A/n- Wow. I found the book that I wrote this story in a few weeks ago and I started reading what I had written. It seriously sounded like a third grader wrote it and I was seriously ashamed of myself. It was total crap. So I have spent the past few weeks starting a re-write of the final chapters of 'The Pain that Comes With Fatherhood." I decided against re-writing the whole story because I think I just went downhill in the final chapters because I really just wanted to get it done. So now they are coming back, chapters and hopefully updates. Sorry I am a pain the ass and I took forever, but I didn't want to post something that I wasn't proud of.

So here it is…

Chapter 18- Revelations Part 1

Brooke stayed at Sam's all weekend, having not said a single word the entire time. Sam and Meredith were starting to get worried, worried to the point that Sam decided to walk her to school on Monday. He had to run to catch up to her, noticing that she was rubbing her arm that was bandaged. He knew that it was starting to itch, finally healing on its own. He just hoped that this walk would help her start talking again, but he wasn't going to force it out of her.

"It was my fault you know…" she said quietly, latching her hands into the straps of her backpack.

"What was?" he asked, surprised by the sudden declaration.

"Everything- the thing that killed my mom and almost got my dad…it was coming for me." She stared up at the sky as it started to lighten with the rising sun.

"No Brooke, nothing 'went after' anyone. Everything that happened was a simple string of coincide-"

"Don't even say it was all coincidence. I know something was after me and my parents got in its way."

"Brooke, even if there was a man coming for you-" he started before she cut him off again. Sam hated having to lie to her, but he and Dean had agreed not to tell her to protect her.

"Not a 'man' Uncle Sam, a thing- and don't try to feed me that It's to protect me Shit to me…I already know." She explained.

He looked down at her, stopping as he gently turned her to face him. "What are you talking about Brooke?"

"Just stop lying alright. I know it all: what you and dad used to do, how mom met dad, what actually killed my mom…"

He looked away feeling ashamed that he'd been caught in his lie. "Why didn't you say anything to us?"

She shrugged, "I figured you weren't telling me for a reason," she told him as she started walking again. "But I think I'm a little too involved this time for the two of you to cover this up."

"Brooklyn, why do you think the demon wants you?"

She bit her lip, thinking of a way to explain herself while nervously kicking at some rocks on the sidewalk. "Because I have these dreams. I just see a pair of yellow eyes and I hear this voice…"

"What does it say?" he asked, getting concerned that she was getting these types of dreams.

"It talks about you and dad and how you killed its family. It says that it's waiting to take his revenge and when he does come there is nothing you and dad can do to stop me from joining him."

A few moment of silence passed, "That's why you don't sleep much anymore…"

"Pretty much. It cant get into my head when I'm awake."

The pair stopped outside of Central Catholic. They always made sure Brooke was safe and protected, plus there was always 'room for the holy spirit' at school dances.

"So I'll here at 3:15 to pick you up." He told her.

She opened the door to the school and got halfway in before turning back to him. She hesitated, but shouted "I want to talk to my dad tonight…"

"You sure B?" he asked, watching her nod. "Alright, why don't we head over there for dinner tonight?"

"Sounds good." She said with a small smile as she went into school.

Meanwhile, Dean had been going crazy without Brooke around. He was bored out of his mind just sitting at home at night, practically sick with worry. Sure, Sam would call each day and let him know how she was doing, but the few days she'd been away had been the longest days of his life.

He took what Sam had said seriously and had gone back to work after dumping all of the alcohol in the house down the drain. He even dumped the rubbing alcohol just because it said alcohol on it. He of course realized afterward that he should keep a bottle of it around, so he decided to go to Walgreens to get a new bottle. While browsing the shelves, he heard Metallica blasting from one of his pockets. He pulled out his cell phone and saw that it said 'Sam's Cell' on the screen.

"Sammy how is she?!"

"She's fine Dean. She actually talked today. She wants to see you."

"Really, you finally convinced her to hear me out?"

"No Dean, I didn't do anything. I was more than ready to let her stay with me as long as she needed." Sam explained to his older brother. He was trying to get Dean to understand just how hard this was on her. "She convinced herself, so we're going to pick up dinner around 3:30 and head over to your place."

"Alright, I get it Sammy. I'll see you two later." Dean paused, holding the bottle of rubbing alcohol in his hand. "Sam?"

"Yeah Dean?"

"Thank you. You know how bad I- uh – how sorry I am…"

Sam sighed. He hated hearing Dean sound so vulnerable, so lost and sorry. "I know Dean, but you can't just tell her that. You really need to show her, you have no idea how much she is dealing with right now…"

"Alright, I'll see you later Sam." He said as he hung up the phone.

Dean continued to browse the shelves, wondering if he was forgetting anything. After paying the young girl behind the counter he started on his 15 minute walk home. Sam had taken the Impala the night of the incident and had never brought it back to Dean. He had hoped that not having his child and his car would be enough of a shock to get him to change. As he walked up the walkway to their porch, he saw a man sitting on their swing.

"Hey, what are you doing up there?" he shouted, trying to get the bum's attention.

"That's no way to greet your father Dean…" John said as he slowly walked down the steps to the sidewalk with Dean.

"Dad?!" he said as he took a step back. "You couldn't have made here that quickly."

"Dean, you know how I drive." He told him, grabbing his oldest into a hug. "Besides, I wasn't that far away when you called. I check in every so often, you just never know…"

Dean hugged him back tightly, "Yeah because that isn't weird at all…"

John took a step back and looked at his son. "You look good Dean, considering. I'm sorry about your wife…"

"Yeah, thanks. I looked like hell a few days back, but I'm working on it." He said sadly. "So where are you staying dad?"

They walked up the steps, John grabbing an old military issue bag off of the porch. "I don't know. I was thinking I could stay with you and get to now my granddaughter."

Dean visibly darkened at the mention of Brooke, a little fearful of his father's reaction to everything that had recently happened. "I'll introduce you tonight when she comes for dinner, she isn't exactly staying with me right now…"

"What- where is she Dean?" John asked, concern etched on his aging face.

Dean closed the door behind him, feeling awkward about what he was going to have to tell his dad. "She's staying with Sam for a little while." He led his dad into the kitchen. It wasn't totally back to normal, a few broken pieces of chairs still on the floor, but he had cleaned it up a bit. "You want something to drink? I think I have water and maybe some Sierra Mist."

"No Dean… I want to know why your daughter is staying at her uncle's and not with you?!" he said sternly, sitting on the only unbroken kitchen chair.

"Something happened last week dad. Brooklyn went to stay with Sammy and his family."

"What the hell happened Dean?"

To be continued…