Authors Note: This story has some "Chobits" references in it and this chapter is product placement gone crazy! I don't own Chobits (for that are owned by Clamp), or Fairly Odd Parents (for that is owned by Butch Hartman). Danielle is mine though.

"Danielle! Wake up sweetie, happy birthday!" said Mrs. Cohen happily; gently shaking her daughter's shoulder. The teenage girl slowly peeked her amber eyes out from under the covers, her loose golden blond curls tousled and slightly messy. She peered at the alarm clock, it read 8:00 in the morning…. too early for a Saturday.

"Ugg, Mom it's to early and Dad shut that thing off!" she said attempting to wave off the camera her father was holding.

"Were sorry Chobit but we could not wait another moment to celebrate with you!" her Dad said, his voice not losing any of it's pleasantness.

Danielle smiled, Chobit, his pet name for her she could never stay mad when he called her that. "Just give me ten minutes and I will be right down." Her parents agreed and left the room. She got up and stretched in front of the mirror, her lower-back length tresses falling into place. She looked herself up and down in the mirrors reflection, still the same her. She played lots of sports so she was in very good shape; she flexed her arms in order to show her reflection her well-developed muscles. No one would call her spoiled… but her family was very well off. The clothes she currently wore were self-proclaimed her comfy clothes; a pink sports bra, an Abercrombie racer-back tank and a pair of Hollister short-shorts. She walked over to her closet and made her way through a number of long and short frilly dresses. She selected a fluffy pink one with matching thigh highs. She finger combed her hair, put on a little eyeliner and was ready to go. She walked downstairs slipping a bit on the marble floors. She arrived in the kitchen and smiled at her parents and gave them both hugs.

"What was it that you said you wanted for your birthday?" asked her Father video taping her every move.

"Orlando Bloom?" she said sitting down at the table.

"Close but not quite… I admit we overdid it this year," said her Mom reaching into the kitchen closet for Danielle's gifts.

"Oh god Mom, you spoil me!" said Danielle.

"Well since you said you had no need for a sweet 16 we thought we could give you a little something extra."

Her mom came out with an armload of gifts and set them on the table. An Apple Laptop, an Abercrombie gift card, another frilly dress, and tickets to the premier of a large budget movie.

"Thank you so much Mommie, Daddie!" Danielle said hugging them.

"There are two more gifts for you… outside," said her mother raising an eyebrow.

"No…. you didn't" Danielle squealed.

"You go ahead," said her father smiling. She ran outside and gasped at what se say. A brand new, black shiny 2007 Saturn Sky!

"OH MY GOD!" She shirked. She got behind the wheel and adjusted the seat. "This is the hottest car EVER!"

"Look in the back" he mother shouted from the door.

She obliged and saw a purple lava lamp. It was awesome, Danielle loved all retro things and this did not disappoint her one little bit. "Guys this is awesome!" she yelled looking into the lamp.

"Do you want to go visit your friends in you new car?" asked her Dad.

"It's too early for that, they are probably still sleeping. I want to turn on my new lava lamp first." She brought her gifts up to her room and sat on her bed. He dress was in her closet, her tickets were safely tucked away, her gift card was in her wallet and he laptop was charging. She plugged in her awesome new lamp… nothing. She waited… still nothing. "Awwww come on!" she said taking it into her hands attempting to rub some warmth into it. Just then a huge flash erupted from the lamp and what appeared to be a man hovered over her. From the waist up, he was perfectly normal looking. He had tan skin with armbands going up and down his limbs. He was dressed in a sleeveless blue vest with a white also sleeveless button-down shirt under it, a fez keeping his curly black ponytail on top of his head and a red bow tie with matching belt. He wore black sunglasses over his violet eyes and where his legs should have been there was a long whips of blue smoke.

"I am Norm! The all-powerful genie of the seventies lamp! You must be my new master and I have to grant you three wishes. I know the drill, and I'll save you the trouble of your first wish" he said. He snapped his fingers and a sandwich appeared in front of Danielle. She looked at it puzzled.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked.

"Most of the time that's what you stupid humans wish for first. If you don't want it I'll take it," he said taking a large bite out of the sandwich. He took a look around Danielle's room.

"Whoa is this your house?" he asked in amazement.

"Well… part of it. This is just my room" said Danielle.

"This place is huge!" exclaimed Norm looking around. "So what's you name kid?"

"Danielle Cohen, of the Dimsdale California Cohens."

"Nice to meet ya, so lets get these wishes going, you have three left" said Norm cracking his knuckles.

"Thanks but I really don't need anything," said Danielle sitting innocently on her bed.

"You're joking right? Every 16 year old girl wants something!" yelled Norm throwing his arms into the air.

"Well, I'm kinda errrr… let's call it privileged. I have everything I could ever want and I don't want to be ruler of the world so I won't wish for that. It's all-good."

"You have to be kidding me, I'm here to serve you and yet you want nothing." He sighed and lowered himself on the bed next to her. "And since I am still bound by the rules of the lamp I can't go anywhere!"

"I'm sorry Norm… I didn't mean to…" Danielle started her voice saddened.

"No don't get sad, I have to keep you happy. So tell me about yourself" said Norm clearly uninterested but attempting to make conversation was a way to suggest wish ideas.

"Well my name is Danielle, some people call me Danny and my dad calls me Chobit or Chobi. I have lived in Dimsdale all my life and am pretty happy here. My dad used to own a multi-million travel agency and sold it, and my mom used to own a multi-million real-estate company but then sold it…."

"So that's why you are so rich?" asked Norm.


"What's with the dress?"

"It's my way. I have a bunch but I dress normal too" said Danielle walking over to her chest of draws and opening it exposing the many pairs of jeans and tee shirts.

"You are just about one of the luckiest girls I have ever met," he said. "All I have is that little lamp to my name."

"You don't have to sleep there, my closet is really big. There's a couch in there and everything!"

"Really? That would be great," said Norm. Danielle showed him the large closet and he sat on the couch. "This is awesome, I mean this is the life."

"Glad you like it, now I am going to visit my friends. You have the room to yourself and in about an hour my parents go off to work. They don't need the money but they work for fun at a grocery store. You can explore the house, go swimming, watch tv do whatever. I'll see you in a while" said Danielle. She selected a pair of shoes, and walked out the door. "Later Norm" she called up.

"Who's Norm Chobi?" asked her father.

"Uh I named my laptop?"

"Oh you kids there days, have a nice time with your friends" said Danielle's Mom.

"Bye guys, I love you" she skipped out the door hopped into her brand new car and speeded down the highway not knowing that she just received a gift that would change her life forever.