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Chapter 2 : How Did I Lose? The Ode To Death and Dying

Well, we've done it now.

How could I say it any other way? We knew it would come to this, being on opposite ends of the battlefield, watching as the other had to attempt to fight for life and limb. You were fighting the losing battle… and all I could do was watch from the sidelines, then become a horrible victim to the monster that ate you up.

Maybe this is karma finally giving me a ring for all the wrongs I have caused to you. This is someone's horrible way of saying 'Hah hah, you deserve this.' I just pushed you off the edge… I'm a horrible tamer. You couldn't take it anymore, and you cracked. This is what happens when I don't pay attention. I'm sorry. Really.

We've finally lost.


Rain made things so hard to see, so hard to run from murderous pursuers once known as friend. Running for what seemed like forever made her feel nothing but her own guilt as her feet pounded on the pavement, each step getting heavier and heavier. First a forest, then, a city. Soon, she knew exactly where she'd be, and she knew exactly where her quest would lead her.

Whether that quest led her to the right place was beyond her. She hoped that it would be as such. Karma had to be on her side now.

As she turned the corner, she slipped, fell, landing right on her side. Snarls from behind signaled to her synapses to get the hell up, and get the hell moving. However, her body could not move. It did not move, as if it wanted to let the punishment commence, let the rest of her soul be tortured.

Was it not tortured enough to lose one's best friend?

Somehow, her synapses had yelled enough that she found herself up and moving again. If she did not reach his house soon, she was sure that the monster behind her would. How did she lose to him?

How could she possibly?

They knew each other since the day they were born! Little bubbles in the bath always soothed them back then, why did the bubbles not work now? Why was it not that simple?

A snarl. A scream. Silence.

She finally found herself face to face with him, her arm in his jaws. His eyes were yellow, much unlike the cute green they always used to be. The blood dripping off of his jowls was not only her own, but his too. He was fighting it. He was trying.

He had not given up!

But she was too frenzied to see that. Too scared. Petrified. Mortified.

In the pause that ensued, she managed to tear her arm out of his teeth. Pain seared throughout her body, but she paid no heed as she brought her knee up to… wherever it would hit. Without another word, she turned and ran, a sudden growl of pain from the creature telling her all she needed to know.

Down the street, past the boxes, over the hedge. She knew the route well, though she had only been there a few times before.

She should have had a key to the house by now.