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Thanks Cookies Merry Christmas to you and yours ! I hope you like this chap. . . not much action just back story.

I'm not quite sure where I want to go with this. . . originally it was suppose to be a Beastboy and Robin pairing, but everytime I get Beastboy and Robin in the same room temperatures flare. I sometimes want this to be a Beastboy and Raven pairing, too. Who knows ? WHAT DO YOU WANT ? Let's see what will happen !


. . . . .

Robin fought the pain and stated softly between clenched teeth, "Beastboy. . . did Beastboy ever love you?"

Narc's tilted his head down and he let go of Robin's wrist. Narc was quiet as he withdrew from the prison bars. Robin didn't want to provoke Narc; those sharp teeth and claws weren't human. If Narc wanted to leave the cell he could. . . In fact Robin wasn't sure why Narc wasn't breaking down the walls of the prison. . . maybe it had something to do with his obsession with Beastboy. . . anyway Robin needed some time and answers.

Narc's face was dark, but Robin could see he was grinning lost in a memory. Narc nipped at his fingers and shyly responded, "Yes." He looked like a school girl in the dullness, "He loved me even though he never spoke to me, b-but I could always taste it in his blood."

Robin grimaced and paused over the word vampire. He continued to play along, "What did he taste like Narc? He must have tasted so sweet?"

Robin could make out Narc's wild nodding in agreement, ". . .we never spoke at all because Father wouldn't let me talk to them. . . most of the time they weren't even allowed to look at me, too, they were kept blindfolded when I fed from them. His blood was the best. . . I'd always return to his." He let out a sheepish laugh, "I'd sometimes sneak for seconds sometimes thirds in one night. . ." he rubbed the scar on his face, "I always felt bad when I'd hurt him, though. I nearly drank all his blood" He sounded genuinely penitent.

Robin balled his hands into fists and tried to contain his outrage, "Beastboy was your slave?"

Narc laughed as if that was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard.

"so some sort of pet?"

"He's more than that." He snapped.

Raven managed to take Beastboy to the infirmary with the help of Starfire and Cyborg. She didn't know what else to do. She didn't want to leave him alone in the prison or in his bedroom, so she thought it would be best to form shifts and watch over him. Raven spent the most time with him: she read to him, kept him hydrated, and often caressed his cheeks. He never reacted. He was sort of in a comatose-like-state only his eyes were open. He stared in one spot. Every time Raven tried pry into his thoughts she could only hear screams sometimes animal whines sometimes women and men before she was booted out. Raven watched tears fall down his cheeks and face from time to time and she would collect them. . . or she'd caress his arm or shoulder, weary of touching his hands. She always reassured him he was safe.

Although, she understood the word 'victims,' she wanted more of an explanation, but she didn't want to push him too hard. . . She wondered if the wounds were self inflicted . . . the fresh, reddish-purplish wounds were recent, so they must have been. But if the tally marks were made in sequence then they didn't follow the 1, 2, 3 order. The reddish purplish marks were nowhere near end, but they were freshest of all the scars. . . She rubbed her eyes and repeated her mantra quietly.

. . .

Narc approached the cell bars again, stalking Robin with a smile, "Garfield was my guardian."

. . .

It was kind of nice to hear Raven's whispered mantra. . . It reminded him of his mother and when he was little, before the disease made her afraid to be too close to him. He never held it against her, though. He thought he would do the same thing if his child was infected with a strange and weird disease, too, he would be more focused on finding a cure rather than tucking him or her in bed at night. His mother was always a focused woman, she spent hours in the lab, when his father was away, muttering formulas to herself while spoon feeding him mashed yams or while she read him Cat in the Hat or The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the only two children's books in their campsite, she'd get inspired and write a formula in the book and continue the story. He remembered all the chicken-scratch in the Cat in the Hat's hat. Memories of his mother rolled and rolled in his head like tumbleweed until the accident. The sudden fall into the memory of the accident caused him to suck in air. Raven eyed him once more, his eyes were closed, but he didn't look like he was having a peaceful sleep.

Beastboy was six or seven then. His mother and father ordered him to go to bed because he tampered with his father's concoctions. He cried himself to sleep that night. The smell of something burning woke him up and immediately he could see bright flames on deck from his small window. He screamed for his mother and father as smoke gathered in his room. He tried to open the door handle, but it was searing hot and the door was locked. He covered his nose and mouth with his shirt, hid underneath the bed, and waited for his parents to save him, but they never came to his rescue. He could only make out muffled noises and something really loud like a gun shot. When he heard the gun shot he ran to the window, but there was too much smoke. He suddenly felt exhausted and nearly slipped getting down from the dresser (used to get a full view out of his window). He then heard footsteps again and he let out a scream, "I'm in here," but neither his dad nor mom busted the door open it was Galtry. He yanked Beastboy up with a wicked smile and although Beastboy kicked and fussed and asked where his parents were over and over again it was no use. He saw his parent and the boat go up with flames on the shoreline. He cried in Galtry's arms.

Galtry was a wicked man. He often forgot to feed Beastboy and referred to him as anything but his name. Before Galtry had big plans for him in America Beastboy once tried to escape to the nearby village when his powers kicked in, but Galtry threatened to kill the chief if he ever tried it again. Galtry told him a nice family wanted him (but Galtry didn't really care if they were nice) and that they offered him a "pretty little penny" for him alive. Because dog food was cheap he fed Beastboy it and he was always told to shut up. . . but Beastboy could tolerate the emotional abuse because when he came to America he met that "nice family" Galtry talked about. It was a family of two a small boy and a hideously obese man, Mr. Carlo. A sudden wave of his victims flashed in his brain when the image of Mr. Carlo's face appeared. He jolted from the infirmary bed panting and sweating.

Raven was there, "Bad dream?" She stated it as if she knew every detail.

Beastboy collected her in his arm, coughing out "please," and shuddering. Raven was taken off guard by this, but after a moment she eased into the hug.

"You're going to get through this Beastboy. . . we're not going to-"

Raven could feel big drops of tears falling on her suit, "But what about Robin? I-I nearly killed someone Raven I'm a murde. . . I don't want to lose you guys you're the closest things I have to a family. . ."

. . .

"I'm destined to Garfield." He smirked, "I won't let you or ANYONE have him any longer"

. . . . .

~~More to come~~

NARC is very crazy if you can't tell. . . You'll come to find out that A LOT of the things he says is what Mr. Carlo says.