In Omnia Paratus

Chapter Eleven:

"I would just like you to know that the name Huntzberger has always been much more prestigious than the name Gilmore. Your granddaughter is lucky to have my son. Oh and before you compare money with anyone I'd like you to know that Logan is worth much more than your precious granddaughter could even imagine." Shira paused nastily in her speech to Emily.

"What ever you need to think to make you feel more comfortable with your obvious inferiority" Francine sneered

"Who are you?" Shira asked snootily

"Francine Hayden, Rory's other grandmother"

Shira gasped in shock. Suddenly, Francine turned to her husband Straub, "Huntzbergers are such snobs. And then this one, not even a real Huntzberger, has no money of her own, no pedigree, comes and speaks about Rory like that"

Suddenly, Straub Hayden turned into Bill Clinton and kept repeating, "I did not have sex with that woman. I did not have sex with that woman. I did not-"

Suddenly, Rory jerked awake.

"You okay, Ace?" Logan mumbled from behind her

"I just had a dream where Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was my grandfather"

"Huh" Logan's forehead wrinkled in puzzlement before it relaxed again as he fell back asleep. Rory settled back into his arms and fell asleep as well.

"I did not" Logan said even as his grin gave way to the truth

"Yeah, you did. You should never underestimate a Gilmore. And I've learned from the best," Rory simply said.

"I'll remember that so I won't make that mistake again," Logan promised, his eyes on her, curious. "And who've you learned from? Richard?"

"Grandpa? No... The true master is grandma. No one manipulates, blackmails and revenges like her. And Mom learned from her also, plus mom's a little crazy, so she's a master in her own right as well. Grandpa and I are simple bystanders." She laughed quietly

"I highly doubt the two of you are bystanders." Logan smirked as he grabbed a water bottle and the two headed out.

"Well, I never said we were innocent bystanders" Rory grinned as they stopped at a coffee cart

"Mary? Innocent? Who would have thunk it" A voice said from behind them. Rory turned around before squealing and jumping into the man's arms who then swung her around in a practiced motion. Logan watched on feeling a little jealous.

"So, what's this about you being innocent, because trust me, there is nothing innocent about..." Tristan trailed off suggestively, obviously hinting toward a past experience

"Tristan! My virgin ears!" Rory mocked, blushing slightly

"Please, Mare. Nothing about you has been a virgin since that night at Madeline's party."

Rory turned scarlet as she recalled Tristan and her's first kiss. Which led to her first time. Not that anyone knew that. Not even her mom. Later, they agreed that it was a mistake and that it was too fast too soon. They then dated for two weeks before they decided to do a friends with benefits thing that she still had no idea how he got her to agree to. Well, she did know actually. She had a slight crush on his best friend Austin...

"Why do I talk to you?" Rory asked exasperated at his little hit, especially with Logan right beside her. But she couldn't blame Tristan, it's not like he knew that Logan was her boyfriend.

"You don't. Usually, we'll meet up, have a little small talk, I'll make an incredibly inappropriate comment that you say is rude, but on the inside I know you are secretly laughing, we'll argue, get into a big public fight and end up having several rounds of the best, incredibly hot, passionate sex of my life" Tristan remarked

"...Well, that was crude. Completely accurate, but still...crude" Rory said before turning, slightly blushing at Logan's hard stare, "Tristan this is my fiancé Logan, Logan this is my friend Tristan."

"Hi" Logan nodded curtly

"Hi" Tristan replied, embarassed, "Well, isn't this nice and... awkward"

"Just a bit" Rory smiled.

"Well, let me just go get the others" Tristan said as he spun around and left

"Was he your boyfriend?" Logan asked stoicly

"Not a boyfriend, but not not a boyfriend, ya know?" Rory answered vaguely

"No" he returned simply as they waited silently for Tristan's return

"We are back!" Tristan announced suddenly, startling Rory and making her spill her coffee. He grinned unrepentedly as she tossed her now empty cup in the trash.

Rory turned to face the trio. "Gill" She nodded at a tall brunette, "Annoying Jackass" She nodded at Tristan, "Friend of Annoying Jackass" Rory again nodded her greeting to Austin, a blond taller than Logan, but shorter than Tristan.

" 'Ello, luv" Gill's British accent rang clear

"Sup?" Austin asked as he slipped his hands into his pockets and shrugged

"Hey, guys" Rory smiled, hugging them both tightly, "This is my Logan"

Logan nodded in greeting as they all started to walk away.

"...Gill was swimming in a tank of water" Tristan explained a few minutes later, in the middle of another Gill story. Rory explained the common phenomena to Logan with three words, 'Just. Like. Finn.'

"What's so bad about that?" Logan asked confused as to why Rory was shaking her head in exasperation

"It was a shark tank at the equarium" Tristan grinned

"Oh." Logan blinked a bit shocked as he then took a slow sip of his now cold coffee, surprised that Rory were friends with people like this, but then thought about it. She had always fit into his group seamlessly, it would make sense that she had been comfortable with them because she was friends with people who were similar. What Logan was worried about now was that it was apparent that she had had sex with Tristan, but he was also apparently the 'Logan' of their group. Was she only with Logan because of Tristan?, "You seem very... outgoing and... interesting"

"Some people make scenes. I make three act plays" Gill shrugged grinning before skipping ahead. Yes, skipping.

"Some people dance to the beat of their own drum. We dance to the beat of our own British Punk Rock band" Rory laughed, "So, why are you lot here?" she asked as her voice started to get a London based accent that she always got when talking to Gill for a while

"It's the seventeenth. Gill decided that he was bored and since there was a seven in the date then we must visit you" Austin grinned

"It's the sixteenth" Rory corrected

"No, Ace. It's the seventeenth" Logan corrected as he started to warm up to her friends. He couldn't help it. They were too funny.

"Oh, crap" Rory said stopping suddenly

"What?" Her boyfriend asked worriedly

"It's Grandma's birthday tomorrow and I forgot to get a gift. We have to go shopping!" Rory freaked out

"New York?" Logan asked, knowing it was one of her favorite places to shop

"Yeah!" Gill cheered

Several hours later they were all walking down the streets, waiting for something to strike Rory's fancy. Finally, Gill begged off claiming boredom and said he'd meet them later.

"How about we split up. If anyone finds anything we'll call each other, yeah?" Rory asked, London accent even stronger than before.

"Alright" They all split Logan going north, Rory west, Tristan east and Austin south,

Half an hour later Rory stepped out of a store on the brink of giving up when she literally ran into Tristan.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the opposite direction?" She asked

"Well, yeah, but there was this hot blonde..." He trailed off

"Of course, isn't there always?" Rory said to herself sarcastically

Tristan just smirked

"Alright then, least you can do is help me" Rory said grabbing his arm and pulling him down the street. They were right in front of an alleyway when Rory suddenly pulled him into it and pushed herself against him tightly and smally

"My grandma." She said in a whisper, standing in between Tristan and the wall her back was pressed up against. "Oh my god. Right across the street at that boutique!" she said frantically.

Tristan smirked and turned around. "Should we go say hi?" he asked and Rory glared as she grabbed his coat and pulled him back in front of her.

"Hey, baby, I'm kind of liking this." He said, his voice dropping.

"Funny" She grunted, eyes on her grandma

After two minutes, she relaxed, "Alright, she's gone, but just in case let's get out of her as fast as bloody possible"

Rory pulled out her cell phone as she and Tristan raced down the street, laughing the whole way.

"Logan? Hey, it's me... I didn't find anything. Where are you?... Stay put, I'll call Austin and we'll meet you there. Lata!"

Twenty minutes later, they all met up, including Gill, when suddenly Rory stopped in front of a small boutique. In the case was a beautiful bracelet.

She walked in and asked to see it as the boys hung back

It was a genuine round, baguette diamond bracelet costing $2,500 and it was perfect. Rory squealed loudly before buying it and calling up her mother.

"I got the perfect gift!" She smiled, "No, really perfect... No, it does not sing or dance... or cluck!"

Logan chuckled at Lorelai's antics.

"Yeah, Gill is here. How'd you know?... Oh, my accent, right... Okay, yeah... bye!" Rory flipped off her cell and turned to the guys, "Okay, I'm done. It's getting late. Wanna stay here for the night?"

"Actually, I know a place two hours from here..." Logan trailed off as he grabbed Rory's hand and led her off.

Two hours later they arrived at a small city. They rented a room at a hotel at the city's borders and went in to explore. Soon, it was just Logan and Rory alone.

Rory and Logan walked along the side of a building.

"So, drink, dinner, movie, that's really what we're doing tonight?" Rory asked sceptically

"I don't understand why you won't just believe me. I'm tired, I just want a mellow evening with my girlfriend."

"Last time you were mellow you had a hundred and four fever and even then, we were bar-hopping for an hour before you fainted." Rory grinned

"Men do not faint. Men pass out. Drink, dinner, and a movie, that's it." Logan replied indignantly.

"Fine." Rory humphed jokingly.

Amazingly, they did have a mellow evening before returning back and getting some sleep.

Early the next morning found Rory in a tiny tennis skirt and a skin tight top.

"How did you talk me into this?" She grumbled at her boyfriend as Gill wolf whistled as he passed her in the hall.

"It involved a lot of kissing" Logan grinned dragging her to the building's tennis courts where he then spent the next hour trying to teach her how to play.

"Alright, that's it! I give up!" Rory cried out, collapsing into Logan's arms.

"Let's take a break, Ace" He grinned helping her over to a table courtside.

A few minutes later, after Rory had cooled down a girl bounced over to them, also wearing tennis clothes.

"Hi, I'm Michaela" She smiled

"Hi" Rory nodded

"I'm Logan and this is Rory"

"My family and I are vacationing here" Michaela said flirtateously to Logan

Rory grit her teeth and ignored the side glance Logan gave her

"Oh? From where?" Rory asked

"Upstate New York. Where are you from?" the woman continued, ignoring Rory's apparent relationship with the man she was blatently hitting on.

Logan caught Rory's eye and smirked, putting his hand deliberately on her knee.

Her eyes widened before her mind started processing that Michaela was still talking

"...I mean, I love where I live, but I love travelling too. And my daddy just struck it big with his new company..." Michaela said trying to impress Logan with her 'wealth'.

Logan's hand slowly inched up Rory's thigh until it brushed her feminine folds.

Rory's breath caught as he gently rubbed her clit. Her eyes were darkened with hot lust. She moved her foot against his groin and began to put pressure on it.

Logan barely held back a gutteral moan from escaping. He worked her clit faster.

"...So, where did you say you were from?" Michaela asked

Rory and Logan abruptly broke away from each other, even though Michaela couldn't see them because of the cloth on the table

"Connecticut" Logan answered yanking his eyes away from Rory's, slightly upsetting her that he chose to talk to this girl instead of continuing their dirty deeds. "Yale"

"Oh, break?" Michaela asked seductively

"Boredom" He replied grinning up at her

"Would you like to go out back and play a match of tennis with me?" Michaela purred, locking eyes with Logan.

Rory grit her teeth harshly and purposefully returned her foot to Logan's groin. Logan sucked in a breath harshly and gave a small shiver, his eyes half lidded.

"No thanks, we were just going to go back upstairs to-" Logan responded, linking hot eyes with Rory and putting his hand back on her leg

"Fuck" Rory finished, smirking at Michaela's shocked, put out look. Logan stared at her shocked. Rory never swore. His lips quirked, she must have been seething.

He grabbed her hand and rushed them upstairs to their room, where they were not heard from for the rest of the day.

"We're back!" Logan called as he entered his Yale dorm with Rory.

"Hey" Colin nodded

" 'Ello. And where were you?" Finn asked, trying to be stern

"New York." Rory replied, "I'm not here"

"What?" Finn asked

"Ace has a birthday dinner tonight with her grandma, she needed a gift, hence New York. She's not here because she just needs to grab her earrings that match her shoes and belt and she's gone. She can't be distracted" Logan replied. You could tell that the last part of his speech was mimicking something Rory had said previously

"I can hear you, Huntzberger!" Rory called out as she raced from his room. She briefly kissed his cheek and was out the door in a flash.

"How was it?" Logan asked from where he lay on her bed, head propped up on his arm

Rory started and turned to face him, "Fine. What are you doing here?"

"Wanted to see my girlfriend and soon to be wife. Is that a crime?" He asked sitting up

"Nope. I'm just gonna go into the bathroom and change" Rory said nervously, shifting to hide a small bag in her arms

Logan noticed and raised his eyebrow, but said nothing as she moved past him.

A few minutes later a crash was heard in the bathroom...

Oh my God" Rory whispered as she slid down the bathroom wall. Logan saw something small clutched in her hands. He came toward her, worried. He saw silent tears streaking down her face.

"Rory? What is it?" He asked, crouching down beside her, using his hand to wipe away her tears.

Rory stayed silent, staring blankly ahead. She simply handed him the object held tightly in her hand

Logan looked down before his eyes widened in shock. He fell the short distance to the ground as he stared at the object in front of him.

He whispered what the object read aloud.