South Island had never looked more beautiful to Sonic the Hedgehog. He closed his eyes and took the environment in with a great breath.

Now I remember why I came here, he thought with a smile. Rest and relaxation.

He opened his eyes and saw a group of birds chirping at each other affectionately. The world had gone back to normal.

Sonic opened the satchel that carried the Chaos Emeralds. I'm sure they'll want this back.

As he drew each from the satchel they started to slowly float into the sky, forming a ring of colorful gems. The emeralds moved in a counter-clockwise motion, their reflections spilling all over the island.

Sonic looked around as he saw trees and flowers bloom into even more beautiful forms. The rivers and streams became bluer than before. The scent of honey and flowers grew stronger. Sonic found himself at a loss; the island actually did look more beautiful.

He turned to look at the ring of emeralds, but discovered that they had vanished. He gave a light chuckle and sighed.

The fight was over. He had come to this island an ordinary hedgehog, a boy with little to no self-confidence. He would leave a mature young man with hope for the future.

Life was good.

Author's Notes

My apologies to those who had followed this story and were annoyed at my less-than-frequent updates. I give even more apologies to my rather lackluster additions to this story. While many portions of "The Fight for South Island" I am proud of, a good chunk was left with something to be desired.

I found myself having a difficult time adapting the later areas of the game into literary format. For example, I had originally planned on making a chapter that explored the Star Light Zone into greater depth. Unfortunately, I felt that the story would drag on and make you, the reader, uninterested over time. It is an idea that I might one day write as a one-shot.

To those who have followed this story: thank you. I've appreciated the comments and I'm glad to see that there are still Sonic the Hedgehog fans alive in the world.

If you have any further comments or suggestions for future Sonic-related stories, by all means send a comment!

Thank you,

Logan T. Hoffman