The Titans do not belong to me, but Beast Boy's captor, Narc, belongs to me

A Night with a Mare

The facility ruptured the adolescent's purity because the area subjugated his liberty allowing regret to seep into his innocent mentality. Gentle forest green eyes began to fill with tears. The child attempted to recollect a human's tranquility; a petite and fragile emerald green hand ran across the frigid base longing for gentleness. The adolescent pressed his sharp ear against the base; rest would remove his burgeoning starvation. Tears flowed onto the adolescent's emaciated face as the adolescent closed his exhausted eyes. An orange light spilled into the darkness revealing the child and the feces that were in the corner surrounded his withering form. A silhouette of a figure, a male, appeared between the orange and the darkness. A demented and menacing smile crept on the male's face. The male lowered his posture to grasp the child's thick green hair. The male raised the child's head so that the child was peering into the male's ocean colored eyes.

"You will change, murder, and feed my child" The male's scent of liquor and sex bathed over the child creating a nauseating and suffocating cloud. He lowered the child's head and exited, allowing the darkness to conceal the adolescent's body.

The child's eyes opened slowly. Trotting and shivering could be heard by his sensitive ears. The child's stance adjusted to the presence; his body was consumed by hunger and dominance, he embraced the animal's fear. The child could feel a change sweep over his body; he became a predator lurking after his prey. His hands elongated into claws which caused acute pain to nestle in his hands. The sharp pain pressed the boy out of his trance. The child forced his body into a corner desperately trying to force his instincts, hunger, and dominance to calm. The animal, a female horse, squealed as its entrails and urine flowed down its hind legs. The child released a pain filled cry, a cry that was an amalgamation of human and animal. The child collapsed to his knees as the change swept over his fragile form. The child menacingly and powerfully strutted to the mare. A primal panting escaped the child's throat and entered and exited the atmosphere. His canine teeth elongated into daggers and his once innocent eyes narrowed into malice. The mare stood in defense; her robust legs rose and slammed against the cement floor. The mare strategically charged at the burgeoning child. The child grasped the mare by its head. His claws carved into the animal's eyes. Blood coated his hands. The child removed his elongated nails from the mare's eyes, and began to lick. The mare collapsed onto the floor in pain. The child enveloped the mare's throat with his teeth.

The mare's squeals ricocheted of the facilities walls and Beast Boy's slumbering mind. Beast Boy shuttered exiting his slumber trembling from the memory. The taste of animal blood resurrected in his system this caused Beast Boy to cringe in disgust. He rolled over to his side as he clenched onto his stomach. Beast Boy's communicator began to sound. His superior's, Robin, voice emerged. Robin informed Beast Boy of the Titan's location, status, and requirement for Beast Boy appearance. Beast Boy did not have time to process and cast the dream from his mind and system. He expeditiously exited the roof of the tower and entered his room, which remained to be a disaster from the Beast's assault. This was the reason why he secretly slept on the roof. He grasped his uniform and began to place it on. Being that he was in a rush he fell over the items that were on the floor. His uniform rode into his private areas and rose inches above his ankles and his shoes were uncomfortable.

"Shit" he muttered, "Cyborg should have helped me wash my clothes" he stated dismissing his clothes sudden uncomfortable fit. While he removed the uniform from his body he searched for a larger pair of clothing. He placed his large training sweats and a tight top that outlined his developing muscles. He exited his room swiftly and journeyed to the battle unprepared mentally.

The Night's Reprimand

"Part of your responsibility is to listen" Robin demanded as he slammed his fist against his free hand

Beast Boy remained motionless; as his concealed hands tightened to fist quivering under the pressure of his unforgiving and strict leader's reprimand. Garfield's forest colored eyes solidified, and bonded to the floor of the common room.

"Sorry" Beast Boy whispered choking on the upcoming tears. Beast Boy could only summon Cyborg's teasing, "What's up with the new gear?"The moment he was committed to the battle with Cinderblock he was pressed into a sea of darkness. His mind swarmed to the area between human and animal, the area he was placed in right before he murdered the mare.

The Boy Wonder's tone was shattering, "You're foolish! Your actions nearly jeopardized the life of the team." Beast Boy's actions constantly resurfaced within the walls of Robin's mind. Robin envisioned the changeling forming into a rhinoceros to charge into Cinderblock, but accidentally collided with an explosible tank. "An order was given to you and you recklessly choose to disobey my command-"

Garfield's insecurities resurfaced.

Cyborg interjected realizing the route the Boy Wonder was trotting upon, fear. When fear mustered into Robin's subconscious he crafted accusations on a tangible vessel, "Beast Boy was doing what he thought was best, Robin." Robin gazed at the intruder of his rampage. Garfield twitched gently. "Calm down" Cyborg smoothly trotted to the center, "Were safe and beat Cinderblock's arse" Cyborg smiled.

"Barely," Robin chided, "Beast Boy's tactics were executed to receive fucking attention." Robin circumvented Cyborg, slowly approaching the young changeling who was trembling.

Cyborg stated while observing his silent friend, "Robin-"

Robin interrupted, "He needs to hear this." He faced Beast Boy, "The battles we encounter are not for your entertainment. We are here to protect. When an order is given-"

A male's voice ricocheted off the walls of Beast Boy's mind. The male's voice was menacing and powerful, "You must heed to my words"

Garfield's eyes widened as tears engulfed his vision. Robin's voice pierced the nauseating cloud the male was casting upon Beast Boy. Beast Boy clenched on to his stomach and quickly tightened his fist.

Robin eyed Beast Boy, "Beast Boy"

The male's voice rose to thunder, "Garfield, strength must be within you"

Garfield's nails pierced the skin of his palms deflowering his gloves with his blood; his face became stained with his tears and sweat.

"You need to grow up" Robin and the male's voice amalgamated

Cyborg watched the fallen tears; he observed what Robin could not eye, "Robin that's enough!"

Robin peered at Cyborg's disappointed expression and comprehended the damage he afflicted on Beast Boy; he noticed that the thin frame before him was quivering and silently weeping.

"Beast Boy-" Robin began; stretched his arm to connect with Beast Boy's shoulder, however he hesitated and withdrew consumed with the theory that Beast Boy needed "tough-love". Robin silently pressed passed Beast Boy to enter his room and compunctions.

Cyborg sympathetically smiled as he stepped to Beast Boy. He placed his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder, "I know it may be hard to see but Robin cares he was just afraid-"

Beast Boy faintly smiled through a river of tears and absently stared into Cyborg's eyes. 'Enjoyment overlaps sorrow' Beast Boy contemplated

Cyborg halted, understanding Beast Boy's façade. Cyborg nodded, a silent agreement to Beast Boy's hidden plea for isolation. Beast Boy began to move. He desired to remove this pressure. He desired words that would soothe him. Cyborg's hand slid from Beast Boy's shoulder as Beast Boy trotted to his room. Cyborg noticed Beast Boy's bleeding free hands. Before Beast Boy entered the roof he gently rapped on Raven's door but to no avail she did not respond, nor did the door open.

Morning's Cleansing

A lustrous metallic alarm clock ruptured the delicate fabric of silence; an appealing young female, Raven, quaked into an awakening. A slim index finger grazed the off button of the alarm clock. Raven stretched remembering the previous battle with Cinderblock. The velvety comforter slid to the floor as Raven's feet touched the frigid floor of her room; the young woman stood in the darkness welcoming the silence. The light always seemed to be pressed with a mixture of emotions emitting from her maturing friends. Raven crossed the floor removing her garments article by article. She entered her private washroom. Beads of lukewarm water caressed and cleansed her developed body. The flow of the beads ceased; Raven's morning rituals were completed. She strode to through the Titan's décor. She wandered into the 'room of feasting' her thought gently wandered to Starfire's words. The kitchen was dimly lit by the sun that was peeking from the clouds. She prepared Orange Tea after considerately choosing because Beast Boy brought her a variety of teas. She held the tea cup in both hands and inhaled savoring the aroma.

A pounding noise startled her for a moment, her shoulders slightly moved to the sudden interference of the silence. She placed the tea cup softly on the table and traveled to the noise. Within the training room, Beast Boy was standing in a sea of sand. He was panting and his shoulders rose rhythmically up and down in accordance to his breathing; his tight white shirt highlighted the broadness of his back. He cupped his hand and allowed the falling sand to enter. The beautiful young woman that stood behind the handsome young man attempted to pry into his restless mind, but Raven could not pass the mist surrounding it.

Beast Boy's head titled upward; his nose rose into the air he smelled incense, herbs, and hints of teas. He faced the young woman behind him

"Intense exercise"

A small smile was painted across Garfield's face, "I guess so. Don't tell Robin I destroyed his punching bag"

"O' I think he'll notice, he's not oblivious"

Beast Boy chuckled, "I wish he was"

Raven lips slightly curled in response to his giggle, "I can't make Robin oblivious, but I can help you clean this sand"

Silently they collected the items needed to rid the floor of the grains of sand.

"Why are you up so early?" Raven questioned after moments of silence. With the metal broom she gathered the sand preparing it to be placed in a dustpan

"O' I-I couldn't sleep" Beast Boy stated concisely as his grip tightened against the dustpan

She tried once more to see into his mind but she could not pry past the blank mist. She gazed down at him, "Tea always settles a restless mind"

"What? Tea? O'" He questioned as he rose an inch above Raven, "If I drink some tea will eat some tofu?"

Raven peered at Beast Boy status noticing the small difference in height, "Well-" She hesitated slightly taken back by Beast Boy height, "I'll try it"

"It's bland" Raven declared after several bites. She pushed the plate of tofu to the side and collected her tea to place it in the microwave

"Tasteless you mean?" Beast Boy questioned, "Well- yeah" Beast Boy's ears dropped, "Sorry you didn't like it"

"It's not bad" She stated as she peered at the microwave, "It's just not my cup of tea"

He smiled at Raven's joke, "No pun intended, right? To be honest this tea isn't so bad. I think I actually like it, but I think I overloaded it with sugar" He stuck his tongue out in disgust

Her lips slightly curled, "You should have accepted my offer"

"Next time" He smiled

He followed Raven's movements; his eyes in sync with all of her actions and movements, "It didn't erm-cleanse my mind though" he stated between two sips

Raven paused and faced Beast Boy, "Tea often settles a restless mind. Cleansing is quite different"

"So what's cleansing? I mean what cleanses a mind?"

"I can't answer that question. There are many methods"

"Methods?" He stated in a small stupor

"Many methods," Raven repeated, "for example I meditated"

Beast Boy fell silent

"It just depends on the person I suppose; meditating doesn't work for all." Raven walked to the vacant stool and sat down.


Raven peered away from the heated cup of tea and into Beast Boy's eyes, "hmm" Raven mouthed.

"…Nothing—," he smiled, "Can you jus' sit with me—for a while?" Beast Boy's voice raised an octave higher then fell deep

She peered into his mind; she was finally capable of piercing through the haze of nothingness. She saw a rush ideas and feelings, which is normal she thought, "…Of course—fine."

"I think for now jus' sittin' with a friend will clean my mind up"

Raven's cheeks reddened, "Perhaps."

They sat in silence until the sun rose.

Beast Boy's pointed ears rounded and twitched to the lethargic steps of the individual who resided in the corridors. He sensed the deep breaths being drawn in and released in curt sighs. Beast Boy's developing structure tensed, and Raven noticed the minute change in his appearance, stature, and hold of the warm cup.

"Beast Boy, are you all right?"

Beast Boy's eyes appeared primal, threatening, "I'm fine." He nearly stated as a warning not to pry.

Raven thinly replied, "If you don't like the taste of tea Beast Boy you can put it down. Right now you are in your human form, so you don't have to obey my orders." Raven's remark was stated in order to remove the stress plaguing Beast Boy, despite the bitter sarcasm deeply etched in the lines.

Beast Boy placed the tea cup down with more force than required, which startled Raven. "I know what you're trying to do," Beast Boy's eyes finally softened after a strong pause, "but I'm fine. I'm just tired, so I'm going to g-"

Robin yawned a good morning groggily intruding on Beast Boy's departure statement. Beast Boy suddenly stiffened and became unusually silent.

"Good Morning." Raven stated peering at her leader.

Robin began, "You guys –" Raven nastily eyed Robin, which caused Robin to shuffle in fear,

"Guy and gal. You two are up early." He corrected including a hearty bare index finger, a characteristics of Starfire.

"Well, this is my usual morning ritual." Raven stated while glancing at Beast Boy, for she began to notice Beast Boy's silent state.

Robin mouthed a yes, "This time is unusual for Beast Boy." He stated as if Beast Boy was not present in the room, "We pound his door tryin' to wake him up…" Robin chuckled hoping to clear the tension that was coming from the silent green Titan.

"So" Robin stepped slightly closer to the silent Titan, "Beast Boy what are you doing—"

"Raven I'm going to bed" Beast Boy stated between clenched teeth, and his voice was deep, raspy.

"..." Raven peered at Beast Boy's features. Beast Boy's movements were emulating malice, but she wondered if his hatred was directed to the male who stood behind him or—

"Can we talk later?" Beast Boy inquired interrupting Raven from her thoughts

"Yes." Raven removed herself from the kitchen to complete her morning rituals.

Beast Boy stood and shifted to peer at the man who remained in his space. Beast Boy's threatening glare entered the eyes the mask was trying to harbor. Robin's agitation rose, but his patience dominated; the leader of the Titans shifted to the side, but he continued to peer at Beast Boy, for Robin did not want to emit hesitation, fear in an animal's eyes equaled death. Beast Boy eyes dilated, the silent battle ended when green eyes wandered to a forgotten period in his history, and for a concise moment malice no longer consumed Beast Boy eyes. Beast Boy shuttered, closing his eyes to remove the thoughts that plagued him. Robin stretched out his hand to illustrate his regret, a move he should have committed to last night.

Beast Boy fell backwards.

The agitation in Robin's eyebrows settled to a calm, "Beast Boy," Robin began, his voice soft, "before you go to bed may I have—" Beast Boy headed for the corridor not willing to listen to the words his superior had to spew

"Beast Boy" Robin followed, "I just wanted—"

Beast Boy's pace quickened and Robin fell behind

"I wanted to tell you—"

Beast Boy rounded a corner, jotting into the wash room, the only sounds Robin heard was the soft 'swish' of the metal door.

"Beast Boy you're a fellow Titan and what I exclaimed last night was to teach you how to become a better fighter..." Robin pressed his ear on the door, "But, I didn't mean…" Robin drew in breath between his teeth. Robin pressed open, but the screen flashed OCCUPIED in crimson bold letters, "We need to talk, so let me in." Robin was patient, but after a few moments his patience levels fell, he used the override code: 21351534. The metal doors slid open, but to no avail Beast Boy was not present in the sea colored washroom. A soft wind danced on the shower curtains and across Robin's shielded face. Robin stood on the sand colored toilet to peer out the small rectangular white window. He found Beast Boy sitting on the edge of earth huddled. Beast Boy's head was between his erected thighs and his forearms rested on his knees.

"… Maybe I should give him some time…" Robin quietly stated to assure himself that everything would be fine.

The hours turned into days. Time nestled into the two males' lives, it caused Robin to avoid Beast Boy and allowed Robin to craft, formulate sides: four against one. Divided time forced Beast Boy's memories to resurface.

Everything was not fine.

At the end of the week, the five teens sat in the living room. Cyborg and Beast Boy enjoyed a video game on their GameStation. Robin settled next to Starfire, and Raven indulged herself in a book.

After Cyborg and Beast Boy's first game a conversation between Robin and Beast Boy began so casually and now it was erupting like a furious volcano.

"You were so willing to separate me from the team…" Beast Boy sighed

"You don't seem to comprehend the damage you could have caused if I allowed you to run rampant, innocent lives would have been at stake." Robin countered

"Robin I do comprehend that fact," Beast Boy retorted, "But you didn't even consider giving me a chance," apparently angry, "You were going to drop me like a bad habit."

"Beast Boy," Robin approaching placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, "It is obvious that you are still upset because of Terra, but don't allow that pain to contribute to your-" he hesitated (pondering if his words were tranquil or harsh), "Rational thinking." By now the team assembled peering at the disagreement before them.

Cyborg whispered sheepishly and mischievously to Starfire and Raven, "I have popcorn."

Beast Boy removed Robin's hand from his shoulder forcefully, "Rational?" Beast Boy stated through gritted teeth, "Were you thinking rationally when you glued me to that metal chair and accused me of hurting Raven?" he stated angrily while pointing to the small framed and beautiful Goth

"I had to consider you as a villain at that moment, Beast Boy."

Raven sensing Beast Boy's emotions quickly interjected, "Beast Boy perhaps you should calm down." Raven stated in her usual monotone voice

"Yes, friend Beast Boy, Raven is correct." Starfire added perkily

Beast Boy's eyes began to water, he turned his back on is team shielding them from his tears, "It's funny," he stated quietly, "We stood behind one another when one teammate fell, it's obvious now that when I fall no one will stand for me. Maybe I'm just that expendable."

Cyborg pounced to his friend, "Nut-uh Beast Boy we will always be beside you, behind you, and of course above you." Cyborg towered above the teens at a healthy posture of twenty years old and six feet two inches, Robin inched to a well toned six feet at nineteen years old, Starfire flourished into a beautiful five feet eight inches at nineteen years old, and Raven beautifully became five feet six inches at eighteen. Cyborg chuckled as he placed a hand on Beast Boy's head and borrowed his hands into his green hair hoping to cause Beast Boy, who remained at a healthy five foot five inches, to laugh. Instead, this caused Beast Boy to attack missing Cyborg's chest by an inch.

Beast Boy darted into his room never giving his teammates a second glance.

"What's eating him?" Cyborg mused while eating popcorn

Robin commanded "Give him some time."

"Time? Robin I don't believe that this is the right thing to do. Beast Boy is pleading for attention and perhaps-" Although the statement was caring Raven showed no hint of passion

Robin interrupted, "That's an order." stated Robin infuriated that Beast Boy felt this way.

Beast Boy pressed his back onto the green door of his room. It was unnatural for Beast Boy to remain in the dark, but that night he welcomed it whole heartedly. The dark seemed to be the only companion he owned. He slid down to the floor his back still against the wall and silently he cried. He cried for a mere ten minutes but with each passing minute it felt like an hour had gone by. Perhaps, if anticipation wasn't lodged into his heart then maybe the ten minutes would have been easy. He hoped that someone would show some type of concern or some type of… love.

"They don't love me." He tightened his hands, balling them into fists. "They don't love me." He stated on the verge of anger.

Slowly he rose to his feet. He placed his head on the door. His anger and insecurities consumed him. He pounded on the door several times leaving deep dents; many thoughts running rampant in his mind. These seeds that he had been avoiding all of his life began to burrow into his mind.

"They hate me!" Beast Boy he stated softly while he slid to the cool floor

On the outside of his room the rest of the Teen Titans listened worriedly however, Raven was expressionless but inside a small amount of worry began to bubble. She buried herself into the book she was currently reading trying to avoid the harsh bangs.

"Our friend Beast Boy is highly distressed we must go to him." Starfire began to travel to his room, but she was abruptly stopped by Robin.

"Robin, why do you stop me? We must go to Beast Boy he is troubled and in need of our help." Starfire peered beyond Robin's shoulder at Beast Boy's door

"He needs some time?"

Starfire questioned after ten seconds passed, "Is it now time?"

"No Starfire," Robin placed a hand on Starfire's shoulder, "He needs time to think about his actions rationally."

Starfire stated puzzled, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," he sat her down then he himself sat down on the couch right beside her

Raven stared at Robin. Time has become his remedy for dealing with emotional issues. Somewhere along the lines she knew it was wrong to leave Beast Boy, but with Robin's fixation on being a barrier she knew she wouldn't be allowed to visit Beast Boy.

Restless Moon

Shortly after the fiasco the teens returned to their normal preoccupations. The teens all seemed to be engulfed by their imaginations and thoughts. Silence drifted through the house all seemed to be terrified to mention Beast Boy or the incidents that occurred early in the week or what took place moments ago. And, although Raven would never admit this, without Beast Boy present and an exchange of conversation time passed dreadfully slowly.

When midnight arrived Cyborg exited out of his ritual of playing video games; honestly, he thought, it wasn't entertaining without some one along side you.

He yawned audibly, "I'm going to bed guys, see you in the morning." He exclaimed tiredly

Raven looked up from her book, "Good Night Cyborg."

Cyborg began to travel into his room

Starfire stated, "Yes good night."

"Good night." Cyborg entered his room

One by one the rest of the Teen Titans journeyed to their rooms exchanging good nights starting with Raven. Robin was the only one who remained in the common room he said nothing to the team just watched them depart.

He buried his face in his hands, "…I'm sorry Beast Boy…"

Although, Raven was concerned about Beast Boy's action and enraged emotions she didn't consider approaching him. However, she found herself restless, entangled into her thoughts. She settled onto her left rib and sighed exhaustedly. Soon she sat crossed legged on her dark silk sheets; she rose to escape from her thoughts. She reached for her book located on her shelf. She engaged in the book she read during the day. She could barely start a sentence without Beast Boy entering her thoughts she closed the book gently.

In a sarcastic tone she stated, "Let's get this over with."

Raven's bare feet hit the cold floor (she wore a long purple gown that touched her knees); she stood in the darkness contemplating if this was a proper decision. She dismissed the cons and began to approach her dark purple door. The door open with a soft 'swish' and she began to creep to Beast Boy's room being that Beast Boy's room was located along side Robin's room. She was capable of reaching his room without any disturbances. She traced, with her index finger, the convexes in the metal door. She rapped on the door delicately without any warning the door opened slowly, the dents in the door slowed its pace.

"Beast Boy," Raven stated dully, "Are you in here?"

She searched in the dark and when she was almost certain that Beast Boy wasn't in his room. To her prevail Beast Boy was not within this green and messy room. She found clothing, his jump suit, a dingy white undershirt, and striped dingy white and blue boxers. A dull scoff escaped her throat; the sight of his boxers disturbed her. She trotted deeper into Beast Boy's room avoiding piles of clothing and newspapers, for she discovered another fact about Beast Boy tendencies. 'Untidiness was never beneath him,' she thought, 'this just confirms my theories.' No longer able to stand the sight of his mess she glided his balcony. She did not want to see his room in the light. Raven stepped onto the balcony she realized Beast Boy was not on the balcony. Something down below caught her eye. She stared at the distant figure.

She murmured, "Beast Boy."

She glided down to the rocky shore landing right behind him.

She stated quizzically, "Beast Boy?"

"Why are you defying his orders?" Beast Boy questioned without peering at Raven.

"Beast Boy," she walked in order to face him, "I…We were concerned about you."

"Funny," he stared at the waves crashing against the cliff, "You don't show no type of concern"

Raven folded her arms across her chest, "…I am here" she stated in an even voice, "How can you say I didn't show any type concern?"

Beast rose and trotted to Raven so that he was facing her, "Listen Raven, why are you here?" Beast Boy gripped her chin so he could peer into her violet eyes, "Why are you here?"

Raven could barely peer into his sharp green eyes, "I wanted to see if you are well."

He removed his hand from her chin, "I'm fine." He noted blandly and situated in a rested position

"Beast Boy, you shouldn't hesitate to share what is on your mind-"

He interrupted furiously, "Aren't you the one who believes emotions should be under wraps?" he buried his gloved fingers in his green hair, "I'm fine…" he stated as if to reinsure himself

Raven glared at Beast Boy, "…Why does melancholy and anger consume your appearance?" She retorted, "My offer still stands."

With that she flew to the tower leaving Beast Boy to wallow in his own thoughts.

He parted his lips as if to retort to Raven's contemplative question. In actuality Beast Boy could not even fathom how he managed to be present on the rocky shore and no excuse could define his current status he thought while gazing at his appearance. He shut his eyes tightly and began to ponder about the events that occurred prior his location. Only incoherent and incomplete feelings entered his restless mind. He recalled an excruciating surge of pain… or relief when he overheard Robin's demands… He envisioned his hands elongating before the darkness captivated his core… And finally a filling… or unfulfilling serene. He opened his eyes and peered at his gloved hands. He wasn't quite sure; he shut his eyes once more and released a sigh. He pressed his covered hands in to his thick green hair and listened to waves crash against the rocks.

Restless Moon: The Blood of a Raven

Raven landed on Beast Boy's balcony gently; she was too exhausted to travel to her own bedroom which was located on the other side. Raven quickly crossed his disgusting room; with her foot she touched his dingy white and blue boxers. She turned on the light to prevent and avoided other collisions with filth. She gazed down at her feet and realized that his boxers were torn, and his room contained the remnants of the beast's rage. Beast Boy's room was plagued with claw marks embedded in the walls and his bunk bed was nearly off its hinges. The light brought so much to her eyes, she stood there collecting her mixture of thoughts. Beast Boy's door opened with a slow 'swish.' The abrupt opening of the door caused Raven to shift her attention. Raven was shocked to see Robin standing tall and frustrated; her shock caused a picture of the Titans, outside of Beast Boy's room, to fall on the cold floor of the Tower. She collected herself; an emotionless attitude crossed her face.

"Raven I gave you specific orders."

Robin folded his arms against his chest and his eyebrow arced. Raven didn't respond instead she averted her gaze to the broken frame that held the teens in its shelter. Raven trotted to the fragments of glass and kneeled collecting the fragments into her slender hand.

Beast Boy began to stand; he removed the pebbles that adhered to his bare skin. He desired to talk to Raven, he needed some clarity in his opaque mind; he needed a reminder. He began to stride to the Tower and with agility he morphed in to a green eagle and soared to his balcony.

"When an order is given it is your duty to follow"

When she completed the task of picking each fragment she rejoined calmly, "My duty is to follow sensible demands and ensure the safety of my fellow teammates…"

"My order was sensible. Beast Boy needed some time alone"

"Beast Boy doesn't require being alone, nor does he deserve to be alone at a time where he is most vulnerable… Any great leader would see this." Raven stated in an even monotone.

Raven could sense that her last comment displeased Robin; Raven walked past Robin to throw the large fragments of glass into the incinerator. However, Robin forcefully grasped her arm causing the shards to shatter into smaller fragments.

Raven stated, "Don't-" Raven never completed her statement she was interrupted by the 'swish' of the door and Beast Boy lunging at Robin. Robin was incapable of avoiding Beast Boy's rapid and vicious attack. Beast Boy pinned Robin to the wall and burrowed her forearm into Robin's chest. Robin noticed the difference in Beast Boy's eyes; Robin was presented with crimson. The irises was crimson and the pupils was green.

His voice thick and primal, "You… Hurt… Her…" Beast Boy stated through elongating teeth. Robin remained speechless and motionless, however he was in obvious pain he comprehended that any motion could cause the animal before him to strike not to mention he was terrified; although Robin tried to hid it Beast Boy could sense the fear Robin emitted

Raven was excessively vexed and apprehensive about the scene before her to notice that a minor amount of blood oozed from her index finger she didn't need to see Beast Boy's appearance to sense his wrath and transition.

"Beast Boy." Raven spoke in agitation causing a vein to appear at her forehead. When Beast Boy didn't respond Raven raised her tone, "Beast Boy!"

The radiance the moon provided aided in her realization that Beast Boy ears were becoming sharper and his back broadened. A low but audible hostile growl echoed through Robin and Raven's ears.

She calmed her self, "Beast Boy." She called as gently as possible, "Beast Boy I am fine… Robin has done no harm."

In hesitation and reluctance Beast Boy let go of Robin. Robin slid to the floor and remained perfectly motionless. Beast Boy approached Raven gingerly, as if one wrong step would damage her core. Raven was alarmed by his appearance; his usual green eyes were corrupted by crimson and his usual smile was suppressed by burgeoning jagged canines. She tried not to move from him but she soon found herself against the wall.

Beast Boy reaches her, "…Hurt…" he stated through heavy pants and large teeth

Robin realized Beast Boy's distraction and silently yet expeditiously jogged to the Medical Room to obtain a tranquilizer gun.

Raven placed a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder, 'this seems like the appropriate action' she thought; Beast Boy nestled into her embrace by rubbing his face against her lukewarm hands.

"No Beast Boy I'm fine"

Beast Boy scoped her wounded hand into his massive hands. He brought it close to his mouth and licked the wound. He tasted her flesh and blood. Raven glared in disgust the sensation was similar to a slug grazing her hand and so is the residue; however, she was too terrified snatch her hand away. Beast Boy gazed at Raven.

"…Me…" He pressed his cheek against her cheek.

'Me?' Raven trembled and quickly shut her eyelids; she desperately attempted to cease her mixture of emotions.

Robin finally retrieved the tranquilizer gun, "It is past you bed time Beast Boy." The tranquilizer gun was fired. Beast Boy couldn't fully turn to face his opponent because a dart sunk into his bare and tender skin of his shoulder. Beast Boy released a ferocious snarl when the dart made contact. Instantly, the chemicals streamed through his blood; the chemicals intoxicated Beast Boy. He wearily walked towards Robin. Robin was aiming at Beast Boy's chest; he was prepared to shoot another dart. Beast Boy bared his teeth, his eyes deepening in color. Beast Boy lunged at his assailant, but Robin shot another dart into the animal's chest. Before Beast Boy could strike the chemicals captivated him; he collapsed inches away from Robin. Beast Boy fell onto his back reverting to his original form.

Morning's Curious Eye

The sun radiated through the mist of the heavens; illumination entered the Tower and danced across each object. The light exposed no evidence of the events that transpired during the night. However, the light acted as a nuisance to Robin. Robin was sprawled on the large couch suffering from exhaustion and constrained anxiety. Robin and Raven cleaned the damage of the events that transpired. Robin listened to the clatters that originated from the kitchen. Cyborg was rummaging for a spatula to prepare for breakfast.

Robin stated in exhaustion, "Cyborg, can you get me a glass of water?"

Cyborg smirked, "Perhaps, I should wear a white apron and a black dress" Cyborg chuckled while grasping a glass.

Robin sighed, "Sorry I don't mean to be a burden. I know it was my turn to cook-"

Cyborg interrupted, "Robin I was just trying to make you laugh." He filled the glass with water

Robin shut his eyes, "I can't even tell the difference between a joke and seriousness; that's how tired I am."

Cyborg handed Robin the glass after this transaction a silence cloaked them; Cyborg reentered the kitchen and prepared a feast, "Robin."

Robin stated between sips, "Yes."

Cyborg released a sigh, "After you explained the predicament last night I managed to obtain a sample of Beast Boy's blood…" Cyborg paused to observe his leader's emotions

"And?" Robin rose from his exhaustion, "What did you discover?"

Cyborg lowered the gas, "I discovered normalcy."

Robin cocked an eyebrow, "Normalcy?"

Beast Boy jerked and shuddered against the constricting white sheets of the undersized capacity of the bed; with an extra twitch he collided with the frigid metal rails of the bed. His eyes fluttered open; in alarm he analyzed the room.

"The infirmary?" Beast Boy stated groggily.

Beast Boy situated himself in a sitting position; a pain arose within his body. The pain began with his shoulder and lingered through his muscles. He let out a small cry and quickly rested his head on the pillow. He tried to ease his aching muscles by settling in the right position.

Cyborg stated while flipping a pancake, "Breakfast is going to be ready in five. Can you wake the others or am I going to have to do that too?" Cyborg laughed cheerily.

Robin softly chuckled, "I'll wake the others." Robin's attitude abruptly changed, "Cyborg the information you gave me should be exposed to Starfire and Raven… But not Beast Boy-"

Cyborg almost dropped a pancake, "Why? What if… What if he changes again? He can learn how to control this" He didn't want to keep secrets from his best friend especially when this secret could benefit him.

"It won't happen again… Anyway, I don't think Beast Boy is ready to face the truth." Robin stated slowly

Cyborg nodded he agreed and disagreed with Robin's logic; he faced the stove he didn't want Robin to see his confusion.

'How did I manage to get in the infirmary?' Beast Boy couldn't summon a vision that occurred before his trip to the infirmary nor could he remember entering the infirmary. He sighed in frustration and shifted into a green kitten to stretch his aching muscles. He curled into a ball and began to rest; however, the scent of tofu touched his sensitive nose and eagerly he converted to his original form and walked to the door rubbing his bare shoulders. The door opened with a 'swish.'

The sight of Robin caused Beast Boy to squeal, "…Hello… Robin…" Beast Boy stated with a hand wave.

'Does he remember?' Robin did not respond; he gazed at Beast Boy intensely; Robin's glare caused Beast Boy to cower.

Robin could no longer bear peering at his potential enemy; quickly he turned to face the living room, "there are pancakes in the kitchen" Robin began to walk to the kitchen his hands rummaging though his hair.

"Robin" Beast Boy blurted out in raspy squeals

Robin hesitated into a stop, "yes"

"… I wanted to apologize for last night… "

"Last night?" Robin's hand slid to his utility belt, "what happened last night?"

"…What… Why are you?"

Robin turned around and began to approach. His hand locked onto his belt, "What are you talking about"

Beast Boy sighed in agitation, "You're actually going to make me… Fine. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for losing my cool…"

Robin's hand tightened

"But some of the things you said… I don't know… I didn't mean to—I should be apologizing for this whole week… I wasn't myself… I didn't mean to—"

"Beast Boy" Robin's hand relaxed and returned to his side, "It's fine"

Cyborg placed five plates on the table, "you can not tell Beast Boy you understand" Cyborg whispered.

Starfire and Raven did not reply instead they patiently sat at the table. The two men entered the kitchen.

Robin quickly sat down eager to eat.

"Mornin' everyone" Beast Boy stated cheerily

"Mornin' B" Cyborg said

"Good morning friend Beast Boy" Starfire said

"Morning Beast Boy" Raven nearly whispered

Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven found themselves staring.

"Uh… What's up with the stares?"

Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven averted their eyes simultaneously as if it were rehearsed.

Robin drove a fork into a pancake, "We should eat up; training is going to be tough today"

"I'm naked ain't I?"

Raven's eyes involuntarily widened and Beast Boy noticed.

Beast Boy gazed downward; peering beyond his developing wash board abs, "I can put a shirt on if it's bothering you." He stated while looking at Raven.

Raven nearly blushed. In a slightly agitated voice, "Your talking is bothering me. Why don't you stuff your mouth with food and be quiet." She removed herself from the table and began to prepare tea. She brushed past Beast Boy to go to the cabinet.

Beast Boy eyes narrowed, "I didn't mean to- Listen I'm in my human form I don't have to obey" he hesitated for a moment and then closed his mouth. He sat at the table and began to eat breakfast.

His cheerful and humorous attitude caused laughter to enter the atmosphere. Even Raven found herself giggling. 'He returned,' she thought, 'whatever was bothering him before is gone.'

Raven returned to the table with a cup of herbal tea in her hands. Beast Boy secretly glanced at Raven; his eyes were ignited by curiosity.

The feast was silent; the only sound that was present was the sounds of forks making contact with plates.

Train Control

Raven scent lingered in the air; arousing the young titan. Beast Boy shredded his pancake with his fork. He found his green eyes following her every movements hungering for something that food could not satisfy. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair and cleared his throat.

He decided a conversation would be a diversion from his sudden ache, "Raven" his voice nearly squeaked. He tried to clear his throat, but it turned into a rumble, "May I ask you a question?"

"You already did" Raven replied

"May I talk to you?" Beast Boy stated while looking down at his uneaten food, "Does your offer still stand?"

Raven peered up from her tea, "…It does…"

"Can we talk after breakfast?"

"No, I'm busy" Raven placed her tea down, "but we can talk later." She then placed the tea cups to her lips.

Beast Boy gazed in her direction. Her scent continued to tease and entice. The young woman before him was menstruating; this to a young animal implied that the female was in…

"…You're in heat…" Beast Boy whispered. A red rim circled Beast Boy's green eyes. Cyborg, who was beside Beast Boy, heard his friend's whispered and noticed the abrupt change. He looked at Beast Boy, his mouth slightly open, and silently he prayed that the dangerous gothic girl did not hear Beast Boy's deranged words.

"What?" Raven questioned placing her herbal tea down

Beast Boy shook his head to exit his trance and peered down at his oatmeal looking pancakes, "Nothin'…"

Raven glared at Beast Boy as if she heard him, "We can talk at four. Don't waste my time" She collected her items and herbal tea and removed herself from the table.

Beast Boy's followed her every movements. He watched as her hips slightly swayed beneath the long dark cloak. Although her scent enticed him it also confused him because he was never capable of sensing such faint scents unless he was in one of his animal forms.

Beast Boy audibly placed his fork on the plate. He placed his hand on his thighs craving… Starfire was unsure if she saw Beast Boy's eyes flash red. She momentarily watched him. Beast Boy buried his face in his hand and began to stand, "Thanks for the meal Cyborg." He stated falsely cheerily

"No problem man." Cyborg placed his hand on his chin, "If you want to repay me you can let me kick your green butt in Metal Twisted Liquid after training"

"You are on." Beast Boy stated triumphantly and began to walk to his room.

"Is that all you're going to eat Beast Boy?" Robin asked, "Cyborg made these pancakes with Vanilla Soy Milk"

"I'm not really hungry"

"Are you sure there's-" Robin insisted

"I'm not hungry"

Beast Boy walked out of the kitchen and past the disorganized living room. His bare green feet descended into the plush dark carpet. He crossed the drawer and noticed the picture above the drawer was missing. His metal door opened with a 'swish' he paused at the frame of the door. He turned his head to peer over his shoulder. He didn't enter because a faint scent hit him. He raised his head in the air and sniffed. He fully turned around and noticed small drops of crimson on the floor; he then kneeled down to observe it. His ungloved hand moved inches away from the crimson. Beast Boy deeply inhaled; the word 'blood' rolled off his tongue. He peered in the direction of Raven's room.

He rushed to Raven's room. He expected the door to open but the screen beside the door showed that it was locked.

He knocked on the metal door.

"Go away" Raven shouted

Beast Boy knocked again nearly leaving dents in the door

Raven sighed, "Who is it?" Raven questioned she knew who it was, but this gave her time to remove herself from her meditation stance, "If it's not important then don't bother me, I'm meditating."

"It's important Raven now can you open the door" Beast Boy stated hurriedly

Raven gritted her teeth and growled, "This better be important." The door opened.

"What do you want Beast Bo-" The words could barely escape Raven mouth

"What happened last night?" Beast Boy asked seriously

Raven hesitated, "…What are you talking about?" but collected herself and folded her arms across her chest.

"…I smelled blood outside my room… It's only a drop but I wanted to make sure-"

"I cut myself" Raven stated in an even tone

"How? How did you cut yourself?" He grabbed Raven's hand and noticed the small cut on her index finger causing Beast Boy's eyes to momentarily flash

"I don't have time for this Beast Boy."

Raven glared at Beast Boy for a moment noticing his youthful hands were not concealed and straight lines were etched into his skin, tally marks. She tried to move to her room however Beast Boy's grip tightened

"Beast Boy let go of me" Raven's even voice held a touch of anger and threat.

Raven noticed Beast Boy's hands and fingers were elongating.

She whimpered but still held her ground. A dark aurora was forming around her this was her final warning, "Let go of me"

His grip finally loosened, "Raven." He ran his hand through his thick green hair, "I-I'm sorry" Beast Boy stuttered nervously and finally he let go.

Raven did not reply instead she entered her room; leaving Beast Boy to wallow in his thoughts.

Raven clenched on to her wrist. She rubbed them gently and slid to the floor with the aid of the cold door. She was fearful she admitted to herself, but what were those marks on his hands.

The alarm did not allow Beast Boy to wallow in his thoughts; the young man in the corridor entered his shattered room. He began to dress for battle noticing his hands were not concealed.

'…She saw the marks…'