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This world Danny entered through a set of very large wooden doors, much like to ones he had used to exit twilight town. As he had suspected, the small courtyard he'd entered into had doors leading to what looked like a large stadium. Large bronze statues, bigger than anything Danny had ever seen, towered above the entryway.

Returning to normal and stepping forward, Danny began walking toward the large doors on the other end of the courtyard, looking around as he walked. He stepped over an odd white symbol that seemed to be printed on the ground, but had no idea what it meant. He stopped only a moment to examine it, but when no explanation came to him he continued walking forward. Upon reaching the gates, he pushed them open with some effort and stepped inside.

The room beyond was small and slightly cramped. A treasure chest was on display on one side, while a large block of stone was situated in front of the ledge on the other side. There was a tunnel across the room, but it was roped off by a sign that read 'Closed'. In the corner was another one of the odd glowing green patches, and he still had no idea what it meant.

Perhaps the oddest thing however, was the person in the room. He was short, looking as if he only came up to Danny's knee, and he seemed to be half goat, half human. He was a short pudgy man with a red beard, from the waste down he had reddish brown fur, and hooves were in the place of feet. Two large, brown horns protruded fro the top of his head.

Danny jumped back in alarm at the sight of the strange creature. He hadn't even known such things existed. He had thought ghosts were something weird to believe in, but the things he was seeing in these worlds were beyond crazy.

Approaching the strange creature cautiously, Danny stammered, "H-hi"

The small man whipped around swiftly and looked up at Danny, saying, "And just who are you?"

"Err…my name's Danny," he said awkwardly, running a hand through his tangled hair.

"Yeah, and I'm Phil. Geez what is with all of you kids running around this place lately," he said, shaking his head.

"What? You mean there were other kids my age here?" he asked excitedly.

"Correction, there is another kid your age here. Yeah, he proved himself, so he's in there participating in a tournament," he replied jerking his thumb toward the closed off tunnel.

Danny began to walk forward, but Phil held out his arm and stopped him.

"And just where do you think you're goin' kid," he said, "Heroes only"

Danny was about to respond that he was a hero, but he stopped himself. After all, he looked like and ordinary scrawny fourteen year old, and he couldn't prove it without blowing his secret identity. Instead, he pushed past the goat-man, jumped the rope and ran into the arena, ignoring the cries of protest coming from behind him.

He leapt into the arena, but was shocked by what he saw. It was not Tucker the man had been referring to, but another boy. He was moving rather quickly, so Danny couldn't see too well. From what he could tell, the boy had spiky brown hair and was slashing at a variety of monstrous creatures with some sort of blade. At either side of the boy was two companions, but Danny couldn't tell what they looked like form this distance. All he could see was that one was very tall, while the other was rather short.

Feeling crestfallen that the boy he'd been following wasn't anyone he knew, Danny was about to turn and leave, when one of the strange creatures leapt at him. Every muscle in his body tensed and thoughts flashed through his mind rapidly. He couldn't transform with these people here, but if he didn't he was going to be attacked. Danny squeezed his eyes shut and braced himself for the force of the impact.

Luckily, it never came. Opening his eyes, Danny saw the boy was now standing in front of him, blade poised as if he'd just attacked. He brandished it again, as if getting ready to swing at Danny.

"Hey, wait," Danny said, holding his arms over his head to shield himself should the boy take a swing at him.

Luckily, the boy let the blade drop to his side and gave Danny a quizzical look.

"Uhhh…you're not a heartless. What are you doing out here," he asked, cocking his head in confusion.

"Uhh…no," he responded awkwardly, feeling rather embarrassed about having to be rescued. There was the name of those creatures again, the heartless. But those things the boy had been fighting didn't look like the ones that had invaded Amity. Was there more than one type?

The boy still looked confused as Danny stood there awkwardly. The boys two companions came rushing to his side, and now that Danny could see them better he received another shock. The tall one seemed to be a large dog and the smaller one a duck. They were both dressed in normal clothing and stood erect on two legs. They each held a weapon protectively. The dog holding a large shield and the duck what appeared to be a sort of staff.

The large dog spoke, "Gawrsh, You OK Sora?" it asked with a strange accent.

The small duck glared at Danny, "Who are you?" It's voice sounding so much like a quack that its words were barely intelligible.

Danny was too shocked to respond, and even if he hadn't been, Phil came rushing in before he could bat an eye. He looked rather annoyed, and marched strait up to where the four of them were standing.

"What do you think you're doin' kid? I told you, no admittance," he berated Danny, then turning to the brown haired boy, he said, "Sorry kid, this numbskull ran in without permission. You'll have to finish the tournament later. Both of you come out of here" With that, he turned on his hoof and left, still looking angry.

Both boys looked at each other before they turned and followed Phil out of the arena.

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