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WhiteDragonghost: Anyway, This is a story that I have based on CharCharWu's Fourteen Days. Don't worry I got permission first from him to use a different version of his idea. It's basically Fourteen Days except with Sacred Stones characters and instead of a mountain resort its on a island. I hope you will all enjoy but first, the disclaimer.

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Prologue: Chaos Among Each Other

The fireball streaked across the sky and smashed into a Revenant that was formally lumbering over to the army. When the animated corpse fell to the ground in ashes the opposing army was officially destroyed.

"So what's the damage?"" asked a member of the winning army. A nearby druid, whom the other army member was addressing from his horse, glanced at the inquirer. He flipped his off-white hair out of his line of vision and answered.

"Well in the fight, Neimi nearly got shot by an arrow, Forde no longer has any nose hairs, due to a stray fireball, Colm lost his cloak, instead of his head, when a javelin came flying in his direction, and countless other instances such as those." droned on the druid.

"So what's the bad news, Knoll?" inquired the young man.

"Well, my lord Jailith, all of these injuries weren't inflicted upon us by the enemy." sighed Knoll, the army's main druid.

"And it was our own troops that injured each other?" questioned Jailith. Jailith was one of the tacticians of the army. He was a young man who had barely turned nineteen. His dark brown hair, while untamed would fall down to his shoulders but was currently worn in a ponytail. The most outstanding feature of Jailith was a unique scar he had. The scar was a line that came from the middle of his chest, spiraled up his neck and ended on his left cheek. Eirika and the other members of the army would inquire how he got it but he would never answered.

Jailith had known Eirika since he had been sixteen years-old and when Renais was invaded he accompanied her in her escape. From that time forth he acted as one of the two head tacticians of her army and also as a sage while in combat. The other, a young lady by the name of Rebecca, also knew Jailith and the twins, but didn't join until later. The reason this was so was because Rebecca use to live near Ross and didn't want to abandon the village of her birth. Only when it was destroyed did she join the army, which happened to be the same time Ross joined. From that moment Rebecca acted both as a tactician and a pegasus knight.

The army which the tacticians led left on a campaign to stop the rebirth of the Demon King. The army was unsuccessful in that specific goal but to make up for their failure they killed the Demon King. Even though the Demon King was now dead the army had yet another task to perform. A large group of monsters had appeared across the land with the coming of the Demon King and they were still roaming about the lands. The army felt that it was their duty to destroy the monsters so they set out once again.

The main problem this time was that the army had grown to hate each other. Everyone thought that since they had participated in the destruction of the Demon King they were the best fighters in the land. This obviously led to many problems and the army had begun to sabotage each other during combat. The damage that they dealt to each other was more then that which the opposing army dealt to them.

"Ah blo-" Jailith's curse was cut short due to the fact that Eirika had just come up to Knoll and the tactician. Jailith was chivalrous, almost to a fault. Due to that fact he could not muster the courage to curse in front of a lady.

"Good day Jailith." mumbled Eirika. She continued on by, her horse in a slightly unsteady trot due to the rider's mood.

"What's with her?" Jailith asked Knoll.

"She almost got killed as well." reluctantly informed Knoll. The reason the dark-magic user was so reluctant to answer was because of the possibility of a violent reaction from tactician/sage. He did not expect the possible violence to affect him, he only did not wish for any of the army to be hurt.

"BY WHOM WAS SHE ALMOST HARMED?" bellowed Jailith. Knoll sighed. Alas, Jailith was an excellent tactician but his personality was one that was predictable.

"Forde." meekly replied Knoll. The moment the name had parted from his lips Jailith had galloped away on his horse. The druid sighed and followed Jailith. It seemed as if peace was a foreign thing to the army and was going to stay that way.


This is only the prologue of course because I need to bring up something. I need the staff for Kalen Isle (where our beloved army soon shall be going) so I need all of you to send in applications for the following positions. If you wish to apply send a private message, NOT in a review. Include things like age and description. Thank you!

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