Rats-Chapter 3

Sam looked sideways at his brother, he knew that the rat the other night had creeped him out. But he hadn't thought it would have been this bad. He drew in a breath of the cold hair that was seeping into his clothes. Dean was just finishing up with the room and then they would be gone, leaving everything behind once again. And this was once that Sam was excited about that. Normally he would want to stay around and see the better side of the town, but right now he wanted to get out.

Dean took a look around the room, everything looked like it was in order, everything was cleaned up and there wasn't any trace of them ever staying here. Smiling he gathered his bags and tucked his gun into his waistband. Making his way out to the car, he flicked the light off and tossed his bags at Sam, he slid into the drivers' seat and gunned the engine as he waited for Sam to place the bags in the truck.

"Come on Sammy! Places to be," he shouted at his younger brother.

"Dean, we don't have anywhere to be," Sam whined as he finally climbed into the seat beside him.

"Sure we do, we just don't know it yet." He told him as he pushed his glasses on to cover his eyes from the morning rising sun. There was more behind his need to leave, he just couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched and the feeling of rats were still coating him.

"Whatever, just drive, I'll take over in the next state." Sam said as he slummed into the seat trying to find a better sleeping position. Dean grinned and slid in the latest Blue oyster Cult tape he had gotten and began to sing along.

After awhile of the tape he pulled it out and began to flick threw the other tapes that he found between the two of them. He stopped on a group called Flogging Molly, he cringed as he pulled it out and pushed it in listening to the song flow from the stereo. He had to say that they were interesting, he would have to ask his brother where the tape came from.

He continued listening to the group until he came to the state line. He pulled the tape out and lowered the volume, changing the channel he grinned as he listened to the soft static. He didn't know how Sam could sleep when he was playing his music, he rolled his eyes and turned the volume up louder. Sam jolted awake and looked at the stereo.

"Very funny." He said as he stretched out.

"Saves my thoart." Dean chuckled at Sam's response, "Trade places I'm tired." He informed him younger sibling as he pulled to a stop. Climbing out and around the car as Sam slid across. Dean climbed in and reclined the chair and curled up.

"Talk to you in a state or so." He told Sam as he let himself drift off to sleep.


The squirming, and cold feet brushing over him, claws biting into his skin, teeth scratching at him. Tails fluttering back and forth. Every inch covered, nothing was safe. His nose and mouth covered by the over powering stench of rats. He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out other then a gagging noise as one of the rats slid into his mouth. He cries, gasping as the rat tries to bite his mouth. He starts clawing at his mouth to remove the animal but nothing works. He feels them climbing up his body, getting closer and closer to his eyes and ears. The rats flowed over him, it was like they knew where to go, where his hands won't reach them. They were safe, and they were enjoying his fear.

Dean shots up straight hearing Sam's cries to him. He brushes his glasses off and pulls the mirror down to look at himself. He shivers in horror.

"Are you okay?" Sam asks silently as he watched his brother. At first he thought it was just a bad dream that would go away but now he was thinking that it might be something else.

"I'm fine," Dean replied as he nodded at himself, like he needed to convince himself, "I'm perfect." He said smiling as he caught Sam's eyes turning to the side. "Really, I'm great, just a bad dream, nothing that is going to kill me."

"Okay, do you want to take over?" Sam asked still concerned for his brother.

"No, I need some more rest, don't worry, Sammy. I'll be alright." Dean rolled over, unfastening his seat belt he curled back into a ball facing the door.

Dean could still feel them scratching at his face, arm, and back. He could feel them crawling up his pant legs, and that was when he was ready to start screaming. He knew that this would never stop, he just wished that his mind would let him have some rest. They were covering him, like the warm water in a bathtub would. It was overtaking his body and there was nothing he could do to fight back. He would twist and scream and push himself off, but there was nothing that he could do. He was let tired and drained and sore.

Dean didn't know when he had stopped screaming that night, and he didn't know if he wanted to. But sometime during the night his father and brother had pushed the door down and come to his rescue. He was grateful for that, but he could never let them know that it was too late. He would never be the same again. It was years later that he stopped dreaming of them, and now something had re-awakened in him, and he hated it.


an: what do you think? Any thoughts or hopes? I should have another chapter soon...With a twist! I hope that you are all enjoying this story I can't wait to show you where it will go!