To Olga

I've seen you fall down I've seen you die
I've seen you laugh
I've made you cry

I've seen it once to often I've seen it happen every day
I've seen it all reverse
I've come back always

I've seen my hopes fly
I've seen them crash
I've seen the stars up close
I've fallen for the bat of an eye lash

I'm no longer crazy
I've been everywhere
I've been gone before
I'm always back, because I care

I've never admitted though
I've never said aloud
I'veā€¦these words come slow
I love you.


Olga replaced the poem back on Parker's desk, her thoughts spining. She thought about the words, and her name was on the top of it in a different ink. In a way she knew he liked her, but she thought he only wanted to get in her pants. Did he really mean it? Her head turned towards the coughing noise. Parker was in the doorway, beer in hand. "Olga, what I can do for you?"

He walked in and sat on a chair. She prayed that her voice did not crack, "Nothing, Parker, I was just leaving."

As the door clicked shut behind her, Parker moved over to the desk. He picked up his poem, turning it over, thinking what to do with it. Deciding it was pointless to show her the poem he threw it away.

Neither of them slept peacefully that night.


i do not own anyone or anything concerning Seven Days.