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Hermione had been awake for a couple of hours, but she had not willed herself to actually get out of bed yet. It was still early; none of the other girls were awake. Hermione couldn't get Draco Malfoy out of her head, she felt guilty about meeting him and not telling Ron about it. If Ron ever found out about, he would go ballistic, that was probably the main reason she hadn't told him about it.

Hermione looked at her bedside clock, it was nearly eight o'clock, it was time she should awake. Hermione got up off her bed slowly and headed for the bathroom. She took a short shower and quickly got changed; she wanted to go to breakfast before Ron got up, he would wonder how her night at the library went and she couldn't lie to him.

As Hermione was about to walk out the door, she heard her name being called behind her. She turned around sharply, surprised that someone was up. It was Lavender, great. Lavender looked tired, like she just woke up. She smirked as she walked over to Hermione, "So, a little bird told me that you were out last night. And that little bird said she were with someone else, Draco Malfoy. Now why would you be with Draco Malfoy if you were dating Ron?"

Hermione opened her mouth several times then closed her eyes for a few seconds. Once she opened her eyes, she decided to tell Lavender the truth, "I'm helping him to become a better man is all. Nothing is going on between us, nothing at all. I love Ron, I wouldn't hurt him like that"

Lavender laughed, "You actually think Draco Malfoy is trying to be a better man? I thought you were the smartest witch of your age, how could not tell that he's lying to you?"

Hermione gave Lavender a puzzled look, "Lying to me? Why would he lie to me?"

Lavender rolled her eyes, "Why else? He thinks you're hot! He likes you!"

Hermione was shocked, "Oh" was all she could say. She turned to leave, she needed to find Draco. Lavender called her name again. "Hermione, I would tell Ron about Draco, he's going to find out eventually anyway, I think it would sound better if it came from you"

Hermione could almost cry, Ron couldn't find out. She walked down the stairs, expecting the common room to be empty, but surprisingly, it wasn't. Ron was there.

Oh Merlin, I can't tell him. He'll be so mad at me, but if I don't someone else might tell him and he'll be even more mad at me.

Hermione pulled a smile and hugged Ron when she got close enough. "Good morning," he whispered into her ear. Hermione shivered, Ron being that close to her made her insides melt. She pulled away and kissed Ron tenderly on his mouth. Ron pulled her closer, wanting more. Their lips parted and their tongues started a war.

"Get a room!" someone yelled.

Hermione and Ron pulled their lips from each other quickly, but kept holding each other. Hermione blushed a deep crimson and Ron laughed, "They're just jealous"

Hermione laughed and snuggled her face against his warm chest, enjoying his scent. She wanted to be as close as him as possible before she told him, knowing Ron and his temper this could be the closest she got to him for a while. Ron rested his chin against her head and breathed her own scent in. They sat like that for a few minutes before Ron finally broke the silence, "Are we ever going to go eat breakfast?"

Hermione laughed at the sound of his stomach growling. She knew they had to leave sometime. Hermione nodded and pulled back from him, allowing him to walk forward. As Ron walked he pulled Hermione to him so that she was leaning against him. Ron put his long, muscular arm around Hermione's shoulder and she put hers around his waist. They walked in a comfortable silence, every so often Ron would kiss the top of her head and she would giggle.

Once they finally got to the Great Hall, hardly anyone was inside. It was still early, but Ron let go of Hermione and rushed forward to grab something to eat. Hermione laughed as she watched him move and then shot a quick glance over at the Syltherin table. She let her laugh die as she saw Draco Malfoy staring right back at her, next to Blaise Zambini. He smiled warmly at her and tipped his head as if saying 'Hello'. Hermione smiled brightly back, unable to resist his charming looks. Hermione quickly looked away and walked forward to sit down next to Ron who already had his plate full of delicious smelling food.


"It makes me sick, watching those two I mean" Draco complied.

Blaise laughed while shoving more eggs and bacon down his throat. "Stop complaining, she smiled at you didn't she?"

Draco turned to Blaise, his lips raised and nose crinkled in a disgusted manner. "You're as bad as Weasley. You need to stop eating like that, it's disgusting. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend"

Blaise shoved more food in his face while looking at Draco. "I can eat however I please. Weasley eats likes this, and look whom he has for a girlfriend! Granger's the hottest girl at school!"

Draco smacked Blaise in the back of his head, "Don't talk about Hermione like that!"

Blaise opened his mouth full of food and rubbed the back of his head with his left hand. A girl who sat a few seats down from Blaise and Draco started laughing at Blaise, Draco snarled at Blaise and went back to watching Hermione and Ron again. Hermione was laughing at something the Weasel had said. Draco growled, he didn't like it when Weasley made her laugh, but he couldn't blame him for wanting too. Hermione had the most beautiful laugh he had ever heard. If he were Weasley he would try to make her laugh all the time too.

Potter and the other Weasley came right then. Then sat down across of Hermione and Ron, and blocked Draco's view. Draco growled loudly and the apple he was holding crushed beneath his fingers. Blaise laughed next to him and shook his head. Draco turned his head away from Blaise and turned back to Hermione's beautiful figure. When he looked at she was looking at him. She smiled slightly and then looked down at her food. Draco smiled brushed his hands off on his jeans. He quietly stood up and walked towards the Great Hall entrance.

"Where are you going?" called Blaise. Draco ignored him and kept going. Draco walked quickly towards the Dungeons and went to his room. He pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill. He was sick of watching her, he needed to see her; tonight.

He wrote his note quickly and shoved it into his pocket. He rushed out of his room, making sure he would make it before they left to go to their next class. He made it just in time. As he walked in, they were leaving the Great Hall. He ran into Hermione's delicate form carefully not to hurt her, causing her drop her bag. Ron cursed at him and Hermione went red as she saw who knocked into her. Draco hurriedly grabbed the note from his pocket and showed it into her bag, making sure no one saw it but her. He finished grabbing her books and shoving them into her bag.

Ron growled at Draco and roughly took the bad out of Draco's hands and gently gave the bag to Hermione. Hermione put the bag on her shoulder wearily, her face still red. Draco smiled down at her and walked away, but not before he heard Ron call him something unknowledgeable.


Hermione watched Draco walk away, and heard Ron say something mean to him. Hermione thought she saw Draco pause, as I he heard it, but he kept walking if he did hear Ron. Hermione turned around and grabbed Ron's hand and continued walking towards their first class. Ron walked backwards, "Can you believe him? He walked into you on purpose Hermione!"

Hermione knew that, she saw the note that he slipped into her bag. It was killing her to read it, but she would have to wait until later when Ron wasn't around it. Hermione shook her head, "It's okay Ron, he's just being an asshole. Don't let it get to you"

Ron growled, but when he turned to face Hermione his face softened. He kissed her softly on her cheek. "I can't help it Hermione. When he hurts my girlfriend, I get pissed"

Hermione laughed and kissed Ron playfully on his lips, "He didn't hurt me, so don't worry about it"

Ron kissed Hermione back for a minute and pulled away to hold the door open for her. Hermione giggled and walked inside to her usual seat where Ron sat next to her. Hermione told herself she wouldn't think about Draco or his stupid note until after the day was over.


Hermione threw down her bag on the common room and sat down on the couch with her head resting against the back of it. She was supposed to wait for Ron here, for they had different classes at the end of the day. Hermione closed her eyes and let relaxation hit her with welcome. It didn't last long, someone cleared his or her throat in front of her. Hermione opened his eyes slowly, she sighed. "Hey Ginny"

Ginny raised her eyebrows, left to get something for a minute and came back. "What's this?" she asked.

Hermione opened her eyes again to see Ginny holding the note Draco had given her in her left hand. Hermione shot up from the couch, she had forgotten about that. "Give it to me!" Hermione demanded.

Ginny pulled the note out of Hermione's reach, "No. Not until you tell me why Draco Malfoy is giving you secret letters"

Ginny rolled her eyes for Hermione's own eyes had gotten wide. "I'm not stupid Hermione, I saw him slip this into you bag this morning. You're just lucky Ron or Harry didn't see it"

Hermione groaned and feel back into the couch, "Ginny, listen to me. It's nothing like you think. I wouldn't hurt Ron. It's just that I'm helping Draco become a better man"

Ginny raised her eyebrows, "A better man?"

Hermione nodded, "Yes, please believe me Ginny!"

Ginny sighed and took a seat next to Hermione. "Oh, I believe you. It's just that I don't believe him. I think he's lying to you"

Hermione sighed, "Lavender said the same thing"

Ginny laughed, "For once I agree with Lavender. Malfoy's using you, he likes you, I can tell that. I mean, this morning he didn't even say anything about you being in his way as he would have usually done"

Hermione nodded, agreeing with Ginny. "Do you think Ron noticed anything?"

Ginny giggled, "Are you kidding me? Ron's do thickheaded that he wouldn't notice if Malfoy had feelings for you if he screamed to the world"

Hermione laughed, "True"

Ginny hesitated, "So…what does this note say?"

Hermione shrugged, "I don't know, I haven't read it yet"

Ginny leaned forward eagerly and handed the note to Hermione, "Then read it, I want to know what if says…if that's okay"

Hermione laughed and took the note from Ginny's hands. She began to read out loud, "Dear Hermione, I know that you are super glued to Weasley night and day, but I'm free tonight and I think we should have another session. If you can get away from control freak, meet me in Snape's room. Draco"

Hermione folded the note and shoved back into her school bag. Ginny looked excited, "Are you going to go?"

"I don't know, I went the other night and I felt bad about lying to Ron. And plus I don't think I can say I'm going to the library again. He won't believe me"

Ginny thought for a minute, "Say that you're going to help me study. I really do have to study. I can go to the library and you can go meet Draco. Then after you're done meet me in the library again and we can head back together. He'll never know anything ever happened"

Hermione hesitated, "I don't know, it feels wrong to do this Ron"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "It's not like you're cheating on him or anything. I just want to see how this goes"

Hermione sighed, "Fine, but if Ron finds out you're in big trouble"


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