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Chapter 1

It had been two months since the faith had disappeared and so had Tidus. When he had left it had left a gaping hole in her heart. For the last two months nearly everyday since that day Yuna had been walking along the beach of Besaid, whistling for him. She had been whistling so much it almost hurt to do it, it almost hurt to breathe. But everyday Yuna would return to her hut in Besaid village without hearing his voice, without feeling his touch.

As a result of this Yuna had decided to retrace her steps of her pilgrimage across Spira, hoping to find him, at the very least feel close to him. But everyone knew what the main reason was for this travel, about a week ago Rikku had arrived on Besaid just coming from Mt Gagazet having discovered something that had given her hope that he might be back.

"That big faith thing that was at Mt Gagazet, well it's back. Not all of it, just a small piece but it's there!" She had said. Since Yuna knew that this meant that the Faith was still dreaming, since the Faith was dreaming she might be able to see him again, even if it was for the last time.

As Yuna was packing she felt a presence behind her, she turned and saw a strange shimmering, then a note appeared on the table that was right next to the door. As Yuna opened this note she discovered that it was written on a kind of paper that was smooth to the touch, but the words were written not in pencil and not in pen. When Yuna saw what it said her heart missed a beat. It read 'Come to Mt Gagazet. Talk to the Faith, then I will see you.'

At reading this Yuna packed furiously, not bothering to fold everything, just throwing it into the suitcase and running out of the door. When she got out of the door she saw that Wakka, Lulu and Rikku were waiting for her. Lulu was talking to Wakka, since SIN was destroyed those two had become much closer, even intimate if she had to guess. Rikku was sitting on the floor next to the door and was the first to see Yuna come out of her hut. "Yuna, you don't need all that luggage. We're using my papas Airship. We'll be at Mt Gagazet in an hour." Even through she had said we the note hadn't referred to anyone else. "Come on Yuna, let's go." Wakka said, while making a hand movement towards the road, after that Yuna, Rikku, Lulu and Wakka set out on another journey.

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