Bruce walked into the front doors of his castle, exhausted and tired. His meeting with the King of Tameran had not gone so well. He was furious that Richard didn't want to marry his daughter but when Kori entered and got extremely mad at him...he realized that it wasn't only Richard who thought this. He agreed to cancel the wedding. Bruce walked along the halls towards his throne room when something caught his attention. He looked over into the courtyard and saw Richard calling to someone, and holding out his hand. He watched as he saw Raven step out and take it, looking nervous. Bruce was watching intently, almost waiting for the chance to pounce on them.

"Come on Raven, I want to show you something."

"Richard," she said. "I shouldn't be out here."

"Come on," he said again, urging her to come out.

She sighed and walked out, taking his hand. She let him lead her to the large fountain in the middle of the courtyard. This place was absolutely the most gorgeous place she'd ever seen. It was full of emerald green grass, flowers of every imaginable colour, small streams working their ways along it, trees with leaves so full of life they almost looking like they were fake and the path way was made out of pure sand lined with tiny diamonds. There was no roof so the pale, bright, full moon was shining down on them, lighting everything up in its nighttime glow. The starts overhead also added to the romantic aspect of things. Richard sat down and looked at her. She sat down to and looked at him.

"So what is it you wanted to show me?"

"This place, but also lay down and look up."

She looked at him, that was a pretty…uncomfortable situation to be in with him sitting right there. She did it anyways and gasped at the sight above her.


"I know," he answered. "You can see the stars and the moon from here. This is one of my favorite places to come and think."

She could see why, this place would be perfect for meditation. She got up again and looked at him.

"Thank you for showing this to me. I don't know what to say…I'm speechless."

"You don't need to say anything," he said, touching her face. "You're eyes say it all."

She blushed a bit and felt him push his lips onto hers. She kissed back, not noticing the very, very mad look on Bruce's face from above them.

He stormed down the stairs, heading for the courtyard. This was not going to happen, he was not going to let Richard do anything of that sort with an Azerathean…Trigon's daughter to be more precise. He finally reached the courtyard and walked along the path finally making it to the couple. He stood there and listened to what they were saying, before going out.

"Thank you Richard. I…this place is amazing. I've never felt more at home than right now. Could I use this place for meditation?"

"Of course. You're still…afraid of him aren't you?"

"Yes. Trigon is powerful…more powerful than me…but meditating is stopping him from controlling me. If I have to end up killing myself just to stop him from hurting this place…this beautiful Kingdom…then I will."

"No Raven. I won't allow you to end your own life just to defend a place that has done nothing but insult you and hurt you."

Bruce stepped out and cleared his throat.

"Sorry, am I interrupting anything?"

"No not at all," answered Richard.

Raven just sort of looked at him, he could see her eyes blazing at him. Somehow he had the odd feeling she knew what he was up to.

"Richard I need to speak with you…privately."

"Ok, I'll be there in a second."

The king turned and walked away, leaving Richard and Raven alone again. Richard looked at Raven and frowned seeing her angry.


"What!" she snapped.

"Um…what's wrong with you all of a sudden?"

"Nothing," she said again, rudely to be frank. "I need to meditate."

With that she got up and floated off, leaving a very confused prince behind. He shrugged and walked towards the throne room, not noticing Raven faze back to the courtyard and start meditating.

Kori paced her room nervously. She knew Richards attraction for Raven…she also knew Raven was attracted to Richard, just couldn't show him. She felt sorry for Raven, having to live the way she did with the horrid demon as her father. She looked out the window and just frowned, something was not right…something was wrong. She looked down at her father's army and then back to Gotham again.

"Something is wrong," she said to herself. "Something bad is going to happen."

She ran out of her room and towards her father's room. She banged on the door furiously, before it opened.

"Kori…it's past midnight," said her father still half asleep. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Something bad is going to happen to Gotham," she answered. "I can feel it…something bad is going to happen with in the hour."

Now if the King hadn't had experience before with her predicting that stuff was going to happen than he would have laughed at her and said to not worry about it, but usually if she said something was going to happen, then something was definitely going to happen.

"Alright, get the army and head to Gotham. I will have a messenger sent to Jump to gather more people."

"Thank you father."

She took off for the army, still in her silk pajamas. She reached them and stood there, the army looked at her like she was insane.

"Princess Kori," said the commander. "You shouldn't be out here at this…"

"I want all your men ready for battle within twenty minutes," she ordered. "Gotham is going to be attacked…by Azerath."

The men didn't need telling twice, they took off as fast as possible to get themselves ready for battle. Kori changed into her own outfit and waited. Finally her army of five hundred men was ready.

"Warriors, tonight Azerath has decided to take their fight to Gotham. We will not allow King Bruce and Prince Richard's Kingdom fall to Trigon. We might not all make it…but let's us die fighting for the better cause."

With a loud cheer they started heading to Gotham, Kori flying just above them.

"You are never to see her again. Do you understand me?"

Richard stood still, shocked beyond belief at his father's actions.

"See who?"

"Raven…you are never to see her again, unless it's at dinner."


"I do not need her coming into our life and messing everything we've worked so hard for up."

Richard was slowly starting to boil with rage and anger. How dare he tell him whom he could and couldn't like.

"I will see Raven whenever I damn well want to. There is nothing you can do to stop me."

"Guards," called Bruce.

Three men came in and looked a Bruce.

"See to it my son goes to his room, do not allow him out and do not allow Raven in. Do you understand me?"

They nodded and grabbed Richard dragging him off to his room.

"Unhand me," he ordered. "You won't get away with this Bruce. I'm going to see her again, no matter what you say, even if I have to give up the crown. I LOVE HER!"

Bruce turned just as the doors closed on the retreating forms of Richard and his guards. He hated this, he never wanted to do this but he couldn't have an Azerathean person become queen of Gotham. He sighed as he sat down and looked outside.

"Great," he muttered. "What a mess."

The door slammed open, and he turned, expecting to see Richard but was surprised to see Raven. Richard and the three guards walked in soon after.


He looked at Raven in shock, never had he seen a woman so angry in all his life. He stood up and calmly said,

"I cannot have him falling in love with you. Gotham cannot have an Azerathean Queen."

She was angry.


"Yes," said Bruce. "Gotham is not ready for that big a step."

She looked at him and suddenly her fists were incased with black magical energy. She pointed her fists at him and shot him into the wall with her power.


With that she walked out, neither Richard nor the guards made any attempt to help Bruce up. Bruce got up dusted himself off and then spoke.

"She is to be executed at dawn. This should have been done long ago when she first entered Gotham."

Richard glared at his father and walked off, to go catch up with Raven. Bruce sat down and started filling out the legal stuff for Raven's execution. He looked outside seeing the horizon getting darker.

"What is going on?"

He laughed evilly as he looked at his army of demons and Azerathean people. He was going to take Gotham under siege and he was then going to continue onto Jump and Tameran. Soon the world would be in his command.

"My army. We have waited for this day to arrive for to long. Now we will take the Kingdoms one by one…no mercy."

A loud cheer and a few snarls and they were off, Trigon leading them, a large smile on his face.

Richard knocked on her door, hoping she'd open up and let him in. She didn't let him in but she opened the door a bit.


"Raven…please come out. I have to get you out of here."


"My dad, he's going to execute you."

She didn't even look shocked or scared; she opened the door and pulled him in. She sat him down and said,

"I'll get out myself. You need to act normal. I'll be fine but you have to pretend this never happened…any of it."

"What about us?"

"There was never any us, Richard. We never happened. It was some crush you had…Richard you know it as well as I do that we would never have gone any further than tomorrow."


"I'm sorry…maybe I'll come back when you become King…I'm sure I'll be safe then."

With that she flew out her open window and took off for the border. Richard watched her until she vanished from sight. He sighed and started to walk back to his room but bumped into Roy…his best friend and the best archer in his army.

"Hey Rich, you ok man?"

"Yeah…just fine."

"She left didn't she? Raven?"

"Yes…I don't even know why I feel like this…I've known her for three days and already she's gotten into my heart and it won't let her go."

Roy smirked and said,

"Richard, that crush might not be just a crush. Raven is different. She's special to you…I don't know why you feel like this after three days but maybe it's just…I don't know how to say it. Maybe it's destiny or something."

"Destiny? Roy, destiny is taking the throne when my dad passes it on to me. I think this is more or less real love."

Roy smirked and started walking with Richard, talking. Richard felt better after this. He glanced out at the border and saw them. Trigon and his demons. Roy saw it to and instantly started shouting orders for the army to get in formation fast. Richard ran to the throne room and saw his dad watching as well.

"I knew this was going to happen, I knew this day was going to come."

"Dad…I'm going to fight."

He nodded, not really looking at him. Richard was worried about him…Bruce was a strong leader and at the sight of this he broke down? Richard ran out to see Kori with her army and Prince Garfield from Jump with his army.

"What…when did you get here?"

"Just now," said Garfield. "We're helping you."

"Yes Richard," said Kori. "Trigon will not succeed…where is friend Raven?"

Richard looked down at the ground and sighed. Roy looked at them and said,

"She left."

They nodded, not really having time for this. In minutes the armies of Gotham, Jump and Tameran were ready…they definitely had more men than Trigon…but Trigon's men were not human.

"Everyone ready?" shouted Richard, Kori and Garfield.

Suddenly a thousand more men jumped over the wall and joined them. Richard recognized the man leading them as Victor Stone.

"Glad you could join us."

"No prob man," he said. "Now let's do this."

Trigon laughed at the people who stood before him now, ready to fight him to the death. He had to admit it was very amusing to see.

"You foolish people think you can defeat me?" he roared in laughter. "I am the all powerful Trigon. You will learn to bow before me."

He slashed down at Richard but missed. His army ran in and started fighting the demons. Richard, Kori, Garfield and Victor stood back watching it all. They knew the plan…divert Trigon's attention to the fight and then all of them would go in for the kill. Richard watched his men get beaten so badly. They didn't stand a chance.

"We need to do this now!" said Richard. "He's going to slaughter all of our men."

"Agreed," said Kori, her starbolts charging up in her hands.

"Let's show him how we do things here," said Garfield.

"Let's kick some butt."

They all ran at Trigon. Kori held her hands up, charged a very large starbolt up and threw it at Trigon. Garfield turned into a T-rex and smashed his head into Trigon's stomach, while Victor took a large boulder and threw it at Trigon, making him fall down. Richard took out the four very large daggers and held then, ninja style in his hands. Trigon got up and looked at Richard.

"You're mine," hissed Richard.

He tossed the daggers and watched them plunge into Trigon. He screamed and fell down again. Richard, Kori, Victor and Garfield stood together and looked at him, determined.

"Did we beat him?" asked Kori.

A large red beam hitting them and sending them smashing into individual walls answered their question. The looked up to see Trigon pulling the daggers out and his skin healing over. Richard looked at him in shock.

"Oh no," he whispered.

"Oh yes," said Trigon. "It looks as if the prince of Gotham has run out of ideas. Now I will destroy you and your father will join you shortly afterwards."

Trigon reared his clawed hands up and plunged it down at Richard. Kori gasped and looked away, not wanting to see this.

"Leave my friends ALONE!"

A white blast sent Trigon flying into the Kingdoms protective wall. He got up and saw her, Raven!

"You wretched, ungrateful, insignificant fool," he roared.

She shot him again sending him flying through the wall and onto the fields. She floated over to him.

"You will not destroy this place. I won't let you. I'm going to end you just like I did to Malchior."

Trigon glared at her and then smashed her into the ground. She looked up and was shot back by his red eye beams. She landed beside Richard who looked shocked and scared. She got up again and shouted,


The white beam came out and shot Trigon again, wrapping itself around him. He quickly recovered and grabbed Raven. He threw her into the ground and then took his giant hoofed foot and said,

"Good bye…dear daughter."

With that he smashed his foot down on top of Raven. Richard screamed and started crying, but they were not tears of sadness…they were tears of rage. Trigon stood there smiling at the defeat of his daughter when suddenly he was sent into the air by a white blast. He landed on his back. Raven got up and floated up to him. He grabbed her again and threw her into a wall.

"What hope do you have?" he laughed. "How can you stand there and watch them suffer. What hope does a stupid girl have of defeating her all powerful father?"

Her head was hung and she looked…helpless. Trigon walked over to her and smashed her into the wall again and again, causing her to scream in pain. Finally a sharp pain in his wrist made Trigon let her go. He looked up to see Bruce, glaring daggers at him.

"Leave your daughter alone."

He suddenly was pushed back and gently placed beside Richard. Raven looked up at Trigon and said,

"You may have created me…but you were NEVER my father."

Trigon roared and charged at her.

"FATHER'S ARE KIND," she screamed shooting him into the castle wall, allowing him to get back up again.

"FATHER'S PROTECT YOU," she screamed again, shooting him into the field and hitting him with a boulder.

"FATHER'S RAISE YOU," she screamed, hitting him with her energy, and wrapping him up in it, him screaming in pain and anger.

"I WAS PROTECTED BY MY MOTHER ARELLA, I WAS RAISED BY MY FRIENDS," she hissed, and then looking softly to Richard and Kori and the other's who were fighting for her. They came up to her and touched her gently to show their support but felt their energy suddenly leaving them.


She floated up, her eyes blazing with utmost fury and uncontrolled anger.


She erupted into a large white energy Raven and hit Trigon with such force they knew he was going to be killed, suddenly it swirled around and grabbed him and his demons into its now spinning vortex. Trigon screamed and suddenly with a bright flash of light it attached back to Raven and then spread out from her body to cover the globe again. Everything the white light touched was instantly fixed. People were being healed and brought back to life; everything that had been smashed was fixed. The sky cleared and the sun shone overhead. Everyone looked up to see Raven still shining and sparkling with the white energy. Her purple hair gently blowing around her. She started descending from the sky and people moved back a bit so she could touch the ground. She landed and looked at everyone. The Azerathean people who had been fighting were shaking their heads as if they were coming out of some sort of trance.

"Wha…what happened?"

"Where are we?"

"Why are we here?"

"How did we get here?"

"People of Azerath," called Raven.

They looked over to her and smiled, thankful that they knew someone at least.

"My father, Trigon has been defeated," she said. "Azerath is no longer under his command."

The cheers and cries that followed were very loud and joyful. Raven smiled as her people rejoiced.

"Now Azerath…do you accept me as your Queen?"

They all cheered and nodded. She smiled and turned around ordering them to follow her.


She turned to see Richard looking at her. She smiled and said,

"I almost forgot…people of Azerath this day could not have come without the aid and generosity of Gotham, Tameran and Jump. Please thank Prince Richard, Prince Garfield and Princess Kori'Ander and their people."

The Azeratheans smiled at them and cheered.

"Raven, cut out the royalty crap," said Richard. "What about…what we had?"

Raven's smirked turned into a frown as she looked at him.

"Richard we didn't have anything," she said. "We can't go on anyways. Our two Kingdoms are…not on great terms."

"Raven…please you said you'd give me one chance…I haven't had that chance yet."

"Richard don't make this any harder than it has to be," she said. "You have your people to rule and I have mine."

He sighed as he watched her turn around and walk away from him, her people following. Kori looked at him with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Richard.

"It's not your fault. You couldn't have stopped it anyway."

He walked back to the castle and into his room. He needed to get his head off of Raven for now but he didn't know how to do it. He pulled out a pad and stated doodling some plans for what he wanted when he took over the Kingdom.

Three Months Later…

He looked out as two more castles were being built in his Kingdom. King Richard had finally taken the crown, since his father king Bruce had decided he was too old for the Kingdom. Bruce had seen the errors of his ways and knew that his own stubbornness had made him make very bad decisions. He was impressed with Richard's actions. Joining the Kingdoms of Tameran, Jump and Gotham into one Kingdom was a brilliant idea. Richard was overlooking the process. He knew inside Richard was hurting still but he seemed to bounce back rather quickly. He glanced out the window towards the direction of Azerath, wondering how they were doing now the Raven had taken the crown.

"Queen Raven, the builder is here."

"Thank you, you may go now."

The woman bowed and walked out. Raven got up and headed to the front door. She saw the builder and smiled.

"Victor," she said smiling.

"Raven? Wow I had no idea this was Azerath."

She looked at him oddly and he replied,

"Ok so I knew…I just had to take this one, a chance to help you out again."

"Thanks Victor," she said.

"You've done good here Raven," he said walking out. "A lot of the buildings are fixed and the green has returned to the grass. You've brought this place back to life. I'm impressed."

She blushed and said,

"I wasn't going to keep it dark and depressing. That was what my father would have wanted."

He smiled and headed for one of the buildings. He just needed to fix a few things here and there. She followed, helping out, despite the constant nagging of her people not to do that work it isn't her job.

"He misses you, you know," said Victor suddenly.

She sighed…of all the things to bring up he had to bring this up again.

"He has to let it go," she answered. "I cannot safely love him back…he knows that."

"Does he?" asked Victor. "Raven, he doesn't care if you can love him back safely. He just wants to love you."

"I can't…my people."

"He's joining the Kingdoms together into one giant Kingdom. Gotham has expanded as far as Jump."

"Really?" Impressive," she said.

A tap on her shoulder got her attention. She got up and looked at the messenger.


"A letter for you."

She took it and watched him walk away. Victor smiled and went back to work while she opened the letter and read it.

Dear Raven;

It's been a while since we last saw each other. I'm King now…my dad gave the throne to me. I hope everything you're doing is helping Azerath. I've written to ask a meeting with you about an important matter. Please could you meet me in Gotham on June 3rd at ten am? I'd appreciate it if you did.

If you're nervous about this…understand that I still love you. I always have and always will. Please don't, not show up because you think I'll attack you…that s not the case. I wish to ask a serious question.

Awaiting your reply…


She looked at it in shock. That was today in ten minutes! She cursed her messenger and took off for her room to change into her royalty clothes. She then fazed out of her room and at the border of Gotham. Guards protected the doors to Gotham. She walked up to them.

"I'm here to see King Richard."

"King Richard doesn't have time to speak with Azeratheans."

She took out the note and handed it to the guard. He nodded and allowed her in.

"If we find out this was a trick, you will be executed by me."

She merely walked on, not paying attention to what the guy had said. She walked towards the castle and finally reached it. She was about to knock when shouts from behind her interested her. She walked towards the noise being curious.

"No don't put that…!"


"there…" said Richard, looking down in frustration.

He sighed, this was harder than he thought. He walked up and said,

"Ok put that pole into the hole there on that side, then this one goes under that one over there, understand?"

The guy nodded and started working. He sighed.

"Wow…seems stressing more than fun."

"You have no idea," he said looking at Raven then looking back.

His head snapped back and looked at Raven. His jaw dropped open…she actually came!


"Yes Richard I'm here…now what did you want me for?"

"Oh…well…umm…you see…"

"You just wanted to see me again didn't you?"

"Yes…and no."

She quirked an eyebrow at him and waited.

"I wanted to know…did your Kingdom want to be a part of this?"

She looked at him, he was offering to join his Kingdom hers…as a form of peace between the kingdoms.

"Richard…I don't think people would be to good about that. Your guards over there already threatened to kill me."

"What?" he freaked. "Who?"

"The ones over there."

He whispered something to a guard and watched as he went over and started dragging the guards over to Richard.

"You wanted to speak with us?"

"Yes…what did I tell the Kingdom about Azerath?"

"That they aren't bad people…just Trigon."

"Correct, yet you still insult Raven here as if she was an evil person as well."

"Technically she is," he answered. "Trigon's blood runs through her veins. She is part of him whether she likes it or not."

"She may have his blood, that doesn't mean she's like him. Trigon was evil Raven is not. If you insult another Azerathean person I will have you thrown into the dungeons. Understand?"

"Yes your Highness."

Richard smirked and waved the guards off. He looked at Raven and said,

"Please…it would mean everything to me."

"I'll speak to my people about it, but I cannot promise anything."

Richard smiled and then kissed her. Her eyes shot open, and she stood stalk still for a second before kissing back. When he pulled away he said,

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. I said I wouldn't…"

"Richard it's ok. You've missed me so much…you couldn't help it. It felt nice to be back in your arms."

"Then can we try to pick up our relationship?"

She sighed and looked at him.

"You're never going to give up are you?"


"I'll talk to my people about the joining Kingdoms thing…if they accept then yes, we can continue our relationship…if they disagree then…"

He looked at her, knowing that she'd say no if her Kingdom didn't want to join. He couldn't blame them for not wanting to either after the way they were treated.

"If they disagree then…yes we can still continue our relationship. I'll hand the crown to someone else and then move over here."

He smiled and hugged her tightly to him, happy that she wasn't going to run away from him again.

"People of Azerath. I have some news that I must have your input on."

The people of Azerath were gathered at the foot of the castle looking at Raven. They had no idea what was going on but they knew she was a good Queen so she wouldn't lead them to disaster.

"Prince…um King Richard has asked me to consider joining our Kingdom of Azerath with Gotham, Tameran and Jump. To become united as one Kingdom, one strong hold. To become one group of people."

The Azeratheans looked at her in shock. Surely she said no to him. They didn't want anything to do with Gotham after they way they were treated.

"I have not given him an answer. I have told him I would consult my people first then give him our answer."

"Well what is it you think would be best for Azerath?" asked a woman.

"I think it would be…a good idea to join them. He is a kind King. He accepts everyone."

"So you think we should join our kingdom with theirs?"

"Yes I do, but I understand fully if you do not want to. Gotham and Azerath have never really…gotten along well."

"We don't want to," said a man. "But you have shown us that your choices usually lead to good things…so we'll trust you on this decision. If you think Azerath should join Gotham then we will accept it."

The people nodded and agreed to what the man had said. Raven smiled and said,

"Very well I will tell him that he has our support."

With that she fazed into the ground and headed back to Gotham.

Richard paced nervously around the grounds waiting for Raven to return. He heard the familiar whoosh of her powers being used and turned to see her standing behind him.

"My people agree. They will join Kingdoms with you."

"That's great news," he said. "I'll make the plans now…I didn't know if you'd agree so I didn't bother to make plans out."

She smiled and walked up to him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"So…what's the kingdom called…cause everyone will fight over the name you know."



"Yes…and in the Kingdom of Bludhaven will be Gotham, Jump, Azerath and Tameran. Individual Kingdoms joined together as one."

"Nice…who thought of the name?"

"Kori, Garfield and myself."

She smiled and then felt herself being swept into his arms and kissed. Finally she was home.

Two months later…

Bludhaven stood gleaming like a gem against the sun rising in the east. Richard looked out his window and smiled at the sight of Tameran, Jump and Azerath all in his view. He sighed as he watched, enjoying he view. He heard a groan and then someone else get out of his bed. He turned to see Raven walking towards him. She followed his example and looked out over the Kingdom as well. His hand intertwined with hers, feeling the gold ring on her finger. He turned to his new wife and smiled.

"So you happy you stayed?"

"I am," she said. "I'm glad I married you to."

He smiled and kissed her, then looked out again. Finally peace had come to his lands…or well the lands. Despite the constant naggings of his own people saying he made a wrong choice, marrying Raven. He thought he was the luckiest guy in the world. Bruce had died though just as the project finished. Some disease had attacked his lungs and heart. Raven sighed and walked back towards the bed, sitting down. He sat beside her and put a hand on her stomach.

"And how is he doing in thee?"

"He's good. Perfectly fine."

He smiled…He was married and expecting a son in eight months…what more could he ever ask for. He wrapped his arms around her and said,

"Good…that's great to hear."

She smiled…he was acting so much like a father already. When he had found out about her being pregnant he had given the orders for his men to get anything that would be good for a baby boy. Within three days a nursery, toys and changing bed were set up. She smiled at the memory, but frowned at the thought of her baby not having a grandpa. Richard smiled and said,

"He'd have been happy."

"I know…just he won't have any grandparents at all. My mother is dead, both your parents are dead…and my father…well he was never my father so he was never my son's grandfather."

He hugged her and said,

"I know Raven, I know."

There done…yes probably a little rushed but I was desperate to get it done. Hopefully it's ok.