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Chapter three: People and problems.

Tory and Brian held Bryce's hands as they walked in to the Manuka Macdonald's. Renford walked slowly behind them reading a book in and about Ancient Latin. The three kids walked slowly up to the register while talking about their first day of school.

"What can I get you?" A girl around their ages stood behind the counter, she had short dyed red hair and glasses. (That's me people but I don't have red hair any more and its not that short. Mind you I usually work in drive but again meh.)

"happy meal!" Bryce squealed.

"Umm... I will have a medium Big Mac meal with Fanta no ice." Tory looked to Brian to find out what he would have.

"Large MacOz meal with Coke no ice."

"Okay, it that to have here or take away?"

"Here thanks, oh and my dad will have a large Macchicken meal with a white tea."

"Tory don't order for me. I will have a large Macchicken meal with a large white tea."

The girl raised her eyebrows at them before going to get their meals.

"Ione how long on Macchickens?" The twins looked at each other. Tory mouthed 'Ione?' at which Brian nodded to show that he had also heard it.

"2 minutes" Ione's voice called from out back.

"Okay thanks." The girl collected the rest of their meals and informed them that the Macchicken would be brought out to them when they were ready.

"Thank you..." Brian looked at the girls name tag "Bretters?!?"

'Bretters' giggled before giving them their change. (People THAT IS NOT MY NAME!! My names Bretony I just forget my name tag a lot so I stole bret's. XD)

The small family walked over to a free table in the corner of the store to eat their meals and tease Bryce about his first day of school in Canberra.

Soon enough Bretters brought the macchicken over to the family. Brain smiled before trying to get into a conversation with her. All he got was a "Sorry I'm working and if I'm caught talking then Paul is going to throw a spazz." With a sad smile she walked away.

"Brian you do realise that she is in our English, Science and Sport classes don't you?" Tory looked over at her twin who was already halfway through his burger and paying all of No attention to what she had just said.

With a sigh and the shake of a head Tory began her meal.

Tory was laying on her on her bed reading the latest archaeological paper out of some god forsaken desert region when Brian walked in and plonked himself down on the end of Tory's bed. Tory ignored him. A long sigh escaped Brian's lips. Tory ignored him. Brian shifted closer to her and stole her paper. Tory took it back and ignored him.



"I cant stop thinking about this girl I saw at school but I haven't even talk to her."

""Brian, if you have never even talked to her and you are already crushing because of her looks? That ain't cool bro!" Tory threw a disgusted look at Brian and then went back to her paper.

The next morning Brian was still moping -because of Tory's outburst the night before -as he got ready for school. As they walked up to the gates of the school Brian dragged his feet, while Tory bounced along beside him. Suddenly Brian grabbed Tory's arm, cutting of the circulation to her lower arm and hand.

i "That's her!" /i Brian whispered.

Tory shook her brother off of her arm and then glanced in the direction he was pointing before shrugging, before walking off the find Ione. She had had enough experience with Brian in the past to know that with in a week a new girl would have caught his attention.

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