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Beecher hide under one of the staircases in EM City his knees tucked to his chest and his arms wrapped around his knees. He couldn't let anyone see the Confederate flag shirt Schillinger had made him wear. He wasn't going to just stand there and die for that Fucking Nazi Asshole, but that didn't make him feel any less scared if one of the blacks and what they would do if they saw the shirt.
"COUNT" Wittlesey yelled into the intercom at the central control center.

Beecher got to his feet and slowly made his way to his pod, relieved he hadn't gotten the shit beaten out on him.
"Hurry up, Beecher" one of the hacks yelled as he made his way to the stairs that would lead up to the pod he shared with Schillinger.
He didn't rush to get to the pod even though he had been yelled at again by another hack, he didn't want to be locked up with a very pissed Schillinger. He finally stood next to a grinning Schillinger with his arms still wrapped around his chest.
"Have fun today, Bitcher, you weren't supposed to come back alive"
Schillinger laughed as he grabbed Beecher's shoulder. His grip tightened when Beecher tried to shrug away. Beecher winced in pain and Schillingers grin broadened. He could hear the other Aryans around then laughing as well. He knew thing were not going to go well for him tonight, SHIT.
Wittleley stood at the central security center, glancing at her clipboard for a second; she then looked up to where Beecher and Schillinger stood for count. She could see the pain in Beecher's eyes and it made her glad that she had gone to talk to McManus after seeing the shirt Schillinger had made Beecher wear. They had decided to move Beecher in with O'Reily. She had seen them pal around for awhile now and McManus had agreed. She grabbed the clipboard she had been looking at and made here way up the stairs from the security center to the landing and walked over to where Beecher stood. She pulled out her club and placed it on the hand Schillinger had on Beecher's shoulder.
"Schillinger, let go"
He smiled at her and let go with out a fight.
"Sure thing Officer Wittleley." She ignored him as she put her club away and turned to Beecher.
"Beecher, pack your things you're moving." She ordered.
"What?" He said thou rally confused.
"NOW!" she barked "Ok, going" who was he to ask questions.

Hurrying into the pod Beecher pulled his locker out from under Schillingers bottom bunk. He opened it and placed his toiletries inside and closed it. He looked around to make sure he got everything, seeing his dirty laundry in the corner he picked it up,
and then shoved his it inside the locker. He then pulled the sheets and blanket off his pillow falling to the ground as he did. After folding his bedding he placed it on top of his locker and his pillow on top of that. He looked around once more before he grabbed his locker and walked out of the pod. Officer Wittleley nodded toward the stairs and lead Beecher away. Wittleley lead the way down the stairs and to one of the pods that held three bunks, six inmates,
five of which stood outside for count, one of which was Ryan O'Reily. As they reached the pod Wittleley turned to Beecher.
"Put your things up and get your ass back out here for count." She said then walked away. He didn't answer he just walked past the other inmates outside of the pod and placed his things down on the empty bottom bed of the bunk he would share with O'Reily. When he came back out O'Reily smiled, and then nodded in the direction of the upper deck. Beecher looked up at Schillinger and for once he didn't care what was going through his head. Right now he just didn't give a shit.

Schillinger just stood there, partly in shock, as Wittleley lead Beecher away.
What the fuck is going on. Where is that BITCH taking HIS PRAG. Vern thought as Officer Wittleley lead Beecher down the stairs and right to the pod where O'Reily stayed in. Shit, I thought I told BITCHER to stay away that fucking MICK, O'Reily! He knew O'Reily had been the one giving his PRAG drugs, but he had been too useful to kill at the time. Bitcher! Oh is he going to get it for this. Yes, he would punish His Bitch, just as soon as he could get his hands on him, even though he had made him wear that shirt to get rid of him, didn't mean Beecher wasn't still HIS property. Even though he wasn't looking or going to look, he could just imagine the look on that fucking Niggers face. NOBODY made a fool of him. He would pay and pay dearly for this little rebellion. Meeting his Prags eyes and then O'Reily's he smiled at them with glaring eyes, Beecher and O'Reily stared back unfazed.

It was count and he could see Schillinger standing in front of what used to be the pod he had occupied. Not anymore, the confederate flag shirt had been enough to get one the DAMN hacks to go talk to McManus. And here he was standing with O'Reily in front of his new pod. At first he was nervous, this could turn out one of two ways.
On the plus side, he would get a good nights sleep, down side,
Schillinger was going to be pissed. He might get to sleep at night,
but what about the day time, just being out in the quad, the cafeteria, the shower. SHIT. He was in trouble, if not dead in Schillingers eyes.
" Well at least I don't have to deal with him tonight." Beecher sighed "What was that, Beecher"
" I said at least I don't have to deal with Schillinger tonight"
O'Reily nodded "Damn, O'Reily, he is going to kill me in the morning"
They stood there for a short while.
"I can watch your back, you can eat and shower with me for awhile"
O'Reily said over his shoulder as they walked into the pod. He had one of his classic Ryan O'Reily smiles on his face, the smile where you knew he was up to something, and usually it wasn't good.
"What do I owe you?" Beecher sighed miserably as he looked at the floor.
"Nothing? Getting me out of Schillinger's pod has to cost something"
"I'm not the one behind you getting moved. Beecher, would you say we are partners,
Even friends on a certain level"
"Yeah, I guess"
"And friends look out for each other, right"
Beecher finally looked up and met his eyes.
"Then don't worry about it, I'll watch your back and you watch mine."

Beecher stripped down to his boxers and put on a fresh shirt. He waited O'Reily to finish brushing his teeth, then did the same,
before sitting down on his bunk. O'Reily pulled a chair over, while Beecher set up the chess board and pieces on top of his locker. By the time lights out came they were already in their bunks, Beecher reading a long novel and O'Reily flipping thru a skin mag. EM City went dark, but Beecher was a wake for a long while, he still couldn't clear his head of the worry.
His bunk, below O'Reily, in a pod he shared. Not O'Reily's Pod. Not O'Reily's bottom bunk. NO SCHILLINGER FUCKING HIM UP THE ASS in the middle of the night. Still, only tomorrow could tell if thing were going to get better or worse, but right now he was going to enjoy getting some worry free sleep.
Beecher finally dozed off, safe for now.

Beecher slowly woke it was still an hour before the light would come on. He sat up and looked around his pod at his new roomies. The two men on the bunk next to theirs had their back turned and he couldn't see O'Reily. He was so nervous that he could no longer sleep. He hadn't disobeyed, he hadn't asked to be moved,
but Schillinger would never believe that. He was just going to beat the shit out of him and then kill him. He was so fucking scarred,
though he would never admit that to anyone, not even O'Reily. He wanted to run to Mc Manus and beg to be put in Pc. No,No, NO. he was not going to run away and hide. That's just what Schillinger wanted. He was free and he was going to prove he had the balls to stay that way. But could he really stay alive without Schillingers help. What happens when O'Reily wasn't around to back him up.
O'Reily couldn't go to the showers with him everyday, what about going to and from his work detail. SHIT, SHIT "SHIT" he said out loud.
"Beecher, what's up, you ok?" O'Reily sleepy voice asked from above him. Everyone else seemed to have slept through his little outburst.
"Nothing, sorry, I didn't realize I had said that out loud." He groaned. Knowing that wasn't going to stop the curious O'Reily.
"Well you did. What's bothering you?" O'Reily asked as he sat up and slide his feet off the edge of the top bunk. He jumped off and landed lightly on the ground. He grabbed the chair from the corner and sat down in front of Beecher.
"Schillinger is going to beat the shit out of me and kill me if he gets the chance. You can't be there all the time. Damn, what am I going to do?" Beecher said trying to keep his voice low so he wouldn't wake the other inmates.
" You have to learn how to fight, how to defend your self, your right I can't always be there. Lifting weights will help build your strength and I could work with you some, maybe this afternoon"
O'Reily said "OK, do you really think it will help"
"If your strong enough, they can't pin you against the shower wall"
O'Reily said with a soft chuckle.
"That's not funny, O'Reily!" Beecher growled.
"Sorry, but I'm serious you have to learn how to fight. Your right I can't always be there to watch your back"
"I know," Beecher sighed "I know"
Beecher and O'Reily sat there quietly till the loud buzzer rang and the lights lcame on. After dressing Beecher stood by the door until O'Riely passed him. As they decended the stairs, they could see the Aryans standing to one side. Scott Ross had a "Your going to get it" grin on his face and Schillinger was talking causually talking to one of the hacks. They walked to the gate in scilence, Beecher gulped as they passed the Aryans.
"Beecher" O'Riely softly hissed in Toby's ear.
"What?" Beecher whispered.
"You can't let him see your afraid"
O"Riely said looking Beecher in the eyes.
"I know that already. I'm not afraid of him." Beecher growled.
"Then stop acting like you are. Beecher, you have to just push past them without looking back or caring about what he thinks. If you don't watch it you're going to get gangbanged. Beecher shuttered.
"See there you go again"
"I'm not scaired, Damn it!" Beecher nearly shouted as he shoved O'Riely out of the way.
O'Riely chuckled under his breath. "Now that's what I'm talking about!!"

Shit, he's right. I forgot all about Adabesi and even Ross, without Shcillinger I'm an open target. FUCK. I'm so screwed. I can't go to PC, no that will just show I'm a coward. Then what do I do. I can't just sit here like a sitting duck. I have to find away to show them I'm not vunerable, but how. I really don't want to resort to violence, but here what choise do I have. I'm going to have to prove myself, prove that I'm not His Prag, His Bitch, or anyone elses.
O'Riely grabbed Beecher's shoulder.
"SHIT" Beecher growled as he tries to punch him. O'Riely caught his first.
"It's ok, man. You can't afford not to pay attention"
"I have your back, just keep your head up"
"Ok" Beecher replied as they made their way through the line and picked up their trays. Once they got to the table, Beecher was suddenly shoved forward. Luckly he had already put his tray down, otherwise he would have droped it.
"Bitcher, I told you to stay away from the Mick, now get over here"
"No" Beecher said quitley.
"What was that, Bitcher. I didn't hear you was that a "Yes, Sir.
Beecher turned around and faced Schillinger. He looked him in the eyes for a moment before answering.
"I said NO.!" Beecher replied loud enough for him and the people close by could hear.
"OOOO" Some inmates laughed.
"You tell him, baby." One of them yelled.
O'Riely came around the table to stand beside him. Giving Schillinger a wide smile.
"Fuck off Schillinger, I'm not your Bitch anymore"
More inmates started laughing as they caught on to what was happening"
Schillinger faceturned red with anger and was reaching for his prag when a CO came up behind him with his club drawn.
"Break it up, Now or someone's going to the hole." The CO yelled.
They waited for Schillinger to walk away before they turned back to the table and sat down. to eat.
Schillinger stood by his table for a minuet fuming. Then took his seat next to Ross.
'The little Bitch is going to pay for this." Ross said with a smile. " I have an idea, O'reily can't watch his back all the time. Then his ass is ours. It'll teach him not to disrespect you or the brotherhood. What do you say. Four guys up the ass." Ross suggested.
"Six and tear him up good." Schillinger replied as he poked at his food. While he was safe with his group he let his mind wonder.
THAT LITTLE BITCH!! NOT HIS PRAG. OH, was he going to pay. He was going to teach his bitch that when he was not there bad thimgs happen. He was going to enjoy watching him get gangbanged and maybe he'd have some fun too.
Across the cafeteria Beecher was also poking at his food, lost in thought. This time O'Riely didn't say a word.
It felt good standing up to that ASSHOLE, but now he was open for anyone wanting to get their rocks off. No he wouldn't think about that. he had to act strong, like he wasn't afraid that he was no longer protected. He had O'Riely. He could do this, he had to do this. He had already stood up to him he can't go back now. He'd thank McManus someday, but right now he just wanted to survive with everthing intact.

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