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Hello! I'm Crystallized Roses, but you can call me Cryroses! This is a cute little story about Xiao and Lee! So fans of the pairing, let's unite!

Summary: Ling Xiaoyu is the adorable little girl everyone knows as a sweetheart. When the so-called pimp Lee Chaolan meets her he has nothing else in mind other than just make her his. But can he really get to the girl of his dreams with Kazuya in his way?

Rated: T for Teen.

Genre: Humor, Romance. (Mostly Humor!)

Main Characters: Ling Xiaoyu, Lee Chaolan, Kazuya Mishima, Julia Chang, and Asuka Kazama. Also includes Jin Kazama, Hwoarang, Steve, and Lili.

Note: This story takes place after Tekken 5, Panda's ending.

Enchanting Little Flower

Chapter 1:

The Little Lady In Pink

Chapter Quote: "Because a girl is little, it does not mean she is to be treated like so. She's bubbly, hyper, and sweet. Someone that can help you see your true future." -Anonymous

"I'm off to school grandpa!" 18 year-old, Ling Xiaoyu explained, grabbing her book bag and going to the door.

"Have a nice day sweetheart!" her grandfather, Wang Jinrei replied coming out of the kitchen to give her hug. "And promise me…no meeting any boys today…"

Ling giggled. "Grandpa! Jin Kazama is one of my friends! I have to see him, Julia, and Asuka."

Wang made a fake pouting face. "But you worry me so much when you do that…I noticed…your growing up so fast!" He started to fake cry.

Ling patted his head. "Grandpa! You can't fool me! When your really crying, you get all sweaty looking and turn red like a tomato sauce. See ya' later!" and with that, Ling turned around and raced out the door.

Today was going to be a great day. Ling and her American friend, Julia were supposed to be going to get some ice cream after school, and Ling loved ice cream! Her mouth began to water at the thought of eating a vanilla cone ice cream. She couldn't wait to get to school!

Ling was happily humming a song that she heard on the radio this morning and skipped along the sidewalk, receiving looks from neighbors who were asking each other, 'Is she really in college?' and another would say 'More like preschool.'.

Ling heard them say these things and put on a angry pouting face for an expression. "You got something to say to me!" she shouted waving her fist in the air in the direction of the two neighbors talking. They jumped in fear and ran into the house.

"Yeah! You better run you free-loader's!" she shouted poking her lip out and continuing her walk. She kept staring at the house as she walked and the people inside closed the windows.

"That's better!" she shouted resuming her walk and her face turning back to its normal cheerful expression.

"That was scary!" one of the neighbors said holding on to the other. Then the other replied. "Yeah, I'll never talk to preschoolers ever again! Especially if they are like her!"

Finally Ling arrived at school. Late again. She nervously walked to her classroom slowly and quietly. She looked into the classroom window and saw that the teacher was busy writing on the board. She slowly opened the door and slid threw the small crack. The teacher hadn't noticed her yet and neither did any of the students, in which almost every student was sleep.

Finally, when she found it was the perfect time, Ling swiftly ran to her seat. The teacher turned around as soon as she sat. She looked in Ling's direction and frowned. She sat the chalk down on her desk and grabbed a paper. She then walked towards Ling.

"Good morning, Xiaoyu-san, nice day isn't it?" she said with a smile.

Ling smiled nervously. "Why yes! It is!"

"Yes, a very lovely day outside. Too bad you won't be able to enjoy it because you have detention." The teacher's smile turned into a frown and slammed the piece down on Ling's desk. "See you after school."

"But! Ms. Akitoki! I have a date with ice cream later!" Ling shouted with a sad face.

"Ice cream? Well, that makes things even worse. I guess your date with ice cream is canceled. You can kiss your little boyfriend goodbye." Ms. Akitoki walked away.

"Ice cream is a food." Ling thought, "Not a person. Stupid mean math teacher."

After School…

Ling tip-toed out of the school slowly and quietly. She couldn't afford to let Ms. Akitoki hear her, she'd send her to detention! She had to get out somehow. Ling finally made it to the door, and as soon as she opened it, she met the face of Ms. Akitoki.

"Um, hi, Ms. Akitoki, I was just…" Ms. Akitoki interrupted her.

"Going to detention!" she pushed Ling slightly to the detention room. Ling fought as hard as possible, but it was impossible to break free.

In the detention room. Ling was haunted by the glares from all the bad people inside. There were Goths and bad-boys inside and she could have sworn she felt a demonic presence.

"This isn't detention…" Ling began to think. "This is my worst nightmare…" she could feel herself shaking. She looked at the teacher who was fast asleep. Should she leave out while he was sleep. Ling couldn't bare it, she had to escape.

Ling got up slowly and grabbed her backpack. She tip-toed to the door and twisted the knob as slowly as she could. She then squeezed out the door again and as soon as she was about to close it, one of the bad-boys said something.

"Whoa! She's actually leaving out! Rock on Chinese Hiyoko!" (Hiyoko means 'chick' in Japanese) The teacher began to wake up and Ling closed the door as quickly as possible and swiftly ran down the hallway.

Then, her phone began to ring. Ling stumbled and fell to the floor, chin first. "Oww…" Ling said pouting. "That hurt…"

She sat up and answered her phone. "Hello! You reached Ling-Ling! Who is this?"

"Xiaoyu-san! Where are you?" the voice said. It was her American friend, Julia Chang. "I'm at the ice cream parlor."

"Sorry Julia-kun! I got caught up in detention. But I'm on my way now!" Ling said standing up and racing to the exit doors. "I'll call you when I'm close!"

"Okay." Julia said. "Hurry, because I'm really concerned about your safety when it's late."

"Julia-kun shouldn't worry about Xiaoyu-san! I'll be fine!" Ling happily said, then she pressed 'end'.

Ling opened up the doors and noticed there was still a lot of kids still around the school. She was somewhat relieved that she was not going to be alone in front of the school. She looked around happily to see find her Panda bear, whom always came up to the school to get her, and was in shock to see her on top of someone.

"Help!" The man cried. She looked closely at the man, and her eyes lit up in happiness.

"Jin-sama!" she shouted running over to the man. She was so happy, but when she got close, she lost her smile. It wasn't Jin. It was a look-alike.

She sighed sadly and walked over to Panda. "No Panda, it's not Jin-sama. Just let the man go." Panda obeyed her and got up.

The man stood with an angry expression. "Repulsive animal! Feel my wrath!" The man was about to hit Panda, and Ling didn't have enough time to block the move, but someone else did. Ling looked to her right to see who stopped the man's fist. He had short silver hair, soft brown eyes, and a tall frame. It was Lee Chaolan!

"Kazzy-sama, you shouldn't be so cruel, it's an innocent bear. Just like it's innocent owner. The adorable Ling Xiaoyu." Lee said letting go of Kazuya's hand and grabbing Ling's kissing it.

"Lee-sama!" Ling shouted giving him a hug. "I'm so happy to see you!"

"Wait a minute." Kazuya began, "This little girl is what you made us wait out here…" Lee covered his mouth and gave a nervous laugh.

"Kazzy-sama is very funny, isn't he, Ling-san." Lee said looking at Ling, she smiled and nodded. Lee then turned his head back to Kazuya.

"She's older than she looks." Lee whispered. Kazuya frowned.

"But still, your a horrible womanizer." Kazuya shouted back. Lee frowned at Kazuya then turned his head back to face Ling who was walking away.

"Ling-san! Wait!" Lee said chasing after her. Ling turned to face him. "A delicate flower such as yourself has no need to be walking. Allow me to take you to your destination." Lee gave a bow.

Ling put her finger to her lip and looked into the sky, cocking her head slightly. "Umm…okay! But Panda can come too right?" Kazuya shouted 'No' in the background.

Ling frowned and turned her back to Lee. "If panda can't come, I won't either!" Lee panicked.

"Of course Panda can come!" He said leading her towards his car. "She can ride in the trunk."

Ling gasped. "No! Panda rides in backseat with Xiaoyu-san!" She made a pouting face again.

Lee sighed. "Oh, alright. Panda can ride next to Ling-san." Kazuya got into the car quickly. Lee and Ling noticed but ignored it.

"Well, come on princess, your carriage awaits you." Lee said opening the car door for her and Panda to get inside. On the way to the drivers side of the car he went to Kazuya's window.

"Ling-san is so cute. Isn't she Kazuya-sama?" He gave a smile, walked over to his side of the car and got inside.

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