so over used line but it works here... I hope.)

It was ten minutes into class and Ione was already lost in a day dream while looking out at the guys playing soccer and the girls sitting around and watching the guys play soccer. It would not have been so bad if Mahaud would shut up about some new student that she was planning on "Conquering". Mr. Morrisimo was standing at the front of the class trying in vain to catch the classes attention with Shakespeare's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

A soft nock on the door made Mr. Morrisimo stop talking about Iambic Pentameter and open the door. Mrs. Saul stood in the doorway with Tory and Brain behind her quietly talking in another language.

"Jordiny we have two new students for your class, Brockwell and Sorcha Alexander."

"Brian and Tory Alexander." Brian corrected.

Mrs. Saul looked in confusion at her clipboard,

"It says here Brockwell and Sorcha?"

Tory and Brian cringed in distaste as the woman read out their really names.

"We know but no one calls us that its embarrassing." Tory explained as Brian was otherwise occupied with adamantly ignoring Mahaud's flirting glances.

With a shrug the Mrs. Saul headed back to admin. Mr. Morrisimo gestured for the two kids to enter the class room while he continued to ramble on about Early Modern English and how it was spoken.

Unfortunately for Ione the only spare seats were at her table. As Tory took her seat across from Brian and next to Ione she asked what they were studying.


"Cool, how easy is that? We just finished Shakes at the last school." Brian said with evident joy in his voice.

Ione raised her eyebroughs slightly and went back to looking out the window.

"Yes?" Mr. Morrisimo was extremely surprised at a hand waving in the air.

"Sir, can we put on a Shakespeare play? Cause you know, it would be easier to understand if we were acting it cause it is a play not a book." Tory shot a skeptical look at her brothers new-found enthusiasm for Shakespeare.

"Well, why not. Which play would you kids like to do?"


"Taming of the Shrew."

"Romeo and Juliet!"

"Much ado about Nothing."

"King Leer"



"How about a vote?" Mr. Morrisimo was now wondering where his students had learnt about so many of Shakespeare's plays.

In the end Romeo and Juliet was chosen, much to Tory's horror and Brian's delight.

"Brian would be perfect for Romeo!" Mahaud's call was followed by much agreement.

"Well then I get to chose my Juliet!" Brian stood up and walked around the table and knelt down in front of Ione.

"Will you be my Juliet?" Brian asked much to the dismay of Mahaud as she had meant Juliet for herself.

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