Meredith toyed with her coffee mug and looked up at Finn. He was smiling at her. She felt like a whore again. A dirty whore. "Meredith, stop beating yourself up about this. I knew there was something between you and Shepherd , I even tried to ask you about it. We can't help who we love. Who knows maybe if things had been different..."

" Finn you don't have to be so nice. I had no right to get involved with you and do this to you. I sho.." Finn reached across the table and took her hand, " Meredith I'm not kidding, I forgive you. I don't want you to feel bad. You showed me that one day I will find love again. I thought I was dead after Liz.. I never thought I could feel for someone again. I don't regret meeting you. " Meredith put her hand on top, " Do you have to be so damned perfect?" He chuckled and she caught herself laughing too. Thank God Finn wasn't upset. He sat back, and brushed imaginary lint off his sweater and grinned. " Of course I am a little peeved I didn't get lucky..." His eyes laughed at her. " Oh.. you!" they broke into peals of laughter. Her cell phone rang out, the tone for Derek calling. She jumped, and looked at her purse. "Answer it Mer, I've got to run anyways, office opens soon. I'm glad we did this, we shouldn't be strangers just because, well.. you know." He came around the table and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. She waved, numb. Her phone kept ringing. She held her breath as she answered, "Hello?" "Mer! Thank God! Where are you?" "Starbucks," she answered automatically. " Sit tight, I'm about 5 minutes from there." he rang off before she could reply.

She took a sip of her coffee, and considered running. What if.. what if he broke her heart again. After spending so much time unhappy , she was afraid for how simple things could work out. Could they really happen that easy? She concentrated on deep breathing. She could sense him before he spoke. His hand came on her shoulder, and he leaned in and kissed her, but she turned to her cheek before he could. He looked hurt, and sat down across from her. "Meredith, Addison and I signed the divorce papers last night. I filed them with my attorney thirty minutes ago. I'm going to be divorced in 90 days." She could barely hear him over the roar of her heart. He looked at her, waiting. "Mer?" he questioned. "So, then I get to be the whore that ruined your marriage? Is that my part now? How could I go to work, being that girl, with her there?" Derek widened his eyes in shock. "Woah... How could you think that? Addison and I are like family. We were able to realize that our marriage had ended a long time ago, and resolve it on amicable terms. We have a friendship. She doesn't blame you, this came down the pike before you. She's.. she's talking to Mark." Meredith looked at him. She wanted to believe him. Life had taught her that nothing ever went well for her. "Please come with me Mer, where we can talk." She picked up her purse, stood up and slung it over her shoulder. She might as well be a robot. Derek guided her out to his car, wishing his smiling fiesty Meredith would come out. He settled her into the car, and got in. "You have today off don't you?" She nodded in affirmation. " I took it off too." he said. He headed to his trailer. Last night he had packed all of Addison's things and removed every single trace of her from it. He didn't want Meredith to think of her staying here. He had packed all of Doc's things up and boxed them away. And he had put up a cross at the site he had buried Doc yesterday. Pulling up the drive, he jumped out and helped her out of the car. " I wanted you to see where I settled Doc." he explained, and led her to the tree. She knelt down and touched the mound of earth. She thought about just sitting down there, and pretending she didn't exist. She never felt awkward with Derek, she felt so natural, and now at this point in time.. she didn't have the slightest idea of what to say or do.

Derek looked down at her, his heart aching at her obvious anguish. He leaned down and helped her stand up, and turned her around to face him. Her hair fell across her eyes, and he brushed it back. Her skin burned from the contact. She looked up at him, lost and confused. "Mer baby it's okay. From this point on, you are safe. You don't have to hurt anymore. I'm here for you, for always. This starts the rest of our life.. together." He smiled gently at her, and gathered her to him. She looked so hopeful, but afraid. " I promise Meredith." She closed her eyes, in a sigh. He kissed her, and she kissed back. Pausing for a breath, he looked at her. "Meredith, when I bought this land, I had no idea what I was going to do with it...until I met you. Since then, I have always pictured the house we would build..together. " Meredith looked around her, at the landscape. The land she loved and felt at home on. "Say something." "Something.." she teased. Derek felt relief to see her joke with him. He smiled, and she laughed, that wonderful laugh that made him think of bells. He scooped her up in his arms, and headed to the trailer. Inside, they were laughing and smiling as they stripped. She let him chase her to the freshly changed bed, before he tackled her and tickled her briefly before planting another kiss on her. "This feels so right." he murmured into her hair. She rolled over and sat on top of him, holding his hands over his head, pretending she could hold him hostage if she wanted. He let her. "Remember Shepherd.. You say my name and I yell? Do you think you can handle me? Handful that I am?" Her eyes sparkled, and it made his heart soar to see her happy. With a quick movement of his arm, he grabbed her tiny wrists in his hand, and pinned her beneath him, rolling on top. "Even though I'm bigger than you, I know you'll keep me in line. And I'd rather be nowhere else than trying to handle you." Her eyes flashed with lust, and he lost himself in her, his hands twining in her hair, and pressing himself against her little frame. He shifted, ready to enter her, and realized that he didn't have protection. She looked up at him, understanding his hesitation. " You didn't worry about that yesterday.." He sheathed himself inside of her, not caring.. as long as he was with Meredith he could take anything that came. Their lovemaking was just as intense as last night, Derek had to slow himself down, he wanted to savor her body. Last night has been hurried. This was his time to explore every inch of her. He knew no matter how much, he'd never have his fill.