Author:- DarkestAngel18

Start Date:- 20th May, 2006

Disclaimer:- I don't own Dark Angel or any of the characters, (although i plan to make Jensen mine someday!) so don't sue.

AN:-This is my first fanfic so I hope you enjoy it. All comments are welcome.


Trust Has to Be Earned

Chapter One

5 o'clock and the working day was over for Alec. Right now, all he could think about was relaxing with his friends and a pitcher of beer at Crash. That thought filled his mind as he walked back towards his apartment, not watching where he was going. He was pulled out of his trance by a petite figure crashing into him. A little shocked, he pulled the figure from his body and looked down to see the identity. For a moment, he froze.

He was now looking down into the stunningly beautiful face of a young girl who looked to be the same age as him. Her figure hugging T-shirt exposed the smooth, pale skin of her arm that Alec's hand was pressed against. Her dark hair cascaded neatly around her face and down her shoulders and back, while her pitch dark eyes held his gaze. They sparkled intensely, shining like black ebony. It took him a moment before he realised he was staring and to drop his gaze, reluctantly.


As she felt her body hit against someone else, she pulled swiftly back to see who it was, while whoever it was held tightly to her arm. Her heart unnaturally skipped a beat as she lifted her head.

Her eyes met the ruggedly handsome face of a guy no older than herself. His tight fitting black polo-neck excentuated his more appealing features as her eyes travelled across his body. Her eyes met his and his gorgeous hazel eyes gleamed down on her.

"Sorry," she mumbled, never taking her eyes off him, even when he lowered his gaze.

"No problem. Really," he said cockily, returning his eyes back to hers. She watched his eyes sparkle even more as he smiled cheekily down at her, and she could swear she saw his eyes shine with specks of green when his smile lit them up.

This time, she pulled her gaze away from him, her eyes catching his reflection in the glass behind him. She smiled slightly as her eyes flickered to the half-hidden barcode on the back of his neck.


A shocked look came over Alec's face as the girl slid her hand to the back of his neck. She pulled herself closer and whispered:

"You should really hide this better…" she pulled his collar down to fully reveal the barcode before puling it back up to hide it, and finished with: "…494."

For a moment, Alec was too surprised to react in any way. How did she…?

As realisation dawn on him, Alec pulled the girl briefly closer to him, pulling back her hair to reveal her very own barcode.

"479," he whispered as he pulled her away to arms length. Her bright lips curved into a sly smiled as she looked up at him.

"So, are you an 09er then?" Alec asked. She just stared at him, confusion evident on her face. He added: "I mean, are you part of the group that broke out in 2009?"

"Oh, no," she answered. "I got out when Manticore was burned to the ground."

"Well, there's another thing we've got in common." He smiled down at her with his trademark grin and was happy to see her face break into a wide smile as she giggled softly.

"The name's Alec, by the way," he said, extending his hand to her. She simply looked down at his hand, the confused look spread across her features again.

"What?" she asked, the confusion now apparent in her voice as well.

"You do have a name, right? I mean, you can't really refer to yourself a 479, can you? Not out in the real world anyway."

"You know, with being on the run and all, naming myself wasn't really on top of my list of priorities."

"Clearly. Well, now Manticore's no more, you really do need a name. What shall we call you?" He considered this for a moment, slowly looking her up and down, before his mind landed on the perfect name.



"Yeah, Nikki."

"Why Nikki?" She asked.

"I don't know. You just seemed like a Nikki to me is all." She considered the name for a moment, mouthing the word silently to practise saying it. To see how it felt on her lips. She finally smiled.

"I like it. Nikki," she said once more aloud, practising how the name sounded spoken out loud.

"Good. Now we've got your name sorted, I know someone who'll just love to meet you. Come on." Alec grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers through hers, and pulled her in the direction of Logan's, where Max would no doubtedly be. She seemed to be nowhere else these days, now the virus had been cured. And he knew she always liked to keep tabs on any new transgenics out and about in the real word.


As Alec's hand laced into hers, 479 smiled. Nikki smiled. For some reason, his touch sent a small shiver down her spine. Even after Manticore had gone down, she still lived her life as a soldier. For the first time ever, she felt like part of the real world. The world outside of rules, regulations, and training procedures. And all because of a name.


Or maybe it was because of a different name.