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Title: Silver Lining

Kim, Ron, and Bonnie had gone to class together. They all had most of their classes together so it gave them time to talk and relax.

"I hate algebra!" said Ron, " Why does it always have to be so hard?"

"Well maybe if you stayed awake and paid attention to the teacher it wouldn't seem so hard now would it Ron?" said Kim smiling

Ron sighed at this. "You're right Kim, but it's hard not to fall asleep". Rufus came out of his pocket and onto Ron's shoulder agreeing. " Yup".

Bonnie just giggled at this.

School had come to an end for the day and Bonnie left waving goodbye to Kim and Ron. Luckily there was no cheerleading practice this week, but she was planning to restart as soon as it did. She wanted to get her life back on track one step at a time. As she was about to walk away from the school she had noticed someone behind her standing quietly and looking at Bonnie.

It was Tara.

Bonnie looked at Tara, puzzled that she was just standing there looking at her so quietly. Bonnie was hoping to talk to Bonnie, hoping she could make amends with her and be her friend again.

Bonnie smiled at her and took a few steps to Tara. "Hi Tara."

Tara looked at her feet and mumbled "hi"

A few minutes passed and Tara decided to look up a Bonnie, expecting to be yelled at or at least she her with her usual angry face. But to her surprise Bonnie was still smiling. Tara was a little nervous to see Bonnie smiling.

"Something wrong?" said Bonnie with a face of concern

"Are you ok? Why are you smiling?" said Tara unsure what else to say at the moment.

"That's silly. I'm smiling because I'm happy to see you again".

Tara spoke to Bonnie unsure what to really say. " Aren't you mad at me for the way I yelled at you last time? Calling you a bitch and stuff".

Bonnie shook her head and started to speak. " No, I'm not mad. I've been wanting to talk to you for sometime now. I was going through some problems and, well, you know the story, everyone at school does. How I almost killed myself. I was going through so many difficulties and was so consumed over them that I didn't think of anyway out of them except for ending it. I almost succeeded but Ron helped me see the light and see that life is worth living and is helping me get my life back together and better than it was before. I'm a new person thanks to Ron and wanted to make the best of it."

Tara eyes started to water a little. She knew Bonnie was having problems but not enough for this. If she had died the last thing she would have done would have been her yelling at Bonnie and saying those awful things to her. She cried and ran to Bonnie and embraced her in a hug screaming, "Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize how much you needed someone to talk to. Can you ever forgive?

Bonnie held on to Tara and smiled and told Tara, " It's me who should be asking you for forgiveness for the way I have been treating you all this time. I would like it if you were to give me another chance at being your friend"

Tara hugged Bonnie with tears in your eyes. " Of course I'll be your friend . Just don't do anything stupid again."

Hugging Tara back, Bonnie told Tara, " Don't worry, I won't. Like I said, I had great help getting over that."

After holding each other for a few seconds, Bonnie separated from Tara. " Would you to go and get something to eat?"

Tara wiped the tears from eyes. " Sure that would be nice, but you're paying."

Bonnie agreed.

Tara was in shock. " Are sure you're the real Bonnie, or are you some android?"

Bonnie laughed at this and spoke to Tara, "I'm the real Bonnie, now let's go get some pizza."

As they both started to walk next to each other, Bonnie was thinking how good this day was and hoped that tomorrow will be just as good.