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He held out his hand for her, blue eyes sincere.

"Trust me."

And she wanted to, she really wanted to.

Somewhere between his gaze and her hesitance she realized some part of herself needed to reach for him, grasp his hand and never let go. A part of herself she'd believed to have disappeared a long time ago, before she ever became jinx; a part she had forgotten.

A part she had wanted to forget, because it made her weak, it made her human. She knew from experience she would never be accepted as human- Only an imitation: A fake.

She looked at him with a hope that was quickly dying. It was too late for her. She was a criminal; she had done things unforgivable; she wasn't normal; she was bad luck, and the H.I.V.E. 5 was all she had left.

Abandoning her team was unthinkable, she couldn't, she just couldn't. She was Jinx and that was all there was to it. She had no other identity, no alter ego to hide behind. Not anymore.

A long time ago she had been a someone, and vaguely she remembered being a someone with a family and a real home. Now, if only she could remember her name. Her real name; what was it?

She couldn't remember.

She was stuck. For the first time in her life, Jinx was truly stuck. She found herself unraveling: Falling to pieces in plain sight and uncaring. Laughing a little.

He watched, embarrassed for her, wondering why she did this to herself. Noticing the faint glow fade from her pink eyes, and how the smirk fell off her heart-shaped face as she gave up. Why? No. How did she end up like this?

She was unlike anyone he'd ever met.

Maybe, he told himself, that was why he had the strongest urge to help, protect her, because she was different and she wouldn't do it herself. Maybe.

But, inside himself, the need to shield her was instinct- Natural; something more than a hero needing to rescue a Damsel-In-Distress because she wasn't a Damsel-In-Distress. She wasn't some helpless princess that needed saving, but he wanted her to be.

And he wanted to be her champion, her Knight-In-Shining-Armor…

So he tried again, because he could only save her, if she let him.

"Trust me."

Her eyes widened.

He was still waiting for her, serious in his bright suit; a piece of his red hair brushing against the side of his face in a vain attempt to remind him he'd forgotten to shut the door and anyone could see them- If anyone were there…

The breeze was nice though.

Nice… She could be nice. If nothing else, she reasoned, she could be nice… She could try to change…

So with more than a little uncertainty, Jinx reached for Kid Flash's hand. She was going to try.

He met her half way; afraid she'd suddenly change her mind and pull away: He would never let her go…

They connected and nothing else mattered.

"It's okay now."

And she believed him.