In Omnia Paratus

disclaimer- I don't own Gilmore Girls. If I did Logan would be married to Rory and Tristan would be my love slave.

summary- Just another day in a Gilmore Girl's life. As in money, lies, society masks, deception, reunions, break-ups, make-ups and good old fashioned revenge. Another day as Rory, Hayden and Gilmore Heiress. ROGAN

Logan looked around her room desolately. She wasn't back yet. That was good. Stalling was good. He loved Rory and telling her the truth would just break her heart as well as his. Yes, stalling was definately good.

He glanced around, remembering so many things. Their first time having sex was on that bed. He remembered having to climb through the window because he was scared of waking Paris up that late. Actualy, he was still scared of waking Paris. And he was still shocked Ace hadn't woken up to Paris hovering over her bed with a knife of some sort.

But that was all to end.

He was going to break up with Rory Gilmore tonight.

Rory was driving to her grandparents house for their weekly Friday Dinners. She passed a small Itallian restaurant and smilled lightly. That was the place Logan took her for their second date... well, if you don't count that society function.

She pulled up to the gate and looked up at the over-bearing mansion.

"Off with their heads," She murmurred in remembrance before taking a deep breath and opening her car door.

Her grandparents had called her earlier that day asking her to come a little later than usual to the dinner. They also called to inform her the "Lorelai" would not be able to come and so they were having company over.

Rory wasn't as close to her grandparents as she was with her mother, but even she knew their tone of voice. It was the tone they used when they were "Gilmore-ing" as her mother would say.

"Gilmores lie, cheat and manipulate to get their way and when they use that sickly sweet voice on you, you know you are about to be Gilmored." Her mother had said multiple times and as of yet, she had yet to be proven wrong on her theory.

Rory just hoped now would be the first time.

She rang the door bell hesitantly, quickly debating on whether or not it was too late to call sick and go back to Yale. Before she could turn around, the door opened to a maid.

"Bonjour," The maid said formally, face impassive, "May I ask who you are and if the Gilmores are expecting you?" She asked in a strong French accent.

"Rory Gilmore and yes, I'm expected" Rory said nervously, handing the woman her coat.

"This way, please" The blonde woman spoke before swiftly turning on her feet and walking away.

Rory hurried to follow her into the den.

"Rory! There you are! Right on time!" Emily Gilmore all but shouted, giving her a hug and turning Rory around swiftly to face her grandfather. Rory took a quick look at two people sitting on the couch but was turned too swiftly for her to be able to gain a better look at them. She did know they looked familiar though. But how, she had no idea.

"Rory! Hello!" Richard said boistrously, "Have you heard about the Randall Property Scandal?"

"Yes, grandpa, I have, actually" Rory spoke, delighted at the prospect of having a debate with her grandfather and getting out of society talk with her grandmother and most likely their guests. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

"Richard!" Emily scolded, "No business talk! We're having dinner with Rory. A very important dinner!" She announced, eyes sparkling in a devious way, causing Rory to become nervous again. She wondered if it was too late to pull the sick card.

"Rory! You remember the Haydens, don't you?" her grandmother asked, pulling her im front of the couch so she could see the people sitting there properly, "What am I saying! Of course you do, they're your grandparents!"

Sitting on the couch were Straub and Francine Hayden. The other grandparents. The ones that hated Rory and thought she ruined their son, her father's life.

Rory smiled politely, and said and quiet hello.

They all sat down as the maid fetched them their drinks. The silence quickly becoming uncomfortable.

"So, Rory..." Richard trailed off, before saying, "The Scandal?" hopeful on taking away some awkwardness.

She smiled, thankful for her grandfather's opening.

They quickly got into a heated debate as the Haydens and Emily watched on. Straub was fascinated at the hellfire his grand-daughter had become and was saddened to realize he had no part in her becoming the woman she was on this day.

Emily saw his desolate gaze and Francine's unmoved one and quickly struck up a conversation with Rory when her debate started whinding down.

"Have you seen the Parisian draperies?" She asked, knowing her grand-daughter would slip right into her society mask.

"Oh, yes! High quality, lovely color, the most amazing fabric!" Rory gushed innocently. No one would know she was acting had they not met her before.

Francine's eyes widened, shocked that Lorelai Leigh was capable of such a mask and slightly proud.

Emily saw this and inwardly smiled. Just as she was about to ask about Yale, the maid walked in announcing that dinner was ready.

They all stood up and walked into the dining room. Straub and Francine both took this time to look at Rory.

She was about five foot six, maybe five foot seven. Not too tall, not too short. She had wavy brown hair, the same shade as her father, but glowing blue eyes like her mother. She wore a brown cream dress that was tight around the bust and stomach and flared into a puffed out skirt that only went to just below her knees. The dress had about two inch thick straps and she wore a small dark brown velvet over coat the only went to just below her bust but had long sleeves. And on her feet were tiny light brown ballet slippers encrusted with small gems making a crown like design. Her hair was held out of her face by a tiny jeweled butterfly clip of brown, yellow and emerald. It was tasteful yet perfect for a woman of her young age and youthfulness.

They sat down to a peaceful dinner of small talk and questions of how school was. The Haydens tried to avoid speaking, seeing as how they had no idea what to say.

After dinner came the important part.

"Rory, will you join us in the study?" Richard asked.

She followed obediantly, slightly worried.

"First, let me just say that we are very sorry about how he treated you before" Francine started, "We never realized how...strong your mother had to be to take you until recently."

"What are you trying to say?" Rory whispered, in shock.

"We want to start over. We would like to become your grandparents" Francine answered, worried.

"Grandfather?" Rory asked Straub.

He merely nodded.

"Alright, we can try" She smiled shakily.

Emily clapped her hands and crowed, "Wonderful!"

"But that's not all, Lorelai" Straub said, cutting the cheerful mood, "You are a Hayden. Biologically, legally, everything. You are a part of this family in every way. You are our eldest grand-daughter and the only one of complete Old Money descent. Normally, this would go to my son, Christopher, but he has made his future his way and I could not be prouder. You have also been following what we old society types call The Plan. You may not have realized it, but you have. You went to a very highly credited private school and are now in an Ivy League school and following in Family Alumni footsteps. Now, while your grandmother and I wish you had chosen our Alumn, Harvard, we do also have an Alumni history with Yale as well. You fit the Plan perfectly so that means, it's my pleasure to inform you of us granting you everything in case of our demise."

"...I...don't think I understand, grandfather" Rory choked out in shock.

"Dear, should we die, you will gain everything the Haydens own. The money, the property, the stocks, everything" Francine smilled gently at the shocked girl, "You are the Hayden Heiress"

"But, GiGi. What will she..." Rory trailed off.

"We will leave a small trust fund for her, of course and we trust you to take care and watch over your little sister. Besides, she has Christopher. He has more than enough money to take care of her" Francine answered swiftly.

"Everything?" Rory questioned one more time.

"Everything" Straub confirmed.

"How... how much is that?"

"You are worth aproximately 97 billion dollars in net value through us," Francine broke to her gently.

" much? There are alot of zeros behind that seven, grandmother."

"I know dear."

"Rory, we have news as well." Richard started once Lorelai Leigh started calming down.

"We made you our Heiress as well!" Emily smiled, happily.

"Huh?" came Rory's incredibly intelligent, Ivy League worthy response.

"Yes, you are the Gilmore Heiress. You will inherit our money which has a net value of 64 billion. You are now the Gilmore and Hayden Heiress. That means you are a Double Heiress and worth 161 billion dollars," Richard grinned, "And to add to that, my mother left you her title in the British Court for when you get engaged"

"Title? Court? Engaged?" Rory questioned, feeling so overwhelmed and thinking that she needed to speak with her mother.

"Yes. Currently, you are Twenty-Seventh in line to the British Crown, your mother Twenty-Sixth, and I am Twenty-Third. When you get engaged, you take Trix's Number, which at the moment is on hold because of her death. She was Fourteenth"

"So fourteen people die and I'm Queen a' England?" Rory joked.

Richard chuckled, "Seems so"

"Well, I don't plan on being engaged anytime soon, so guess I'll be Twenty-Seventh just a little bit longer, huh?" Rory smiled, missing the nervous glances her grandparents sent to each other over her head.

"Actually, dear..." Emily started causing Rory's head to shoot up.

"What?" She put it all together, "NO! No way, I'm engaged? You set up an arranged marriage!"

"I'm sorry, Lorelai," Straub Hayden said, "It was a deal made a long time ago, before you were born. I was still running for Supreme Court Judge and I needed a little advertisement shove. I struck a deal with a young Newspaper Heir and in return his Heir would marry our Heiress."

"What if mom had a boy or our ages didn't match?" Rory asked, curious despite herself.

"Then the lines would go on until one of them did match and then they would marry. Unfortunately, they match now. He is only a year and a half older than you."

"What about my boyfriend?" She exclaimed

They all shared surprised looks. They had no idea she was seeing someone.

"I'm sorry, dear" Emily mustered, "Who is he?"

"Not that it matters because I'm getting MARRIED, but Logan. Logan Huntzberger"

They gasped.

"What?" Rory asked bewildered as her grandma started laughing.

"The Newspaper Heir I was talking about was Mitchum Huntzberger and your fiancee is his son Logan Huntzberger, your boyfriend" Straub chuckled.

"Oh! But that's worse! We've only been dating a month! And his parents hated me!"

"What!" Francine breathed sharply

"They said I wasn't good enough for the Huntzberger Family" Rory said, letting everything spill from her lips as she spoke about the awful dinner.

"The nerve!" Richard exclaimed.

"She is more than three times as rich as the Huntzbergers, they only have a net value of 50 billion, and she obviously has stronger blue-blood than them!" Francine exploded.

"With that woman! Some potato farmer's daughter from some hick town, telling our grand-daughter she isn't good enough for them! Rory is as blue-blooded as they come!" Emily raged.

"Obviously, they have no idea Rory is a Hayden and Logan's fiancee. We will just have to be sure to see their faces when they find out" Richard explained calmly, vengeance promised in his eyes.

"I agree" Straub said as well, putting his two cents in.

As Rory looked around she saw where she got her, as her mother called it, Vengeance Gleam, (Richard) Cold Promise, (Straub) Need to Make the Pain Sickly Sweet and Deep (Emily) and her famous Temper Tantrum Extreme. (Francine) Chilton got a taste of the TTE when she couldn't take Mr. Medina's test and Tristan kept calling her Mary.

"But I thought the Huntzbergers were richer than the Gilmores. We are worth 64 billion and they're worth 50?" She questioned.

"They used to be richer. It's not well known that we are. My mother, Trix, spent her entire life building up the Gilmore Family Fortune. It used to be 47 billion, but she built it up to 59 and I built it up to 64. When she passed away, we inherited what was left of the fortune. So, now we are richer than them, they just don't know it." Richard explained.

"Okay... I just started dating Logan, I can't marry him" Rory pleaded, deciding to ignore her family's plotting and skip over the panicking her grandfather's explanation wrought.

"I'm sorry. You have until you both graduate in two years to work everything out" Francine said, softening to her grandbaby's plea.

There was nothing more that could be done.

Rory left and climbed into her car and drove the desolate, lonely way back to Yale.

She finally entered her Common Room and went straight to the tequila and the shot glasses in the kitchen. She brought everything she needed into her room, not looking up. She dumped everything on her bed.


Her head shot up instantly.

"Logan, what are you... how did you..." She trailed seeing the open window.

"I... am sorry" he whispered, coming closer and sliding his hand to cup the side of her face.


Logan took a second to really look at her, memorizing her every feature before he said the inevitable words.

"We need to break up"

Rory took a sharp intake of breath. Her eyes clouded over in heartache and pain, her head pounding with the knowledge that he was breaking up with her and she was marrying him.

"I... cheated on you" He blurted out, hating himself for putting the pain in her eyes, but it needed to be done. She had to hate him like he hated himself.

She drew away from him sharply

"W...what?" She asked shakily.

"I was drunk and she was there, I'm sorry" Logan said, creating his web of lies to push her farther away.

He took one last look at her pained form and took a jerky breath and walked out the door before he could start crying himself, at the pain he was causing the woman he loved.

He closed her bedroom door and slid down until he was cradling his head between his knees. He could hear her start to sob through the thick door. He hated himself so much, and it took all his willpower not to rush in there and comfort her. But he had to stay strong. Logan didn't notice the shadow looming over him.

"Huntzberger, why is my best friend crying?" Paris Geller growled, glaring

"Because I broke her heart" He replied, not even caring


"Better she be done with me now and hate me then she find out later"

"Find out what?"

Logan looked up and saw honesty for once in her eyes

"I'm engaged"

Paris drew back sharply


"It's arranged" Logan replied desolately, not caring about her rage

"Oh... so..."

Logan hadn't noticed the stopping of sobs and the shadow of Rory eavesdropping, but Paris had.

"So, I made up some story about cheating on her when drunk, hoping to get her to hate me so she won't be as hurt when she finds out I have to marry some woman I don't even know."

Paris was silent for a second before, "Rory hates no one. She's not capable of it."

"I know, but I had to try. I had to try and save her that pain" Logan groaned.

"Who are you engaged to?" Paris asked curiously

"Someone named Lorelai Hayden the Third"

"OH MY GOD!" Paris yelled causing Logan's head to shoot up, "Get up!" She demanded of him. He complied, wondering what was going on. She opened the door and there was Rory. The look on her face said she heard everything and Logan cursed himself.

"Rory..." He started.

"Shut up!" Paris interupted before looking back at Rory, "Did you know?"

"Know what?" Rory answered innocently

"Don't mess with me, Gilmore! Did you know he was engaged?"

Logan was shocked, why would Paris think she knew?

"Yes" Rory answered quietly.

"What." Logan gasped

"I found out today." She continued on, staring deep into his eyes.

He stared at her too while still talking to her roommate, "Paris? How did you know she knew about my engagement?"

Paris looked between the two of them before settling her gaze on Logan.

"You don't know?"

This caused him to divert his gaze to the blonde

"Know what?"

Paris looked at Rory, "Tell him, fix this" She then turned around and left the dorm room.

"Tell me what?" Logan asked, getting annoyed

"My full name" Rory breathed

"What does that have to do with anything?" Logan asked, looking so confused.

"Listen, you'll understand" She took a breath, "My full name is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden the Third. Rory for short"

Logan froze, "So, wait... I'm... engaged to... you?"


"My parents hate you"


"But you're a Hayden"


"But they hate you"


"But... do they know you're a Hayden?"

"No. The contract was made before I was born and it's not commonly known that my father was Christopher Hayden. They probably only know that I went to a private school, I was Valedictorian, I go to an Ivy League school and I'm pretty"

"Oh." Logan took the time to kiss her passionately, "I'm sorry, I didn't want you to know I'd be married to another woman"

"I'd have understood" She whispered into his mouth

"I know, but you would have stayed and been hurt and I would have seen the pain in your eyes and know I was the one that put it there."

Logan leaned in where more passionate kissing occurred before he broke away.

"Pretty?" He asked, remembering her words, "God, Ace, you have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you?"

She blushed and ducked her head. He smiled and tilted her chin up to capture her lips. He led her to her bed where they slid between the sheets and he showed her exactly how beautiful he thought she was. But not before saying,

"I can't wait to see my parents' faces when they find out the woman 'not good enough' for the Huntzberger Family is actually better"