Girl Friends

My first act of my life and it's on a good TV show girl friends. I'am going to be a friend of Tony's and Maya tries to hook up with me because I'am very attractive .So me and Maya hooked up and we went out on a date it went well. Then I and Maya had a little problem it wasn't bad but we settled it and we went on another date this time we went to the movies then I went to her house and sat down and started to talk and stuff and after that who knows what else happened. Maya and her girlfriends went out and I was at home thinking about her as soon as I said something she was walking thru my door. So I

How was your day with your friends she said good it would have been better if you was there. I said oh really she said yes. I said I'm going to take you some where special. The special place I'm going to take you is the best restaurant in town. That place is Gilley's that is were my parents met at. Maya said that's so sweet. So we went in and had a very good time. So I took your home gave her a hug and a kiss and said good night. I said I will see you tomorrow she said ok good bye. So I drove off as I drove off I was thinking about her all the way home. So when I got there my friends was waiting on me I for got I told him to come over at 10 o'clock. So we had chilled for a little while me and my friends. When they left I went straight to sleep. So when I woke up I had 30min to go to work 15min away .So I rushed and maid it on time. When I came home I was tired and sleepy but guess you were waiting on me at home it was Maya we sat down and watched a little movie then she went home and I went to bed.