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Chapter 4

It has been two weeks since Bonnie and Brick have gotten together again. They both have been together almost nonstop and have spent most of their time with each other or being seen with Kim, Ron, and Tara.

During lunch the five sat at the same table eating when a familiar beeping was heard.

Kim picked up her kimmunicator and opened it up. "What's the sitch Wade?" asked Kim

"Kim, Dr. Drakken and Shego are up to something big. I'm sending you some transportation to come pick you and Ron up. It will be there in ten minutes" said Wade

"Thanks Wade, you rock" said Kim as she disconnected the kimmunicator. "Ron let's go" said Kim looking at Ron

As Kim and Ron got up to go they were stop by the voice of one of their friends. "Wait" said Bonnie.

Kim and Ron turned around to face Bonnie. "What is it?" asked Ron

"I want to go with you two" said Bonnie

Kim and Ron looked at each other and then back at Bonnie. "You know these missions are dangerous, don't you? This isn't going to be fun and games" said Kim

Bonnie shock her head up and down. "I know and I still want to go. Ron told me that I can go with you two on a mission if I wanted" said Bonnie

Kim looked at Ron with a look of anger. "You said Bonnie can come with us? Without confiding in me? When did this happen?" asked Kim

"Kim, calm down. I said this while Bonnie was in the hospital, telling her about our missions. I was going to bring this up but I didn't really think Bonnie would want to came along so soon or that you would take it this badly. If Bonnie wants to come I think she has that right as long as she doesn't do anything too dangerous" said Ron

Kim looked at Ron for a few seconds and then sighed. "All right, Bonnie can come" said Kim sounding defeated.

"Yes" said Bonnie

"Can I come too?" asked Tara

"What?" screamed Kim

"I have to make sure Bonnie doesn't do anything dangerous or stupid, so I have to come along as well" said Tara

"Fine you can come. Brick, do you want to go as well?" asked Kim, who looked like she was about to have a mental breakdown.

"No thanks. I have a test next period. Maybe another time" said Brick, a little nervous at the sight of Kim.

"Ok let's go people" said Kim as Bonnie, Ron, and Tara followed. Kim and Ron dressed in their regular attire of black shirts and cargo pants and as for Tara and Bonnie they borrowed some of Kim's extras for the mission. Ten minutes later a helicopter arrived, just as Wade said it would, and picked up the four teens for their mission.

"Ok, listen up Bonnie and Tara. I need you two to understand that this isn't going to be fun and games. Dr.Drakken and Shego, especially Shego, is going to be dangerous so you two are going to be the distraction while I fight Shego and Ron stops Drakken" said Kim

"What's Drakken's plan?" asked Tara

"We are not sure at the moment but it probably something dangerous so it's better if we play it safe" said Kim

"Bonnie and Tara, you two will help Kim by distracting Shego and putting those cheerleading skills of yours to good use and if you have to fight Shego along with Kim. With all three of you she won't stand a chance" said Ron

"Ron, Bonnie and Tara are not going to fight" said Kim tensely

"Why not? Ron's right, we're all trained in cheerleading just like you, so we should be able to help you in your fight while Ron stops Dr. Drakken. I always wanted to fight a villain" said Bonnie happily

Kim put her head in her hands and sighed heavily at this. "Fine, do what you want , just don't blame me if you get hurt. Blame Ron" said Kim, smiling a bit sinisterly.

"Hey" said Ron

"Okay" said Tara and Bonnie to blaming Ron if something went wrong.

"Thanks a lot" said Ron grumpily as he sat down.

The girls giggled at this. "Don't worry Ron we won't blame you" said Tara

"It's not like anything that happens will be your fault" said Bonnie

"Besides how can the best boyfriend in the world do any wrong?" said Kim as she kissed Ron.

"Are you talking about Brick?" asked Bonnie as the girls started laughing.

"This is going to be a long trip" thought Ron as the girls continued talking.


An hour later the four teenagers arrived on a island that was currently the hidden location of Dr. Drakken and Shego. They proceeded to the lab using stealth and arrived at their location about 10 minutes later, where the found themselves at the front entrance. Ron put his hand around the doorknob and turned it and pushed the door opened. Kim and Ron walked in but Bonnie and Tara just stood in their spots in surprise.

"Is it just me or does it seem weird that a villain would have a front door to his secret lab and would leave it open?" said Bonnie

"Drakken may be an evil genius but he's not that bright" said Ron

"Oh" said Tara and Bonnie as they followed Kim and Ron through the lab.

They walked carefully through the complex for about five minutes without any sign of Drakken, Shego, or any danger. They soon entered what appeared to be a laboratory but were not able to see more than a few feet due to the lack of lighting. They proceeded to try and find a light switch when the lights were turned on, blinding the four teenagers for a few seconds. While waiting for their eyes to adjust they heard someone's voice. "Ha Ha Ha, welcome Kim Possible to my lair" said Dr. Drakken

"Drakken, what are you up to this time" yelled Kim

"oh the usual, planning on taking over the world, but this time I will succeed with my plan" said Dr. Drakken

"You and what army?" said Ron, pointing at the blue skinned maniac.

In response to this an olive skinned girl jumped from one of the balconies and landed about about feet away from the four teenagers. "I'm the army buffoon" said Shego with a cruel smile.

"He is not a buffoon" said the three girls in unison.

Dr. Drakken had noticed that Kim and Ron weren't alone; there were two other females he did not know, a girl with long blonde hair and a girl with short brown hair. "Who are you two?" said Drakken as he pointed to the two girls.

"My name is Bonnie and this is Tara" said Bonnie pointing to her best friend. "…and we're here to help Kim and Ron beat you and stop your plans".

Dr.Drakken and Shego looked at the girl for a few seconds before they started to laugh hysterically. A minute later Drakken wiped the tears out of his eyes and spoke. "Ha Ha Ha. What do you think you can do to stop me from turning the world's population into poodles?" asked Dr. Drakken

It was the teenagers turn to laugh; a few second after hearing the madman's plan Kim, Ron, Bonnie and Tara started to laugh hysterically themselves at the ridiculous plan Dr. Drakken came up with while Shego, unaware of the plan until now, lipped the word "poodle" in shock and anger of the stupid plan he had come up with. After a minute Tara had spoken. " You're going to take over the world by turning the world into poodles. Now that's funny" said Tara, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

Drakken's face had started to turn red from the anger he was felling; he was going to be mocked by three cheerleaders and a buffoon. "Shut up. Shego, destroy them" yelled Dr.Drakken.

"With pleasure" said Shego as her hands glowed a green color and she ran towards her foes.

"I'll take her. You three ladies take care of Drakken" said Ron as he turned on his Mystic Monkey Power. He wanted to see if his training in controlling his power had paid off. The three girls ran to catch Drakken and destroy his poodle converting machine while Ron and Shego fought each other. While not as agile as Kim or Shego Ron was physically stronger while using his powers. After a few exchanges of blows Ron picked Shego up threw her aside, thinking she was knocked out, and went to help the girls. Kim had managed to catch Drakken while Bonnie and Tara were trying to figure out how to destroy the machine. "I got it ladies" said Ron as he randomly punched a few buttons and the machine exploded.

"How did you do that?" asked Bonnie

"Ron factor" said Ron

"What's that?" asked Tara

"I'm good at causing chaos and making things explode. It's a gift" said Ron smiling.

"More like dumb luck" said Kim, folding her arms smiling at her boyfriend.

"Dumb skill KP" said Ron, correcting his girlfriend.

As they proceeded to call Global Justice Shego blasted an energy beam at the group, barely missing Ron's head. " I'm not beat yet kids" said Shego angrily.

As the villain continued blasting Kim, Bonnie and Tara ran at Shego and together hit her with flying kicks to the head, knocking her unconscious. As Ron went over and put the fallen villain over his shoulder Bonnie smirked and spoke to the unconscious women even though she couldn't hear. "Now you're beat" said Bonnie as Kim called for Global Justice.

Twenty minutes later Global Justice came and took Dr. Drakken and Shego, putting them in handcuffs and putting them in a special escape proof cage in one of the helicopters to keep them while Drakken was ranting, saying "You four think your all that, but your not" . After being congratulated by the agents of GJ Kim, Ron, Bonnie and Tara went on one of the planes that would take them home. Bonnie looked at the island one last time, thinking about how this was the place that began her crime fighting career and the place where she truly helped someone else other than herself. She helped Kim and Ron stop the bad guy and saved the world selflessly, even though the bad guy was weak and the plan was stupid.

Ad Bonnie continued to look Ron came up from behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. Bonnie turned around to face him as he spoke. "Let's go home" said Ron as he walked into the plane. Bonnie looked at the island again and then proceeded to walk into the plane, which would bring them back to Middleton, maybe quick enough for the four of them to get back and finish the rest of their classes.

Author's Note: This story is now complete. Sorry it took so long but hopefully you enjoyed it. I tried to make this story more the the light side than I did for Sky. This story occurs after chapter 4 but before chapter five of Sky. Felt like mentioning that even though it's in the summary. Reveiw and tell me what you think.

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