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Prologue : In the End

"Wake up… please…"

He kept shaking her lifeless body, but to no avail. He despised just about every inch of this Digital World, down to the stupid laws of conformity that were concealed within each and every city they came across. He felt no remorse for the city that had become victim to his own anger.

He did, however, refuse to admit that his own friend had perished; his reason for his rage.

"C'mon… wake up…"

The two digimon had nothing better to say, as they sat, side by side, watching, sadly. There was nothing that they could possibly do to help him bring her back. They could already see the fractal code wasting away. There was nothing anyone could do now.

His hand instinctively went towards the tag around his neck.

"I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to bring you back," he whispered, closing his eyes, "Terriermon, you know how you always say it's not right to mess with the natural order of things and I always agreed with you?"

At this, the bunny-like digimon's ears perked up.

"Yeah…" the small creature replied.

"Well," he said, smiling, though not his usual, happy thoughts smile, "I'm disagreeing… just this once."

Before anything more could have been said by either Terriermon or the other digimon, the boy ripped the tag off of its chain and threw it downward, by means of smashing it open.

"No! Don't do that!" Terriermon cried out, "Yo-"

But the digimon got no more words in, as the tag broke open, instantly, revealing the dark violet crest inside. There was a rumble, then another, before the whole of the Digital World just vanished.

And then, it started anew.

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