Author's Note: Yet another one-shot I decided to do. Since people like them, I'll continue to write them. This one focuses a lot on Dr. Hoshi. I hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: The Nintendo characters belong to Nintendo, Banjo the bearbelongs to Rare, Solid Snake belongs to Konami, X-Box 360 belongs to Microsoft, and Peppy Ankylosaurus and Dr. Hoshi belongs to me.

The X-Box 360 Dilema

"What do you predict the day to be like, R.O.B.?" Pikachu asked the Robotic Operation Buddy as the two were on the balcony outside Pikachu's room at the Smash Mansion.

R.O.B. took a good look at the morning sun rising as he blinked. "That today... is not going to be as it might seem," The gray robot responded to Pikachu, whose eyes widened as they watched the sun keep rising.

Peppy Ankylosaurus breathed in the fresh outside air, and he smiled, being out on the mansion's front lawn. "Mmm... clean air."

Yoshi sighed as he approached Peppy. "I really got a feelin' that you've seen TOO many Simpsons episodes."

Peppy scoffed. "Hey, I ain't just sayin' that for funny business, 'Shulk'. I'm a grown Ankylosaurus."

Yoshi rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and Ankylosaurus who can't even spell 'D'oh-ith'."

"HEY! I CAN SPELL...uh...what was it again?" Peppy asked, dully.

Yoshi sighed again, moving his right hand around. "Never mind. Hey Peppy, did ya know that Dr. Hoshi got an X-Box 360?"

Peppy's mouth dropped. "Really...?" The totally not just a Koopa Troopa with a yellow shell stated.

"Yep," Yoshi replied, wrapping his arms around the back of his head, "He and the others are hooking it up to the TV in the living room now."

Inside the mansion, Dr. Hoshi, simply a purple Yoshi with light blue glasses and a white robe similar to Dr. Mario's, and Solid Snake were connecting the X-Box 360 to the living room's TV. It took a while to do it, so it wasn't easy.

"Oh c'mon! Connect the wires to the TV." Dr. Hoshi barked.

Snake growled. "Sorry! Yeesh! Do you have a problem or somethin'?"

Dr. Hoshi groaned. "No, I just want to connect this goddamn piece of crap game console!"

Pit came in and looked at both Snake and Dr. Hoshi, eating some vanilla ice cream. "Uh... is that the new Playstation 3?"

"NO, YOU DOLT!" Dr. Hoshi barked again, seeing as how Pit meant the X-Box 360.

Pit lowered his head and whimpered as Pikachu stormed in.

"Hey, I'm not a bolt!" Pikachu angrily shouted, his red cheeks sparking with electricity.

Dr. Hoshi sighed, narrowing his eyes. "Not you, Pikachu! Argh! You see what you made me think, Pit?"

"Sorry..." Pit sulked as he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"What the hell is going on here?" Meta Knight, overhearing the situation, asked as he came in.

Dr. Hoshi turned to Meta Knight. "Well, Sir Meta Knight, we're connecting the new X-Box 360 to the TV, but it's not working out right." He explained.

"...Let me try." Meta Knight says. He grabs his sword and cuts the drawer on which the TV is set, but it falls down to the ground.

"D'oh!" Snake groans.

Dr. Hoshi slaps his forehead. "Nice move, Meta Knight!"

Meta Knight sighed and shrugged. "Sorry... can't help it. One of the strongest Smashers, and all."

Pokemon's May from Gen 3 casually walked in at that moment. "Hiya guys! What are you doing?" She asked in a cheery mode.

Dr. Hoshi rolled his eyes yet again. "We're plugging the frickin' X-Box 360 into the Goddamn TV, what else do you think, May?"

May rubbed her head. "Oh, my bad." She then thought of something great."HEY! Maybe I can help!"

Dr. Hoshi gasped. "Wait, May, DON'T-"

Before he could finish, May fell on the wires, and suddenly...


Everyone in the Living Room were moaning on the ground as the TV fell.

"...Step...on...the...wires..." Dr. Hoshi moaned, as he fell unconscious.

May groaned as she tried to get up. "Owie... I think I split my pants..."

"Cough, cough."Meta Knight coughed.

"Urgh..." Snake groaned, as he was turned into liquid.

"Man, oh man, that was big," Pit yelped, squinting his eyes

"Wowee... and I thought my thunderbolt attack was powerful..." Pikachu moaned.

Banjo came in, with his banjo in his hand. "Gu-huh! What's goin' on here?"

"Just the usual, Banjo." Dr. Hoshi replied, as he got back up.

"Where's Kazooie?" Pikachu asked, facing the brown honeybear.

Banjo just shrugged. "Oh, she's with that robot. Don't know why."

"Damn it, how are you beating me at OutRun?" Kazooie gawked as she and R.O.B. were playing the arcade game, Outrun, in the arcade room, with R.O.B. easily beating her.

"Years of practice." R.O.B. replied in the nicest way possible, easily beating the game at a faster rate than Kazooie, or anyone for that matter.

'She must be having a good time." Pit commented as he finished up his ice cream, still feeling hungry.

Banjo rubbed the back of his head with his left hand. "Oh. Well, I could use some help gettin' my Banjo-Tooie game out of the N64 so I can put Pokemon Stadium in."

"I'll help ya with that!" Pikachu chirped, as he walked off with Banjo.

Banjo smiled. "Oh, thanks Pikachu!"

Dr. Hoshi shrugged. "Well, back to plugging the X-Box 360." Dr. Hoshi said.

At that moment, Wario approached them, wanting to be involved in the non existing plot of the story.

"Wahehe!" Wario laughed, scratching his stomach with his right hand. "What's-a going-a on-a?"

Dr. Hoshi gave Wario a cold stare. "Lose the stupid accent first."

Wario coughed. "Sorry. IS THIS BETTER, YOU GNAT?" He screamed, his head gigantic.

Dr. Hoshi rolled his eyes. "I'm a dinosaur, and yes that's better. Now to answer your question, we're plugging in our new X-Box 360." He replied.

Wario jumped in surprise. "WHAAAAT? WHAT DEAD-BEAT IDIOT WOULD BUY AN X-BOX 360?"

Mario can be seen in the background with Solid Snake, who manage to get back up and is solid again. He is whistling to himself. Zero Suit Samus chuckles as she watches the group trying to plug in the X-Box 360.

"If you're gonna cry about it, then do it somewhere else." Dr. Hoshi warned.

Wario growls. "Grrr... fine." With that, Wario storms off. "i'm the best character of the story, by the way!"

"...right. Now, where was I again?" Dr. Hoshi says, scratching his head.

May walked towards Dr. Hoshi. "Plugging the frickin' X-Box 360?"

"Oh yeah. Thank you, May." Dr. Hoshi thanked, as he went back to fixing up the X-Box 360.

May smiled. "No problem."

Author's Note: Well, that's all for now, folks! I'll do another funny one-shot fanfic soon, but until then, hope you all like this! See ya next time!