Chapter Four: Magic and Memories

Raistlin rose slowly, testing the strength of his legs in supporting him. Not only did his body feel weaker then normal, Raistlin also felt his own powers weren't what they should be - what they used to be. Only in it's absence did the mage realize how much he'd come to rely on the Staff of Magus over the years since it had been given to him. Raistlin thought it would be nice to have the staff right about now. It could provide some light and lend him a hand in getting up off the floor. Without the old ally, Raistlin would just have to make do.

At least he still had his spell components. Raistlin reached into a pouch and found the proper ingredient even as he was already speaking the words of magic. A soft glowing orb appeared and slightly illuminated his surroundings. Well at least now he could see better, not that seeing was really helping the situation all that much. Mostly because there really was nothing more to see then Raistlin had observed before conjuring this magical light source. "Well great. I created light." Raistlin announced to no one in particular. "And for my next trick I'll attempt to create the wonder of fire."

At least talking sarcastically into thin air gave the mage something to do, and allowed him to verbally release some of his frustrations. Raistlin looked around the now slightly more illuminated room again to see if he could find any fuel for the fire he intended to coax into existence, even magic sometimes had its limits. The cell was beyond bare. Rock floor and walls, the later of which seemed to extend infinitively upwards dissolving into the darkness beyond his field of vision. The only thing that looked like a slightly plausible solution to his current need was some damp straw that had wriggled its way up against the wall, like the leftovers of some forgotten stable.

The thought made Raistlin chuckle slightly as he heaped the fuel in promising spot towards the cells center. At least fire made by magical means did not require its fuel to be dry. Again Raistlin spoke a few words of magic and straw jumped to life suddenly quite nicely ablaze. He spoke another magic command word and the original glowing orb flicked out as if it'd been turned off at some invisible switch. Well at least now it wasn't quite so unbearable in this dungeon. But where was the Staff of Magus?