This is the last chapter. A big thank you to all my reviewers. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have. Slash101: I do not like slash. I personally think it is wrong. Tolkien never said that his characters were homosexual and I plan to keep them that way. And besides, if this story was slash, then I wouldn't be able to have such romantic thoughts about Legolas. Not that I do...

Legolas slowly awoke from his dreams one morning, the sun shining in his eyes. He squinted, and realized it was nearing the middle of the day. He yawned and stretched out on the bed he shared with his wife, reluctant to get up. He was at peace, and his soul sang because of it. After everything that had transpired, it was moments like this that he found healing and forgiveness for all his sins. It was moments like this that he truly cherished.

Looking beside him, he found that his wife was not there. He slowly got up, pulling a nearby shirt on. He went to the chest of drawers and picked up his comb, dragging it through his silky locks. Braiding it quickly and with deft fingers, he left the bedroom and went to seek his wife so that he might place a kiss on her lips and tell her he loved her. He walked down a flight of stairs and turned left towards the garden.

Natulcien sat on the grass with their three children, laughing merrily as their eldest, Estel, entertained them with a funny story and dance. Legolas smiled as Natulcien clapped, thoroughly entertained by their son. Maeglin, their newborn, cooed in his mother's arms as Silmarwen, their middle child and only daughter, picked flowers and entwined them into her mother's braids. Natulcien laughed and gently pulled on Silmarwen's braids, chiding her, but it was obvious that she did not mean it.

Legolas moved from the threshold of the door to the garden and walked towards his family. His pure azure eyes shone with a pleased light as he picked up his daughter and swung her around. He ruffled his son's hair and then embraced him as well. He sat by his wife, kissing her cheek tenderly and looking down at the newest addition of their family. Maeglin reached a chubby hand to his father and Legolas allowed his finger to be caught in Maeglin's entire fist.

And as he played with them, he felt his heart grow with contentment. Another shadow could have passed over the world but he would have not noticed. As a father and as a husband, he could simply be who Eru created him to be, and that was enough for him.