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Detective Mike Logan Smiled briefly at the secretary as she made her way across the squad room. Secretary probably wasn't the most PC term for her position any longer but she laughed at him when he tried to call her anything else. Besides, there was no real definition for what Korrinne had become at the one-seven. She'd started out as a secretary -- data entry, phone answering -- but, somewhere along the way people had begun to use her assets in a more comprehensive way. If cops could have a 'research assistant', Korrinne was it.

In a rare moment of tact and sensitivity, Lenny Brisco waited until Korrinne had entered the Captain's office and was well out of ear-shot before letting loose a low whistle. "Guess I don't have to ask if you two have patched things up."

Logan almost flinched. "I don't know that we're going to."

"Too bad, I like Kori." But Lenny made it a point never to get involved in his partner's love life. Especially when the woman in question was a co-worker. Mike's relationship's rarely ended on a happy note and Lenny had no interest in getting caught in the cross-fire. Although, Lenny had to admit (if only silently and to himself) that he'd hoped that Mike wouldn't screw this one up. The kid deserved a good run with a good lady. Korrinne Bradley was a good lady -- bright, pretty, articulate, and elegant...not at all Mike's usual type. However, if nothing else, her temperment would make the break-up easier than the standard Logan fiasco. Kori would go on like nothing had happened; she was a straight player that way and private enough to ensure descretion. "Have you taken another look at the Lola Denver case?"

"Sure and the good news is that we found all the right dead ends the first time through." Pulling his thoughts from the ruins of an affair that he'd thought had potential, Mike flipped through a stack of paper in front of him. "I just don't get it, Lenny. This kid was missing for ten days before her parents even reported her gone. She had no history of running away, by all accounts she was the perfect student. Why didn't they call us?"

"More importantly, why did they lie to her school about where she was?" Lenny held up the Denver girl's picture. Beautiful kid. Eighteen, big blue eyes, long red hair. Striking features. "But both of the parents have alibis and my gut says they're telling us the truth now."

"I'm with you on the parents but no one else wanted to hurt this kid. She was sqeaky clean." It was only the beginning of the day and already Logan's head hurt. This case he hated more than most. However, it couldn't hurt to pose the routine questions once more. "Money?"

"The Denver's don't have much. Lola only had ten dollars on her when she left the house that day."


"Family and friends insist there was no boyfriend. Very devout Catholic but she's a looker. Just because she wasn't having sex doesn't mean no one wanted her to."

Good point but, unfortunately, probably not important. "She wasn't raped before she was killed. Someone keep her tied up in that warehouse for six days, changed her clothes, brought her food. If this was about passion there would have been rape."

"We only have a 72 hour window before the murder. She could have been raped before that and the ME wouldn't necessarily be able to tell."

Logan sighed. "We could interview all 300 boys in her school and the men in her neighborhood but, I tell ya', Lenny, I don't think it would do any good."

"Let's call Kori in on this one. We've gone over it too many times, a new perspective might help."


It was Lenny's turn to sigh. "I know it's rocky between the two of you but she's got great instincts and we're stuck."

"Not this one, Lenny." His look was intense.

Lenny ignored it. "Mike, you have to start working with her again eventually. Sooner is better than later." After that speech, Lenny made a mental note to spend a moment each day just being glad that none of his exes worked in the department.

"It's not that." Logan spread the morgue shots across Brisco's desk and leaned in closer to his partner. His voice low, he continued. "Look at this kid and don't tell me you haven't though it too."

"They could be sisters." The dead girls' resemblance to Kori was eerie. Before common sense caught up to them, both Logan and Brisco had been visably disturbed at the crime scene. It had taken Mike the longest to recover from the shock. It was the first time Lenny had ever known his partner to need to leave the room to pull himself together. It couldn't be easy to see a carbon copy of your ex-girlfriend tied, gaged, and beaten to death. "The hair is what really does it."

"It's everything, Lenny. The hair, the face. You probably don't realize it because she dresses so conservatively around here, but even the body is the same. I thought Lola Denver WAS Kori at first."

"I know. But I ran it through the system, they're not related."

"I did, too, but that's not the point." Lowering his voice even further, Mike glanced around the squad room. "Listen, she already has terrible nightmares, I don't want to add to that."

Incredulously, Lenny surveyed his partner's face. "Whoa -- you really care about her, don't you?"

"Lay off. Let's just say I don't want to cause her any more pain than I already have."

"Your intentions are good but you know the Captain'll assign her to this all the same."

"I hope not."