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Summary: As Hermione is learning todeal with her brother's death, Ron Weasly and Draco are falling in love with her. Hermione, herself is falling in love with Ron. Draco will do anything to win Hermione's heart. How far will he go?

Chapter 1: Marcus

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw was nothing what the old Hermione would look like. She isn't that Hermione anymore. Hermine was different now; she was what muggle boy's call 'sexy' or 'hot'.

She looked in the mirror again.

She had a hot pink tank top on that said 'My Face Is Up There' in white lettering and an arrow point to her face. As was also wearing a short white mini shirt with hot pink flip-flops and hoop earrings.

Her hair wasn't as bushy at all anymore. It was strait. It was a lovely honey brown color that matched her chocolate brown eyes beautifully.

Hermione then moved to her face. She had on eye shadow, eyeliner, and some mascara. She also had on some blush and a light colored lip-gloss.

Her attitude changed a little too. She now wasn't afraid to wear make-up, make-out with a guy, wear a bikini or even seduce a guy or two.

"Hermione, dear, it's time to go! We're going to miss the train to Hogwarts!" Hermione's mother yelled up the stairs.

"Going mum!" Hermione yelled back. She quickly looked at herself in the mirror one last time before she grabbed her trunk and ran down the stairs, into the awaiting car.

It's weird being in the car without dad and Marcus Hermione thought.

A few weeks ago her father was put in jail for abusing and raping Hermione, but he was mainly put in jail because of murder. He murdered Hermione's one and only brother, Marcus.

Hermione felt a hot tear roll down her cheek as she thought about Marcus. When he was little he also got a letter from Howarts, but he wanted to stay at his muggle school instead of gong there. He was only 18 when his own father murdered him. He was a year older than Hermione and was her closest friend.

Hermione thought back to the day he was murdered.


"Herms, do you remember Katie Smith?" Marcus asked as Hermione and him were sitting on the front porch.

"I one you have a big crush on?" Hermione teased him.

"The one and only!" Marcus said with out blushing, "Guess what?" He said again.


"I'm going on a date with her tonight!" He said.


"Yup, our date starts in an hour, so I better get ready!"

"Well, make sure you look ok, you don't want to scare her off" Hermione said with a grin on her face.

"HA HA, very funny!" Marcus said as he walked back into the house where their dad was sitting at the kitchen table on his laptop watching a porn video. Marcus walked right past him, not even giving him a cross-eye look. Hermione did however look at her dad as she followed Marcus in the house.

"What are you looking at bitch!" her father yelled at her as he stood up.

"N-nothing!" Hermione managed to get out as she ran up the stairs to her room. She soon fell asleep as she stared into space.

Hermione had wonderful dreams that night, but what happened next was far from wonderful.

"Hermione wake up!" yelled her father as he walked into the room.

"Your mother has gone out with some her friends and your brother is on a date, we have the house to our selves" He said to her as he sat down on the bed.

"S-so" Hermione said as she moved towards the door, running down the steps.

"Don't run away from me, girl, I'm not finished with you!" He caught up with her in seconds and pinned her against the wall.

"Now for that you get me for 1hour and a half instead of just an hour" Her father whispered into her ear.

Hermione started to wiper as he slid off his pants.

"Your already moaning, can't wait for me to get in your pants, huh?" asked Mr. Granger.

"NO!" She screamed at him.

"Shh, no need to scream, I haven't explored you yet," He said as he pulled her pants and underwear off.

Hermione just closed her eyes tight, knowing what was to happen next.

In a matter of seconds, what Hermione predicted came true.

He tryst his self into her.

"You want me to go slower?" he asked as he started to go slower.

Hermione just sat there, not looking at him.

" For you not answering me, I think I want to go faster" Her father said as he being to push himself inside of her faster and faster. Hermione noticed that he went the farthest and fastest he had ever gone.

"Now, time for me to see the girls!" Her excited father said as he tried to rip off her shirt.

"NO!" Hermione screamed as she prevented him from taking off her shirt.

" Oh, come one baby, I need to be fed!" Her father whined.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Came an angry voice from the doorway of the kitchen.

Hermione and her father turned around to see Marcus standing there, his eyes blaring a fiery red.

"Come to join the party?" Their father asked with a smirk on his face.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO HER?" yelled/asked Marcus as he looked at the tear-stained face of his sister.

"Giving her pleasure" Replied her dad.


"No, I know she didn't want it, but I the sure hell did" His father said, " now, if excuse us I want to get back to what I was doing"

But before their father touched Hermione, Marcus ran up to his father, pinned him to the wall and punched him as hard as he could in the face. He also kicked him in his private area a few times.

"You're going to pay for that, boy!" Bill (the father) yelled at his son.


Hermione saw this whole fight with tears in her eyes.



At those words, Bill punched his son in the face, hard.

Hermione screamed and ran over to her brother. Her father disappeared for a minute, but was back, holding a gun, but Hermione didn't notice, she was to busy crying while trying to stop Marcus nose from bleeding with her shirt.

"Hermione, stop, you're going to ruin your shirt" Complied Marcus.

"I don't care, Marcus" Hermione told him.

"Would you two stop! It's making me gag! The loving and caring!" Their father yelled at them.

That was when Hermione noticed the gun, but before she could say a word, her brother was shot in her arms.

But before Marcus life was taken from his body, he managed to say four simple but strong words, " I love you, Hermione"

As Hermione and her mother pulled up to the train station, Hermione noticed she was now sobbing.

"Hermione, dear, are you alright?" Jane, Hermione's mother, asked. Jane had not known about her husband raping Hermione for Hermione was threatening to be killed by her father if she told anybody.

"I'm just thinking about Marcus" Hermione admitted.

"Hermione what happened to Marcus was painful, but your father is getting what he deserves for it" her mother pointed out.

"Don't call him my father! He's just a fucking monster! Not a father!"

"You're right, your father is a monster, but lets not think about sad memories, lets think about getting you on that train!" her mother said with a slight smile.

"Marcus is living in peace, but I wish he wouldn't have died like that, especially by his own father, but I'll think about that later, right now I need to get on that train!" Hermione said.

"That's the sprit, dear! Now, lets hurry, we don't want to be late"

Hermione looked at herself in the rear view mirror before getting out of the car. Her eyes were all red and puffy and almost all her eyeliner was gone.

"Mum, how much time do we have before the train leaves?" Hermione asked her mother.

"10 minutes" Her mother replied.

"Perfect!" Hermione said, happy she had enough time to fix her face. She quickly put o some eyeliner, but couldn't do any thing about her red except hope one would notice they were red.

"Come on, dear, we have 7 minutes for us to get to the train and find you a seat.

"Harry and Ron already have got an compartment," Hermione told her mother as they started walking towards Platform nine and three quarters.

As soon as they went threw the wall, Hermione and Jane said their good-byes.

"Bye mum, see you at Christmas!" Hermione said, hugging her mother.

"I'll miss you Hermione and remember don't think about Marcus unless there good memories" Jane told her daughter.

Hermione looked at Jane for a moment before saying, "I promise mum, I won't think of Marcus unless they are good memories"

That was when Hermione walked away from her mother.

After a minute or two, Hermione saw two men with red hair and black hair. She ran to them as fast as she could while yelling, "Harry! Ron!"

Upon hearing their friend, the two men turned around.

"Hermione!" Harry said to her as she ran up to him and gave him a big hug.

"Harry, you look so different from the last time I'd seen you!" Hermione said to him as he picked her up and was twirling her in the air.

"You have changed a lot too!" Harry said eying her up and down. He stopped at her chest, which has grown quite a lot over the summer, Harry noticed.

"Harry, read the shirt" Hermione said to him.

Harry turn a bright red when he read the shirt and said to Hermione, " Sorry"

"It's okay" Hermione said to Harry before turning to Ron.

Ron, Hermione had noticed, also changed a lot over the summer. He was a little tan, hair was longer and he had a great six-pack.

Ron looked Hermione up and down just the way Harry did, but when he got to her boobs, Hermione didn't stop him from looking.

"Um…um, well, she look beautiful Hermione" Ron said to her, a blush visible on her cheeks.

"Thanks Ron" Hermione said, a little pink also.

Harry broke the silence by saying, "Well, we should get on the train and find a empty compartment"

"Yeah" agreed Ron and Hermione.

Ounce they were in the compartment, they all fell silent, not knowing what to say. Finally Harry broke the silence by saying, " So, Hermione, how was you summer?"

"Horrible" Hermione said, thinking about Marcus, but then Hermione remembered what she promised her mother and she got the picture out of her mind.

"Horrible? What do you mean Horrible?" asked Ron.

"Well, Did I ever tell you guys about-" Hermione started, but was cut off by someone opening the compartment doors.

"Well, isn't it Potter, Weasel, and the mudblood" Said a cold voice.

Harry, Ron and Hermione turned to the compartment doors to see Draco Malfoy and his friend Blaise.

"Isn't it the Ferret himself" Hermione said.

Malfoy looked over at Hermione and said, " Who are you? You can't be Granger!"

"We'll it is" Hermione told him.

"But you can't be Granger, you're hot" Said Blaise.

"Thanks, I think," Said a puzzled Hermione.

"Why don't you two assholes get the hell out of here" Said Ron as he stood up and pointed his wand at them, Harry soon followed.

"Is that any way to talk in front of a lady?" Malfoy said, pointing at Hermione.

"So I'm a lady now?" Hermione asked.

"Who said I was talking about you? I meant Potter" Malfoy spat.

"You son of a bitch!" Ron and Harry said, Hermione said nothing as she remembered that those were the words Marcus called his father before me killed him.

I'm thinking about Marcus again! I need to stop! Hermione thought as she sat down.

Ignoring Harry and Ron, Malfoy turned to Hermione.

"So, how's Marcus? Is he healthy?" he asked with an evil smile on his face.

Hermione's head pooped up at Marcus's name, while Harry and Ron at them to confusion. Blaise was just leaning against the doorframe watching in boredom.

"How do you know about Marcus?" Hermione asked as she stood up to her full height (5' 4).

"I have connections," Draco simply answered, " poor boy, Marcus was" Draco said.

"You are such an asshole!" Hermione said as she went after Draco. She was almost there when four strong arms circled around her waist. It was then that she also found out that she was crying.

"Malfoy, get out of here!" Ron yelled as he tightened his grip on Hermione.

"Whatever, but I'll see you later Granger, since I'm head boy" Draco said as he left the compartment.

Not paying attention to Malfoy, Harry and Ron turned to Hermione and held her close.

"Hermione what's wrong? And who's Marcus?" Harry asked, as he looked deep into her eyes. Harry's eyes were so hypnotizing, that Hermione calmed down at ounce. Ron on the other hand just got mad. He didn't like other boys looking into Hermione's eyes, not even his best mate.

Wait, did I just think that no one could look into some one eyes except me?

Yes, I did!

I can't do this! She's one of my best mates! But, she a girl best mate, and a sexy one at that.

Ron shook his head n frustration and listened to Hermione beautiful voice tell them her story about Marcus.

"Marcus was my brother" Hermione answered tearfully, " this summer he was murdered"

"Hermione, I am so sorry!" Harry said, giving Hermione a gentle hand squeeze, " may I ask how this happened?'

"Of course, Harry" Hermione said, " I can't keep secrets from my best mates!"

Best Mates

Just Best Mates Ron thought

"My dad, he um… r-raped me a-and Marcus came in a-and saw my d-dad, s-so t-hey got into a f-fight and m-my dad k-killed him," Hermione said as she started to cry harder.

"Shhhhhh, Hermione, It's okay" Harry said as he pulled her close to him.

Ron would have jealous if it wasn't for the fact that her own father raped Hermione.

Ron looked over at Hermione's crying body. He had the sudden urge to put his arms around her and it looked like Harry had to go to the restroom really bad.

Ron walked over and put his arms around her slender body as she turned to Ron and held on to him for dear life.

That left Harry to run to the bathroom, but before he did, he mouthed, " I'll be right back" Ron just nodded as he watched Harry disappear down the hallway.

Then Ron turned to Hermione.

He didn't know why he did this, but he did. He kissed her forehead. Hermione looked at Ron with her tear-stained eyes that nearly melted his insides.

"Ron, I…" Hermione started, but Ron cut her off.

"Hermione, I don't think you should talk, just relax.

Hermione just nodded.

Soon Hermione laid her head down on Ron chest and fell asleep.

She fell asleep on my chest!

This feels so good!

But I can't think about my mate like that! Ron thought as he looked lovingly at Hermione.

Ron also fell asleep.

When Harry walked back in the compartment he saw his two friends cuddling on the cushioned seat.

"I'll let the lovebirds sleep" Harry whispered to himself as he took out a book and began to read.

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