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Optimus: Do we want to know?

Subi: (twitches) Probably not...

Optimus: Oo;... (leaves the room)

25. Heights

"Optronix, what in the name of Primus are you doing on the roof?.!" Magnus shouted as he ran out into the street below me. I was sitting near the edge of the spherical roof of the Old Iacon Council building, having my left foot hanging loosely over the edge while I supported my head with my right fist against my other leg. Even though I was looking towards the starred sky, the sharp image of the look on Magnus's face below me as he ranted at me to come down caused a very weak smile to play across my face.

"Optronix!" He howled. "If you don't get your aft down here..!"

"Magnus, you're going to wake up the whole city, keep quiet!" Prowl hissed, clamping his hand over the younger mech's mouth. Magnus struggled free and glared at him silently as Sentinel came out of the building behind them. Red Alert walked a few steps away and looked up at me in concern. Jetfire paced restlessly as the others began to discuss how to convince me to come down.

I ignored them.

Yes, that's right, I ignored them.

My optics had picked out two stars in the dark sky, and it my full attention. One I knew was Commos, the star in the Omni System near the mining colonies I used to work at as Orion Pax. I didn't know the other star's name, but I knew that there was something important about it... The San? Son?...

Something like that, I mused. It sounds right...

Actually, this wasn't the first time I'd come out here. There'd been previous times where I'd slipped out of the house at night to come look at the stars; though I have to admit, I didn't usually come out here to the ruined part of Iacon. Normally, I'd go sit on the edge of one of the spaceports and look out at the stars there, but lately, more starships had been coming in and docking there, and it was getting too busy to see past the lights to the night sky.

"Magnus, he completely ignored me when I went up there. It was like he was looking through me. Explain to me how I'm supposed to convince him to come down if his mind doesn't even think that I'm there?"

"I don't know..."

"Hey, Optronix!" Sentinel's rumbling voice caught me off guard, and I instinctively jumped to my feet and looked down at him.

"Holy slag..." Prowl managed, gaping open-mouthed at Sentinel. The older Autobot took a step towards me, "Are you done up there, or are you ready to come home?"

I blinked numbly at them, Sentinel's question not really registering in my thoughts. "Home?" I frowned, "I am home." Magnus put his face in his hands with a faint groan, and Sentinel stared back at me with a confused look.

"Optronix, this isn't where you live! It's-" Red Alert began, only to cut off as Sentinel raised a hand to silence him, the yellow mech not taking his optics off of me.

"Where are you, Optronix?" He asked quietly. I blinked again, trying to concentrate on what he was saying. Where am I... Where...

..."Welcome to Cybertron, Akinyemi..." Silvershadow's voice echoed...

"Would you knock it off?.!"

"Knock what off?"

"You know what, Cheryl!"

"There's no reason to yell at me, Shiori!"

"Both of you can quiet down, I'm trying to recharge, for Primus's sake!" I barked down the hallway at their bickering.

"Sorry, Orion," They chorused, sounding a little embarrassed that they'd woken me. I shook my head tiredly, and shut the door to my room again. Weird day, I decided as I crawled painfully onto the recharge berth, I don't usually hurt after a full day of mining... Particularly after seven years of so...

A blue ball bounced across the ground ahead of me as I chased it, only to stop at someone's blue feet. A slender, silver-grey hand picked it up, and my optics tracked past my ball into the blue face of a tall femmebot with concerned light-blue optics.

"Optimus, I asked you to stay inside," She said, placing her other hand on my much smaller shoulder and drawing me close to her huge, red-blue frame for a hug. I hugged her, then pulled away, "I know mother, but father said-"

"Your father only wants to hurt you, Optimus," the femme whispered. "You know what he does..."

I shook my head and pulled away, "He doesn't mean to, mother... He doesn't mean... he doesn't..." And I was suddenly crying in her arms.

"I know... That's why I have to send you away." She gently began rubbing the back of my shaking, sobbing frame. "I promise you'll be safe with my friend, she'll watch over you, your sisters, and your brother until I can join you..."

"So, what's your name?" the pink and silver femme asked. I avoided looking into her optics as I mumbled my answer: "Ootrwonix..."

"Orion Pax?" Close enough... I nodded, deciding that it was better than telling her my real name. She smiled gently, "Alright, Orion, welcome to Urnsat Major. My name is Heartsome. Let's go home." She offered her hand. I took it and let her lead me away from the huge, white starship docked in the spaceport...

"Optronix?" Magnus heard Sentinel call to the stilled Autobot standing on the roof above them. Magnus gazed up at the red, blue, and silver mech, feeling more emotions flashing though Optronix than was normal. He can't hear us... He's having a serious memory attack right now... He needs someone who knows what its like to have a memory attack, which isn't any of us... Magnus suddenly remembered someone who did have memory attacks aside from Optronix...

"I don't get it," Red Alert muttered. "It's like his audio systems are partially connected..."

"Why do you connect everything to medical stuff?"

"Because I understand 'medical stuff' better than anything else?"

"He isn't answering..." Jetfire noted, ignoring Prowl and Red Alert's argument behind him.

"I'm a little more worried about the fact that his optics aren't a normal color," Sentinel responded, almost afraid to take his own optics off of the unmoving mech. "Hardly saying anything is pretty normal for him at home."

"Magnus, he isn't about to jump or anything, is he?... Magnus?" Prowl turned all the way around, looking for the younger mech. "Where did he go?.!"

"Oh great! Lets just turn this into a 'let's look for everybody!' game!" Red Alert fumed. "Magnus, if you can hear us, get back here!"

"Why do we even bother?" Jetfire groaned, "First Optronix, then Red, now Magnus... Who's next?"

"Preferably no one," Prowl muttered.

BAM! The four of them jumped and spun around, looking for the source of the noise and if Optronix was alright...

... Only to find the mech wasn't anywhere to be seen once again... ... ...

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