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Mission 01: The New Crew Member!

It was quiet.

The dead silence of space closed in from all sides, wrapping its deadly fingers around the metallic hull of the battleship forcing its way through the endless sea of black. Well, we say pure black, but this is hardly the case. Space is littered with hints of light, tiny pinpricks, that in reality are huge balls of fire, slowly burning away unto their death, or perhaps already dead. And sometimes space is graced with a great swirl of light – a galaxy far away, spinning endlessly, safe within the knowledge it holds life inside it.

Space is strange, in that way. People call it dead and lifeless, but within its endless scope there are masses of stars that hold multitudes of planets – many with life forms on them. In that way, space is its own contradiction. Scientist say that nothing can survive in space – as there is no air, no light, and to much pressure for a normal being to withstand. But, at the same time, space holds in its cradle planets and galaxies, all with this ability to support life. So, does that mean space is lifeless, or does it mean space is full of life?

Such a perplexing question indeed….

Log Book of Captain Tezuka Kunimitsu,

Aboard the ship Royal First of Seigaku

Second Space Migratory Age, Year 3450

"Gah! Why does the Captain have to be so deep?" wailed Eiji Kikumaru as he threw the logbook back down on the bed.

"You shouldn't be looking through the Captain's things," Fuji Shusuke replied as he maneuvered files from the Captain's personal computer onto the main system.

"And he shouldn't leave them out!" countered Eiji, pouting. Fuji merely shook his head, watching the download of the files.

The two men stood inside the four walls of what was Tezuka Kunimistu's room, whom was also the captain of the ship they were on - the Royal First of Seigaku. The walls were decidedly bare, polished to chromatic silver without a scratch or speck of dust. A small bed was tucked into an alcove, a small, thin drape accessible to separate it from the rest of the room. Besides that, there was a reinforced steel glass desk, where Fuji now sat, the Captain's personal computer inlaid into it, though it lacked a direct uplink to the ship's main system. Drawers and closets were hidden in the walls, only noticeable by the small, black and red patches where a retina scan had to be taken to even access them. A door near the bed led to the bathroom, the largest on the ship, with a large soaking bath and small shower.

For a captain, Tezuka kept to the bare essentials.

"Are you almost done?" whined Eiji , bouncing on the bed impatiently.

Eiji was one of the senior members on the ship, at age fifteen. Despite his age, he acted decidedly younger – more like a five year old on a sugar high. He was constantly happy and smiling, never one to be down for long, and the most energetic of everyone on the ship. His fiery red hair fit his demeanor, upturned at the edges, with big, wide, brown eyes and a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

"I told you this might take awhile. But you were so intent on seeing the Captain's room…," Fuji admonished him from his seat at the desk, where the download was almost complete.

As one of the ship's technical geniuses, Fuji had access to most rooms on the ship. He had chin length brown hair and was usually quiet. When he did speak, his words were best followed without question. Eiji thought that Fuji might not like light, as he kept his eyes closed most of the time too, but when he opened them, look out! No one had survived a duel against Fuji to date, so it was no wonder Tezuka held him in such high regard. Fuji was also an elder on the ship, a third year, and also fifteen.

Eiji pouted. "If you had told me how long, I might not have come!"

"You can always leave," Fuji pointed out, turning to type rapidly into the computer as the download finished, starting to erase his tracks.

Eiji snorted. "Fine! Be that way, Fuji!" he said as he got up, stalking out of the room, with no response from Fuji, not that Eiji expected one. "Well, now what do I do?" he asked himself quietly as he walked.

Sighing, the bubbly redhead began to wind through the First's halls and levels, looking for some of his friends. He said hi to younger years as he passed them, but mostly kept quiet, disappointed there was no one around. For the first time in awhile, Captain Tezuka was not making them drill, and Eiji had hoped that at least Oishi would be around to hang with.


Eiji paused in his walking, turning to see one of the youngest of the crew running up to him, panting. He had some weird eyebrows, but Eiji forgot that for the moment. "Yes, uh….Horio, was it?"

"Uh, uh, yes, Eiji-san!" Horio beamed at the elder remembering his name. "Um, Eiji-san, everyone's being gathered in the meeting room. Oishi-san sent me to get you."

Eiji blinked. "Ah, thank you Horio." He turned and began to walk to the elevators. Why send that Horio kid to get him? Why didn't Oishi call him over the intercom, or through their private link? Perplexed, the redhead scurried out of the elevator towards the meeting room, located just beneath the bridge.

"You're late."

Eiji winced as he came in and those were the first cold words he heard. He made himself look ashamed and scuffed his boot against the floor. "Sorry, Captain."


Eiji looked up at the formidable character that was his Captain. Tezuka was tall, and his imposing aura made him only seem all the bigger. With a hair style that seemed like it had been spiked but the gel failed to hold it up, colored deep hazel, and penetrating eyes hidden behind a pair of crystalline glasses, Tezuka cut the picture of a man not be messed with – and no one did if they wished to remain on the ship.

Eiji shrunk away from the Captain and pounced on the Second-in-Command, Oishi, who was also his Mech partner. The taller boy managed the weight easily, grinning slightly.

"Nyaaa! Why didn't you just call me through our private line instead of sending that Horio kid?" Eiji queried, looking utterly innocent.

"I didn't want the whole ship being alerted to this meeting," Tezuka said in his icy, dictator tone.

"But what's so important it interrupted practice?" hissed another boy to the back.

Eiji shivered as the harshness of the words slid over him. He knew who said them, but that didn't mean he had to like them. It was Kaoru Kaidoh, one of the guys who had a powerhouse for a mech and was about as serious as the Captain, though no one could match the Captain's utter lack of emotion. Kaoru at least got angry. His hair was hidden beneath a bandanna, which made him look much like a pirate in Eiji's opinion, and he was sweating, which meant he had been practicing, like always.

Tezuka sent him a withering glare and the snake like Kaoru shrank beneath it just the tiniest bit. "I called you hear to discuss a new treaty we've signed."
"Treaty?" every asked as one.

Tezuka nodded, sage like, and pressed a button. A screen flared to life, the lights dimming, and on the screen appeared the face of a young man that looked decidedly Japanese, but the info to the right stated that he was an American.

"I don't get it. Why are we looking at a runt?" deadpanned Momoshiro. He was a bit blunt at times, but was as fun loving as Eiji, so that made him good in Eiji's book. Though, something had to be done about his weird, spiked hair. Eiji was still working on that.

"Because this 'runt' will soon be a new member of our ship," intoned another.

This time it was Sadaharu Inui, the ship's main technician and strategist and trainer for the mech pilots. Eiji thought he needed a serious makeover. He wore glasses so thick you couldn't see his eyes and his short cropped hair was spiked in what Eiji thought was an imitation of a black cactus. Oh well. He was a smart, and made for a good mech pilot, though his style was a bit funky.

"What?" growled Kaoru.

"Why would we be taking on an American?" Takashi asked.

Again, in Eiji's opinion, this member of the group was in dire need of a haircut and make over. He had a military style haircut, which did little for his very passive attitude. Eiji liked him though, so he could hold off diabolic schemes to change that hair.

Tezuka tapped another button and the screen switched, words running across it rapidly. "This is a treaty signed between Japan and America. In order to form an alliance between the two, Japan though it would be a good idea for us to exchange fighters. A member of Royal First of Yamabuki is going to the Americas, and this fighter, Ryoma Echizen, will be coming here in exchange."

"We don't need some punk on our ship," Kaoru hissed.

"Can he even fight? Sounds like America is jippin' us," Momo agreed, which was a rarity among those two.

Inui spoke up at this point. "From what data I have gathered, he is supposedly a good enough fighter. However, the fighter from Yamabuki was only mid-level. America wouldn't trade a good fighter for a worse one. So, we're probably getting equal to that of the Yamabuki fighter."

"That does make sense," Fuji said softly. "So, how is he arriving?"

Sadaharu coughed. "Well, that's the hard part. We have to travel to a neutral zone, where we meet up with the Yamabuki and the American flagship. There, the Yamabuki fighter will go the American ship and Ryoma will come meet two of our own out in the field to escort him to the Seigaku." He tapped a screen and brought up Eiji and Momo's images. "I decided that Eiji and Momoshiro should be the escorts."

Eiji beamed. "Really! AWESOME!"

Momoshiro blinked. "Why me? Shouldn't Oishi go as Eiji's partner?"

Sadaharu shrugged. "You both need some time out in the field. This is simple enough. I trust you two can't botch it up."
Momoshiro growled. "Hey! What does that mean?"

Eiji was in his own world, crowing happily, "I get to meet the Ryoma! I get to meet the Ryoma!"

"Enough!" bellowed Tezuka. Everyone froze, tense as their captain gave them the evil eye. "That's enough of that. Eiji and Momoshiro, prepare yourselves. We rendezvous in exactly eight hours. But, before that, twenty laps, all of you!"

"Nyaaa! Why?" Eiji pouted, but got no answer, and expected none, as he and the others headed to the ship's training track to do their laps.

"Let's go Diagoro!" Eiji sang cheerfully as he hopped into his mech.

It was a huge machine, lithe and flexible, just like him. He sighed as he slid into the inky well that was Diagoro's nerve center, feeling the wires slide under his clothes to attach to his skin. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, the start up process beginning.

"I still don't understand how you can possibly go to battle in that thing," Momo's voice came over the transmitter.

Eiji giggled. "What? It's shaped like my Diagoro!" Indeed, for all its lithe deadliness, Eiji's mech had a head shaped not unlike his giant teddy bear, Diagoro, which currently resided in his room.

Momo sighed. "Whatever. Let's just go."

"Right!" Eiji beamed and turned his mech to face the port.

Alarms sounded as the doors opened to reveal empty space before them, and a loud beep sounded as the countdown began to launch. Bracing himself, Eiji gritted his teeth as the launchers thrust him out into space, and for the barest moment he was weightless.

"Gravity Reconfigure."

Eiji's sense of up and down was restored and he activated his thrusters, gliding through space easily to catch up to Momo's mech, the Smasher. It was heavier set than Eiji's, more based towards power, but no one could deny Momo was excellent at handling it.

"So, where do we go again?" Eiji asked.

Momo sighed. "Coordinates 187, 24, 3567."

Eiji set those in and blinked in consternation. "That's right over a nebula! Are they nuts?"

Momo shrugged. "Can't say for sure. Anyways, Yamabuki is already there. We'd better hurry."
"Lightspeed!" Eiji giggled and hurtled along, determined to get there before Momo, not that it mattered.

It took all of ten minutes to reach it, and Eiji blinked again in cute confusion when he saw the mech hovering across from the Yamabuki. It was tiny – the tiniest mech he had ever seen. It was maybe two-thirds his mech's size, and was oddly…well, effeminate was the only way to describe it. A quick scan revealed light titanium metals composed the main body, and even lighter metals made what looked to be like wings sprouting from its back, though if they were fairy or bird wings Eiji couldn't tell. It was slim and curvy, painted in reds, whites, and blues, the word 'U.S.A.' painted on the right thigh, as it had a humanoid shape.

"Is that the Ryoma?" Eiji asked.

"Looks to be like it," Momo said.

A gruff voice broke through. "Alright. Are we ready? Yamabuki and Ryoma – exchange now please."

With all the grace of Tatiana, the little mech glided over to them, hovering between the Smasher and Diagoro. Silently, the Yamabuki also went over, disappearing into the gaping jaws that were the American ship's hanger. They slammed shut without a sound and, slowly, the massive ship began to retreat.

"Well, that's that. Come on, let's head back," Momo said and turned around, gripping the tiny mech and speeding back to the Seigaku.

"I can fly myself," a light voice growled over the transmitters, and the tiny mech wrenched itself from Momo's grasp and sped ahead.

"Little brat!" Momo shrieked in indignation.

"Nyaa, come on Momo," Eiji said, trying to calm him down as he too picked up speed to keep pace with the American.

And so they flew in silence, flanking the American before separating to their hangers.

"I can't believe him!" Momo shrieked as he got out of his mech, his clothes materializing as he did.

"Nyaa, he might have been scared. I mean, he's coming aboard a ship where he doesn't know anyone and all," Eiji argued.

"That doesn't give him the right to be rude!" Momo snapped.

Eiji pouted. "Come on! Give him a chance!"

"Not as if I'd give you one," a voice said, and both turned.

From the tiny mech came out a tiny boy. He was roughly half Momo's height, with ink black hair and dark hazel eyes filled to the brim with self-confidence. A smirk was spread across pink lips that rounded out a tiny, well-shaped face.

"So, take me to your leader," he grinned.

And thus, did Seigaku obtain Echizen Ryoma.