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She sat in her room, meditating, even though he father forbade it, she still did it. He wanted her to release the demon in her; she wanted to keep it at bay. She opened her eyes as she heard someone come to her door. She heard the knock and said,


"King Trigon wishes to see you…now."

"Whatever, tell him I'm on my way."

She heard the person leave and she sighed. If she could, she'd run…run as far away from here as possible…but that would never happen. She grabbed her cloak and walked out of her room, heading to the court. She opened the doors and walked in, closing them silently behind her. Her father smiled as she approached.

"My dear daughter," he snickered. "I have received some very…unpleasant news."

"I care because?"

"You, despite my orders, are still meditating. I have told you not to continue it."


"You will be punished for it."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

He got up and walked over to Raven. He smiled at her then smacked her hard across the face. He then picked her up and threw her into the wall. She gasped in pain but never showed fear.

"If I catch you doing it again, I will hurt you more than what you just got."


She got up and walked away, her face bruised and her hand bleeding. She walked into her room and sat down on her bed. She needed to get out of here…and soon. She knew when her father went to sleep, she also knew that the guards would see her if she flew. She got up again and walked out of her room, heading towards the front door. Trigon was standing there.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"The market place. I want some new spell books."

"Very well."

She walked past him and walked into the market place. She started looking around at all the books and stuff. It was all dark magic and evil things. No one here was kind or caring…except her mother, Arella. Arella had died after giving birth to Raven…Trigon had killed her personally. Raven walked to the edge of the market place and then took off. One of the guards saw her running and shouted,

"She's trying to escape."

Trigon looked out the window to see Raven flying as fast as she could. He laughed and sent the army after her.

"Azerath's princess will not run from her own people."

She could hear the shots going off, the black energy shooting at her, but somehow she managed to get out. She found the borderline…to Gotham. No one from Azerath was allowed to enter Gotham…it was death to all who did, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She crossed it and took off into Gotham.


"There is no need to shout," said a very stern Bruce. "I am not deaf."


"No you will not," said Bruce. "If I die then you need to take over Gotham for me. If you die who will become King?"

Richard couldn't answer that; instead he just turned to leave. A guard ran in, very scared. Bruce stood up and looked at the guard.

"What is it?"

"An Azerathean," he answered. "They've crossed the border."

"How many?"

"Just the one."

"I'll deal with this," said Richard.

"Very well."

Richard walked with the guard and headed for the horses. He jumped onto his and followed the men to where ever the Azerathean was.

"They're in there," said the guard. "They landed in that clearing and they've been sitting like that the whole time."

"Thank you," said Richard, pulling out his sword.

He walked silently towards the figure. They were in a meditative stance. He slowly crept towards them, raising his sword.

"You aren't very quiet you know?"

He jumped and dropped the sword. How did she hear him? He glared at her.

"Why are you on our lands? You know the penalty for coming here Azerathean."

She landed on the ground and looked at him.

"I had no other choice," she answered. "If you'd like to see me angry by all means continue to insult me. Other wise I'd shut up if I were you."

"How dare you talk to me like that," he shouted.

"GAAAHHHHH," she hissed looming over him, a towering figure.

He looked at her in fear. What the hell was she?

"Like me now foolish mortal?" she hissed. "Now if you insult me again or piss me off one more time, I'll send you to a place that not even my father would want to go to."

He nodded and watched her go back to normal. She looked at him and grumbled,


"For what?" he sneered.

"For whatever just happened. I can't control it."

"You mean what you just said…wasn't you?"

"No…well yes it was…but it wasn't under my control. My father…you'll know him…Trigon."

Richard knew Bruce would have to deal with her so he beckoned for her to follow. He led her back to his men and his horse. The men stood terrified as she approached. Richard mounted the horse and said,

"Get on."

"I don't need a horse."

"Then you want to walk."

"Azerath Metrion Zinthos."

She was incased in a large black raven and it sort of looked at him. It nodded its head and then followed the galloping horse towards the castle.

"You WHAT!"

"I brought her back," said Richard. "She's Trigon's daughter."

"TRIGON!" shouted Bruce. "You should have killed her."

Richard looked at Bruce and frowned.

"Dad I think she may be different."

"Azeratheans are all the same. You can't trust any of them."

Raven walked in, handcuffed and chained. Three guards led her to the throne and Bruce looked down on her.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"I'm seeking refuge," she answered. "I can't put up with Trigon anymore."

"Why should I let you live?"

She reached for her hood and pulled it down. Bruce gasped at the face and hands of the girl.

"Would you ever do this to your son?"

"What did he do to you?"

"He beat me…for meditating…for trying to resist his influence over me."

Bruce looked at her…he still hated Azeratheans but something was…different about her like Richard had said.

"You are free," said Bruce. "You will remain in the castle at all times so we can keep close tabs on you."

Then Bruce turned to Richard and said,

"If you wish to prove to me you are capable of going to war, you will be this girls escort. You will do her biding and make sure she doesn't go anywhere she isn't allowed."


Bruce wasn't looking at one pair of angry eyes; he was looking at two. Raven was furious as well as Richard.

"I'd rather die than have to be escorted with…with…that!"

"I'm a man," said Richard. "Not a, that, thank you."

"Could have fooled me," she muttered.

"You little…"

Richard lunged at her and she fazed into the ground. She reappeared and shouted,


Richard was grabbed by a large black birds foot and lifted into the air. Suddenly searing pain shot through her and she dropped him and bent over.

"Get...out of my head," she cried out.

"Never dear daughter. I will find you…and when I do I will kill you and the place you are staying in."


She fell down and fainted, breathing heavily. Everyone was looking at her like she was insane. Richard cautiously approached her and looked at her. He lifted her head lightly and then picked her up.

"I'll take her to her room," he muttered.

She slowly opened her eyes, seeing light flowing into her room; the curtains were not drawn all the way. Her window was open and she heard shouting from below. She got up and grabbed her cloak. She opened the curtains to see a crowd of people and the King and Prince trying to settle them down.

"Why haven't you killed her yet?"

"She's just going to hurt all of us."

"She'll kill our kids during the night."


Everyone looked at Richard, who was glaring.

"We have kept her alive," he said. "She will be staying in the castle."

"She has been through a terrible ordeal," said Bruce. "Her father is non other than Trigon the Terrible."

Gasps came through the crowd. Trigon was a demon known far and wide as a ruthless, cruel, evil hearted creature, which would kill anything and everything in his way.

"You are keeping his daughter here!"

"He'll come to retrieve her"

"He'll kill us all."


This time their attention was to Raven, her eyes pure red. She floated out the window and landed in front of them.

"My father will not kill anyone but me. I will not allow it. Unlike what you pathetic excuse for people think I am not ruthless, cruel, evil hearted or mean."

"Why would we believe a demon like you?"

"I'm only half Demon," she hissed. "Do not insult me again?"

"Who's the slut who let Trigon…"

The instant the words were out of the villager's mouth he knew it was a mistake. She smiled evilly and reared up. Her hood covered her face but her eyes shone bright, all four of them. Her cloak went from dark blue to pure blood red. Dark energy crackled out from under her cloak.


"RAVEN" screamed Richard. "THAT'S ENOUGH."

She looked over at him and suddenly reverted back to her old self. She looked at the crowd and said,

"Forget it, I'll just leave."

"Oh no you don't," said another villager. "You don't come here and live afterwards."

"Yes," she hissed. "I do."

She started walking away when a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She looked up and saw King Bruce holding her back.

"Show them."

She pulled her hood down to reveal her bruised face. The crowd gasped and a few women approached.

"He did this to his own daughter?"

"I'm nothing like him," she said. "I'd rather die than help him…but you're to narrow minded and stubborn to realize it."

"What was your mother's name?"


Everyone looked at her. Arella was a very well known woman throughout the kingdoms. Arella had been to Gotham before and everyone, despite their hatred to Azeratheans, loved her. She was kind, caring, gentle and an overall nice person.

"This village meeting is done, everyone go back to what you do."

They all walked off and Raven floated back to her window. She entered her room and sat down on her bed. She was going to hate this place, a lot more than Azerath.

Richard sat at the dining room table, eating his food. Raven had been called but she had said no to eating. Richard could see something different about her. The doors opened to reveal the princess from Tameran, Kori.

"Richard," she cried happily, hugging him.

"Hey Kori."

"So what's this I hear about an Azerathean staying in the castle?"

"She's the daughter to Trigon."

"What? And you're letting her stay?"

"She's different. She's a very powerful ally. If we need to fight she'll be one of most valuable."

"That I guess is true," said Kori. "Is she pretty?"

"In my opinion…yes very, but her face is bruised."


"Her father beat her."

"May I go see her?"

"She's up in the rooms, the one in the top tower."

She nodded and headed towards the tower. She got to the room and knocked. She heard shuffling and then the door opened. The hood was up so she was concealed.


"I was just wondering…might we talk?"

"You're Princess Kori'Ander aren't you?"

"Yes I am.'

Raven opened the door and allowed her in. She stepped in to see tons of books and other objects that looked like witchcraft to her. Kori sat down on the floor and smiled.

"Please, let me see your face?"

"I'd rather not. Everyone feels sorry for me…I don't want anymore."

Kori got up and pulled the hood down. Raven looked at her but Kori gasped.

"Let me heal you," said Kori.

Before Raven could object Kori grabbed her hand and took off for her room she had whenever she stayed here. Raven sat on Kori's bed while Kori grabbed some stuff from the bathroom. She came back with a cloth and put some of the liquid on it. She started rubbing it on the bruise. Raven felt the pain slowly start to go away. Kori smiled at her and said,

"Feeling better?"

"Yes…th…thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Why are you helping me?"

"My Kingdom does not hold grudges against anyone. It does not matter where you are from you are always welcomed into our kingdom."


"What about you?"

"Well clearly I'm a princess to…but to acold hearted, evil kingdom. Something I don't want."

"When you get into power…change it."

"I can't…everyone will over throw me."

Kori looked at her. Such a beautiful girl should never have to suffer like this. Kori pulled the cloth away and said,

"Your bruise is gone."

Raven looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Thank you."

Kori nodded and put the stuff away. She walked back in and said,

"So…do you like it here?"

"Um…well it's better than Azerath."

"Yes…I mean Azerath has beauty to it but…given its current leader…"

"Kori, stop complimenting Azerath. It's the ugliest Kingdom around."

"You're insulting your own Kingdom."

"It's not mine…Trigon may have created me but he was never my father."

Kori nodded and the grabbed what looked like a wallet.

"Let's go shopping."

"Me? Go shopping…with the people here? I don't think that's a good idea."

"You will be with me…no one will bug you to much."

Raven sighed and nodded, following Kori out.

"So friend Raven, what type of clothes do you like?"

Raven smiled…a friend.

Richard looked out the window to see Kori and Raven walking to the market place. Raven seemed to be happier now and she seemed more… open with people. He watched an old lady smile and laugh at something Raven had said, as Raven smiled. Richard walked back to the throne room and approached his father.


"Yes Richard?"

"Well you know how…how you and the King of Tameran had…arranged mine and Kori's marriage?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I'd like permission to…break it off."

Bruce looked up and said,

"Why…you can't just break off a marriage."

"I've been thinking…why not let me pick my own bride. I'm not some thing you can pass off to people. I can make my own decisions."

"What about Kori, she loves you."

"No she doesn't. Do you know how many times we've said how stupid it is that we're arranged to be married? Kori and I both agreed that if we had found each other naturally we would have fallen in love…but we don't love each other."

"She's said this? Call her in here I'd like to hear this from her own mouth."

"She's out right now…shopping with Raven."

Bruce looked up again, glaring at Richard.

"I told you to be with her at all times."

"She's with Kori, and from what I saw Raven has made a friend."

"The Azerathean has made a friend?"

"Yes, Kori and her seemed to hit it off well."

Bruce grumbled something and said,

"I'll talk to the King of Tameran. He's not going to like this."

Richard smiled and walked back out. He walked into the market place and found Raven, shopping in a bookstore.

"You like books?"

She looked up and frowned.

"Yes…I like books."

"Why so cold to me?"

"Hm let me think, you tried to kill me, you've insulted me, and you've gotten me angry. Why do you think I'm so cold to you?"

"Let me make it up to you then."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"I'll by the books for you."

She looked at him, hey if he was offering to pay for the books by all mean she'd let him.

"Fine, go ahead, doesn't mean I'll forgive you so easily."

"It's a start."

Kori walked over and smiled.

"Hello Richard," she said. "Did you talk to your dad?"

"Yes, he's going to talk to yours and get this fixed. We'll be free soon."

"Thank god," she said. "It's not that I don't like you, but I just want to do things naturally."

"I agree."

"…I'll be over there," said Raven, walking away.

"Friend Raven, it is ok. Richard and I were arranged to be married. Both of us do not agree to it. He has asked for it to be broken off."

"An arranged marriage? How sweet. I don't agree with them anyway."

"Well what do you think a marriage should be?" asked Richard.

Raven looked up at him and said,

"I'm not that type who will get married, but a marriage should not be forced or rushed. You should truly love the person, do anything for them, know them inside out, you should know their family, and then when you know you're ready and feel that the other is ready that's when you ask."

Kori smiled, that's everything she could ever ask for. She frowned at Raven's determination not to love though.

"Why won't you get married?"

"I'm not the type to love…it's to dangerous for me."

"Why?" asked Richard.

"You saw what anger does to me, Love would be worse."

"Love is a good feeling, anger is not, why would love be worse than Anger?" asked Kori.

"I'm a half demon…any feelings of goodness would blow things up. Love would probably blow the whole kingdom up. That's why I meditate and suppress my emotions. I don't feel anything and nobody sees my true feelings."

"That is a horrible way to live friend," said Kori. "Why not show some emotion? It can't hurt that much?"

Raven looked away. She had fallen in love once…it turned out it had been an act, her fathers fault to. Malchior, the one man she thought was perfect in every way. He was kind, caring and seemed to hate Trigon just as much as she did. She soon found out that he was acting, Trigon had arranged for him to marry Raven, Malchior was just as cruel and evil as her father. She killed Malchior when she found out and got so angry. Trigon was madder than ever at his death but happier than anything that Raven had brought out her true demon.

"I…don't do love."

With that she walked away, with her books to go pay for them. Kori and Richard looked at each other and sighed.

"Why is she suddenly so depressed?"

"I don't know Kori. Let's see if we can find out."


Richard looked at Raven again and felt something. He was falling for Raven despite whether she liked it or not.

Kori slowly opened the door to Raven's room, looking around to make sure Raven wasn't there. She stepped in and closed the door. She started searching through the room and soon found a black, silk book. In gold letters on the top it said, 'Raven's Diary'.Kori smiled and walked out. She ran back to Richards's room and quickly entered.

"I've got it," she said.

Richard looked up and smiled.

"Good let's read."

Kori opened it and read the first entry.


I found it…I'll admit it I found love. Malchior…he's everything I could hope for in a man. He's kind, caring, sweet, gentle, and he seems to hate my father just as much as I do. I think I'm in love…What am I saying I don't think I'm in love I'm in love. He's perfect someone I want in my life. It's too bad my mother isn't here to see me so happy after all these years of depression and sadness.

They looked at each other…who was Malchior? They flipped it over and read the next one. This one looked as if tears had stained it.


God damn him…I hate him. That jerk. He faked it…all of it. I can't believe Trigon and Malchior were partners in this. Trigon's furious…I've killed him…I killed Malchior, but my father is also happy that I have a demon inside me. I can't let him control me…I have to stop this…I have to leave…

"She killed this Malchior person?"

"It appears like it," said Richard.

He was boiling with anger at what he had just read. She'd been hurt by this man and inside he was upset that he hadn't been able to stop it. They flipped it to the other page and read it again. The entry came almost to years after.


I can't stand it here, I'm being punished for meditating, trying to stop him from controlling me. He's beating me so badly now…I'm leaving I can't stay here anymore. If I don't go he'll kill me just like my mother. I have to go…to Gotham. It's the only place I can get to without being detected easily. I hope they accept me…or at least let me be.

Richard looked at this entry in shock. She came here to escape her father, her people, her old life to find a new one…and all he'd done was hurt her. During her time here he'd developed feelings for her…they had grown strong over a course of three days. They were so strong it scared him. Kori closed the book and said,

"I should…"


The entire castle was up and running to Raven's room. Kori hid the book in her pocket and took off for Raven's room.

"Raven," said Bruce. "What is the meaning of this?"

"My Diary," she screamed. "It's been stolen. It has things in it that no one should read…no one should ever read my diary."

"Are you sure it's been stolen?"

"Yes, living with Trigon you learn to keep your stuff in secret places. Someone must have found it and took it. I can't have anyone reading it."

"Richard, Kori help her look for it," said Bruce, walking away.

They nodded and took off through the castle, pretending to look for it. Kori went back to Raven's room and saw Raven sitting on her bed.

"I'll look in here again Raven," she said.

"Whatever," she muttered. "It's gone and now whoever took it will reveal everything."

Kori sighed and said,

"No…they won't."

"Yes they will. It was probably that villager that insulted my mom."

"No Raven…I know who took the diary."

Raven looked at her.

"Who…where are they."

Kori pulled the book out of her pocket and handed it back to her. Raven looked at Kori in astonishment and anger.

"You…you took my diary?"

"Yes, Richard and I read it. I apologize."

Raven snatched it out of her hands and hid it again. She pulled her hood up and looked away.

"Get out."

"Friend please…Richard and I only wanted…"


Kori hung her head and walked out. She closed the door and walked back to Richard.

"She's mad. We shouldn't have done that."

"I know…but at least we know why she's so determined not to love."

"Or feel anything. She fears her father will control her."

The door opened again and Raven walked in.

"How much did you read?" she asked, her voice back to its monotone.

"The first three entries," answered Richard.

"So the whole thing?"


"Don't you ever utter a word of it to anyone…EVER!"

"We won't," said Kori. "I must go back to Tameran, I shall visit again soon."

Kori walked out leaving Richard and Raven alone.

"Raven, I'm…"

"Don't apologize for something you had nothing to do with."

"But I did have something to do with it. I read your Diary. It was personal to you."

"That's not what you were going to apologize for."

"I'm sorry for what Malchior did to you to…"

"Don't say his name near me…it still hurts."

He walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What he did was wrong. What you did to him wasn't right but any man who does that to someone so beautiful deserves death."


He pushing his lips onto hers cut her off. She kissed back but a loud bang stopped her.

"Richard don't. I'm not ready…you don't want me"

"Just give me a chance Raven."

"I can't…I don't want love anymore. Go find someone who can love you back."

"No…I don't want anyone else…I want someone who speaks the truth, someone who is honest, someone who knows what they are talking about, I want someone like you."

"Richard…please don't so this…don't tell me you love me."

"I'm not going to tell you, because I don't. I don't love you Raven…but I have feelings for you…given time those feelings will possibly blossom into love. I'd rather take it slowly with you then be rushed into something with someone I don't love at all."

He kissed her again and she couldn't resist. She kissed back, knowing something would blow up…but nothing came. He pulled away and smiled at her.

"Just one chance…please. Let me show you love?"

She looked at him, was she ready to let someone into her heart again? Was she ready to allow herself the pleasure of loving someone? She looked at him again and saw his eyes, so full of honesty, so full of passion for her.

"One chance, that's all you get. One chance."

He smiled and pulled her close to him, kissing her again.

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