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Enchanting Little Flower

Chapter 2:


Chapter Quote: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" (Okay…it's not actually a quote but, oh well)

"Why do you want this little girl?" Kazuya whispered to Lee who was happily humming. Lee poked his lip out and looked at him.

"Do you…want me to be lonely like you for the rest of my life? I don't think so Kazzy-sama. Now, just sit and relax." Kazuya frowned, then looked back at Ling. She was looking out the window with Panda asleep on her lap. Kazuya grunted and looked at Lee.

"Your terrible." He said. Lee rolled his eyes and kept focus on the road. Kazuya turned to look at Ling again.

"Hey, little Hiyoko." He said trying to catch her attention. Ling puffed up her cheeks.

"It's Xiaoyu!" she shouted. (Note: Ling doesn't know what 'Hiyoko' means.) Kazuya rolled his eyes in annoyance. Lee hit Kazuya in the back.

"Don't talk to my prize Kazzy-sama. She's mine to talk to." Kazuya looked back at Lee, who now was wearing a evil glare.

Ling was confused. She really didn't understand the concept of what he meant. "Lee-sama. What do you mean when you say that this little Xiaoyu is yours?"

Lee began to sweat nervously. "Oh nothing, my dearest. Just look out the window." Kazuya turned around and hit Lee in the back of the head, and then sat back down.

Lee growled and rubbed his head. "You son of a bitch!" Kazuya gave a smirk.

"It was an accident. I swear." He lied. Lee didn't believe him, but didn't feel like arguing with him. Ling sat in the back seat, a clueless expression on her face.

"Well, Chinese Hiyoko, do you know what Lee wants from you?" Kazuya asked, a sly grin on his face.

"It's Xiaoyu!" Ling roared again. Lee turned to look at him.

"Don't you dare, Kazzy-sama." Lee threatened. Kazuya grinned again.

"He wants to (This line will now be deleted because of the rating of the story.)" Kazuya said. Ling didn't understand what Kazuya said. Lee stopped the car at a gas station, turned around and pimp-slapped Kazuya in the face.

Kazuya put his hand on his face, he was pissed now. "Did you just pimp-slap me dead in my face?"

"Lee-sama," Ling began. "What's a (This line has also been deleted because of the rating.)?"

"Nothing dearest!" Lee explained nervously. "But I will tell you when your older, and when we're married."

"What was that last line?" Ling asked putting a finger to her mouth.

"Nothing." Lee said quickly. Kazuya interrupted.

"I asked you a got damn question you slut bucket!" He spat. "Did you just pimp slap me in my got damn face?"

"Yes. I did. And I am not a slut bucket." Lee explained pulling the car out of the gas station parking lot, and back onto the road. "Now, let me drop Ling off at the ice cream parlor and treat her to some ice cream."

Kazuya began to growl. Lee looked at Kazuya and looked as if he was very creeped out. Ling was in the back seat rubbing her head. "Kazuya-sama and Lee-sama are very hard to understand." She giggled inside her mind.

"Just understand this Lee-sama. I am not one of your hoes, so don't slap me like that!" Kazuya then looked out the window.

"Kazzy-sama and Lee-sama funny!" Ling giggled, adorably. Lee's spine tingled at the sound of her laugh. He felt so strong for her. He felt so relaxed when she laughed.

Lee saw the ice cream parlor and pulled into the parking lot. He gave a sigh. If Kazuya wasn't there, he probably would be able to tell Xiaoyu how he felt. Suddenly, Ling opened the door and ran out of the car toward a Indian girl he remembered from the King Of Iron Fist Tournament.

"She came here to meet that bookworm?" Kazuya said. Lee elbowed him.

"Don't be rude Kazzy-sama. She's a nice looking Idian. Her name's Julia Chang. Why don't you talk to her?" Kazuya made a disgusted face.

"Let's get this straight, I'm nothing like you! You disgusting pervert!" Kazuya got out of the car and walked toward Ling and Julia, followed by Lee.

"Julia-kun!" Ling shouted hugging Julia, extremely tight. Julia gasped for air.

"Hello to you too, Xiaoyu-san!" Julia said after regaining her breath. Lee came over and snatched Ling out of Julia's arms.

Lee had a mean glare. "Mine!" he said carrying Ling off towards a chair. Julia looked confused.

"Don't mind him." Kazuya said. "He's a desperate man, just waiting for someone to love. Which I doubt he knows how to."

Julia giggled. "Looks like Xiaoyu-san's got a boyfriend." Ling blushed. Lee smiled happily.

"Yeah, a old git that's in denial of his age." Kazuya stated. Lee stuck up the middle finger at him.

Kazuya frowned. "I don't 'do' dudes." Lee stuck his tongue out at him.

Julia cleaned her glasses, placed them back on her face, then looked at Ling. "Let's go get some ice cream already." She said walking over to Ling and taking her toward the counter.

Lee looked at Kazuya and growled viscously. "Screw this up…and I'll bring up the whole Jun-san episode later tonight."

Kazuya gasped. "Hey you bastard! I loved Jun! With all of my heart!"

Lee rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on Kazzy-sama, everyone knows it was rape."

Kazuya was pissed now. "No it wasn't! It was love! Me and her had commitment!"

"Yeah, whatever. The sex was great. Now quit lying about your relationship." Lee walked away. Kazuya roared and chased after him.

Julia saw the incident and gasped. "Is that man trying to hurt Lee-sama?"

Ling shook her head. "No. Because if he was, Kazzy-sama would have had those wrinkles on his forehead. Right now, he's got rolls."

Julia giggled. "Xiaoyu-san, you are so silly." Ling gave her a thumbs up. Lee was running from Kazuya so fast, he ran into his car. A smile planted on his face.

Kazuya approached the car. "Your mine now, pretty boy!" he said trying to open the car door.

"You shouldn't try so hard Kazzy-sama, you might just set off my security for this baby." Lee said with a sly grin. Just then, the car door swung open and hit Kazuya in the face, knocking him back. The car continued to close and open, so every time Kazuya tried to get up, he got hit in the face again. Kazuya grew red in the face with anger.

"Look Julia-kun!" Ling shouted. "Kazzy-sama's mad now! I can see the four wrinkles on his forehead!" Julia giggled at her friend, again.

"Damn it! Lee Chaolan! Open this got damn door!" Kazuya shouted banging on the car window. Lee sat inside the car giving Kazuya a mischievous grin. Panda was in the back seat asleep, but upon all the commotion, she awoke with a vengeance.

Lee looked in the backseat at her and screamed. "Sweet mother of God! Help!" Lee jumped out the car and began to run around in fear from Panda and Kazuya.

Julia sighed. "Come on, Xiaoyu-san, let's go over there and stop all the violence. There are people staring." Ling nodded.

"Panda! You want some ice cream?" Ling asked shaking a vanilla ice cream cone in the air. Panda saw this, and ran over as quickly as possible.

"Xiaoyu-san! My love! Please! Get Kazzy-sama!" Lee shouted. Kazuya was now behind Lee, roaring like a wild animal.

"Don't worry Lee-sama! I'll help you!" Julia explained running to Lee's car. She took her hair pin out of her hair and picked the lock on the trunk. She looked around for something to use.

"Ew!" she shouted as to what she saw. "What is this? 'Instructions On How To Please Your Woman'? What kind of womanizer is he?"

Then she saw a rope underneath a box. "A rope! Yes! But wait, it's underneath a box of…condoms! Ew!" Julia reached into her purse and got a rubber glove, she put it on and moved the box off the rope. "I will definitely not speak of this to anyone."

"Julia! Help!" Lee shouted, he was now pinned to the ground by Kazuya. Julia grabbed the rope.

"Kazuya-sama!" She shouted catching his attention. "I'm your cowgirl! And your the…curses…I can't come up with anything, but it's time for me to tangle with you!" Julia threw the rope and it wrapped around Kazuya. She then tied the rope to a pole.

"Great job, Julia-kun!" Ling shouted happily. "You're awesome!"

Julia blushed. "Thanks!" Lee pushed Kazuya off him and walked over to Ling.

Lee grabbed Ling's hand. "Come on, my dearest sweet, Xiaoyu-san. I think you've had enough ice cream." He picked her up.

Ling giggled. "I'm full! I feel like I could burst open! And now I'm sleepy." Ling fell out in Lee's arms.

Lee smiled and looked at Julia. "You need a ride home, Julia-kun?"

Julia shook her head. "I'm staying right down the street in that apartment." She pointed to a tall red building. "Thanks for the offer though. Oh, and when Xiaoyu-san wakes up, tell her to call me when she gets home."

Lee nodded. "You're welcome, Julia-kun. And I'll tell Xiaoyu-san to call you, though, with her mind, I don't think she'll remember to."

Julia chuckled. "Just tell her I got a surprise for her. That'll make her call." Julia bowed to Lee and walked down the street toward her apartment building.

Lee looked down towards the little lady that slept in his arms. She was so adorable…in a childish sort of way. He rubbed his forehead against hers and then looked to Kazuya, who now was huffing and puffing and mumbling curse words. Lee shook his head at how ridiculous his half brother was.

"Come on, Kazzy-sama. We're going home." Lee said opening the door to the backseat and laying Ling down onto the seat.

Ling starting sucking her thumb. "Mommy…I like cookies…and milk…" she mumbled in her sleep. Lee thought she was too cute for her own good.

"If I could get free, I would have minutes ago!" Kazuya shouted angrily. "That cowgirl! Or Indian girl! Whatever she is, tied this knot too tight!"

Lee laughed, then walked over and loosened the rope. "Calm down Kazzy-sama! It's not that terrible!" Lee gave a loud laugh and got into the car.

Kazuya got into the car after Lee. "So, we dropping off the Chinese Hiyoko?" Just then Ling turned around (Still asleep) and hit him with the back of her hand.

"It's…Xiao…yu…" she said falling back into a deep sleep. Lee laughed hard.

"She'll stay the night with me." Lee stated and drove off towards home.

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