Title: Shattered Innocence

Author: DnKS-giRLs

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Kanda-Allen

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Warning: OOCness and super sappy and over-romantic and… well… you can say it's a modified soap opera… duh… btw… forgot one thing, it's future (gasp) MPreg!

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Chapter 1 - Red on White

All around them was white. White icy sky above their head gave the perfect image of the cold white land covered with snow under their feet. White snow fell gracefully on their nearly white skin that had been long since suffering from the extreme chilly weather. The air moved languidly as if in lazy breath, floating above the land as white silvery mist.

The date showed that time as the twenty fourth of November. The place was somewhere near the city of Kiev Rus, Russia. Their reason of coming was to fulfil their mission, which was to come to a certain cathedral to attain an innocence that was said to be found there. And their only hope was to finish their mission as soon as possible and then back to their warm and dry personal room in the headquarters.

It was at times like these that Kanda Yuu silently cursed his job as an exorcist. But even as his mind complained in a loud voice inside his head, he forced his feet to move forward. With his eyes he scanned the perimeter. Though he could spot nothing unusual, his numb fingers held the hilt of his sword tightly for he knew their enemy would soon appear before them.

"So cold…," his companion said softly.

He averted his glare from the faint horizon to the lithe boy standing beside him. Standing amidst the snow, Allen Walker looked more fragile than usual. The snowflakes got caught in his soft hair was nearly invisible, given the fact that his white hair matched the whiteness of the snow itself. Kanda thought that he somehow looked like an angel and he shook his head to clear his mind. He blamed the cold for making him thinking something weird like that.

"So what?" he said rather harshly, commenting on Allen's words earlier. He could see the other flinched ever so slightly but gave no mind to it. Harsh attitude and cold appearance, those were his utmost form of defence. Kanda Yuu had lived up his life with those strong walls that neither let any emotion in nor allow any of his emotion out. Life was better, he thought, without any petty irrational thing called emotion involved. Maybe that was also why he seemed to be always somewhat a little bit too harsh toward Allen. It was simply because the said boy always showed too many emotions for his own liking; else than the fact that he was totally naïve and innocent.

"Can't we stop maybe for a little while?" Allen's voice came again into his hearing. "I don't want to slow us down, really, but I almost can't feel my fingers."

"You don't have to feel your fingers to fight," he said.

"Well… I can't move my hand to fight if I can't feel it so I was just wondering…" Allen said.

"Stop wondering, you can do a better job by staying on guard," he growled. "My statement is still standing. If I find that you're a nuisance, I'll leave you behind, no matter what condition you are in."

He could see Allen being silenced at that. At first he thought that maybe he was a bit too harsh but suddenly the said boy laughed a little.

Wanting an explanation, Kanda glared at him.

"But you saved me that time," Allen smiled as he explained his reason of laughing.

Kanda frowned, thinking about 'that time'. He didn't know what he was doing when he protected Allen from an Akuma that attacked him on the doll incident months ago. "That was an accident," he said with a pressure to the word 'accident'.

"Yeah right…" Allen chuckled. "Well…it's my favourite accident, then."

The way Allen said those words and the way he smiled almost took Kanda aback. There was something there behind that smile, a sadness he couldn't place and a sheer happiness he couldn't understand. But, as always, he ignored it and resumed his pace in walking forward. He knew that Allen was following him, no matter what complaint the boy had. He glanced back once only to see Allen shivering slightly but kept walking nonetheless. Seeing the condition his companion was in, he hoped that they would find their destination before long. Stopping there would only make things worse so no matter how cold their body felt, he knew it was better to continue walking to keep their limbs from being frozen.

As if answering his hope, soon he could see a large silhouette of a building standing proudly not so far away from the place they were standing. Knowing their destination was near, Kanda moved his steep in a quicker pace but soon realized that Allen was not beside him again. With slight annoyance he looked back to see Allen standing a few feet away from him, shaking terribly. Further observation provided him the fact that Allen really looked very pale.

"What are you doing?" he asked as his way of saying 'Are you feeling unwell?'

"Sorry," Allen said. "I'll be there soon, it's nothing."

Kanda was debating in his mind about what to do. In the end he sighed and walked back to Allen's side. He took the boy's palms in his own, rubbing them gently to warm them up and blew hot air to the numb fingers.

"Really, you're hopeless," he grunted, but before Allen said anything, he continued his words, "And don't think that I'm doing this for you. I just want our mission to end fast."

"Sorry," Allen said. "You don't have to do that, though. I'll be fine on my own, you can just go and I'll be with you soon."

Kanda shrugged but not stopping his work. They said no word after that and the silence almost felt insufferable.

The silence…

Kanda frowned at his sudden realization. He stared at the building with his calculating eyes. It was so silent. Too silent. It was not normal for usually there would be a team of finders placed around the area to secure the innocence before they could come and take it.

Allen sensed the sudden tense that came over Kanda and he asked, "What's in your mind?"

"It's too silent," he explained. "We should be able to find some finders here but there's none."

Allen seemed to think for a while then he pulled his palms from Kanda's and stared at the building in the same way like what Kanda did. He scanned the perimeter using his cursed eye.

"We should get ready," he said. "There are lots of Akuma inside…too many…"

Kanda nodded. Slowly he pulled out his sword and beside him he could see Allen activating his weapon. If there was any reason why their enemy had not yet attacked them, it must be that they wanted to do an ambush when they entered the cathedral.

"Could you give me a number?"

"I can't count. They're simply too many. Maybe a hundred or so…" Allen felt silent, "I hope we both make it back."

The building became bigger as they stepped closer to it. When they had reached the main gate, Kanda grabbed Allen's right arm. "Even if I don't really care about you on other situation, I'll be as good as dead if you leave me with hundreds of Akuma", he said while he still gazed forward. "So, don't die."

"I'll try," Allen said and he somehow felt Allen smiled at him. "You too… don't die, okay?"

He released Allen's arm and managed to push the grand door open. Their eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness and the sight waiting before them was nowhere near pretty. They could spot large groups of Akuma lurking on every corner of the shadowy space around them. Their eyes were gleaming menacingly in the dark and before he knew it, Kanda felt a blast landed on his left side. Giving no space for thinking, he moved forward and prepared himself for the battle. And soon, his sword's thirst of blood was satisfied as he sliced everything that came to his personal space.

As the battle continued, Kanda's feet brought him further into the inside of the building. He inspected his surrounding carefully. The building's actual shape was similar to some sorts of historical ruins, not like usual cathedral in Western area which always took shape of a cross. The building had a high ceiling that was supported by large pillars—where the Akuma hide themselves. Snow fell down from the cracks on the ceiling, making the floor covered by white snow. There were stairs not far from where they battled, leading to another corridor. Kanda presumed that those stairs may lead to the innocence that he and Allen were searching for.

Another blow landed on him, made him grit his teeth in annoyance. Things seemed not to get any better soon if they continued to fight like some blind men like this. They were way outnumbered. Kanda realized this and cursed inwardly in his mind. He knew that while they were fighting, the enemy might take the innocence, thanks to their great number.

His eyes drifted around, hoping to see a certain white-haired boy somewhere in that spacious room. He could see Allen still fighting but his eyes missed not the sight of blood streaming from a gash across the boy's chest. He knew they could not stand this condition any longer. Allen's condition was bad enough when they entered the building and those wounds on his body really did nothing to make him any better.

The sight made him swore louder. Those bastards of Akuma probably were playing with them now meanwhile there were others of them searching for the innocence. Just since when had they gotten so smart, anyway, Kanda thought bitterly, spat some blood to the ground. There must be some high level Akuma giving them commands. But he could do nothing—they could do nothing—else than fight. So he fought, so he struggled, he swore, and by a mean of luck he managed to clear his path to Allen's side.

The first thing he did when he was side-by-side with the younger exorcist was screaming into his ear.

"You idiot! I've told you not to even try to die on me!" he shouted, loud enough to make Allen's head shot up, loud enough to even make those Akuma cringe if they had what people called emotion.

"And just who wanted to die?" Allen said though his voice was barely above whisper. "Anyway, we can't do this forever, they-" Allen stopped mid-sentence to give a nice blast to some Akuma that were coming towards them. "They keep coming without end!"

"I know," Kanda said. Glancing to Allen's chest as he sliced some more of their enemy he asked, "How's your wound?"

"I'm fine," Allen said shortly. Kanda knew what he meant by those words. It meant not that he was totally fine, but he could still stand it, though by looking at the other's condition, he wouldn't stand for long.

"Can you still run?" Kanda said. "I'll keep them here and you can go in search for the innocence."

"But…" Allen started to complain but Kanda wanted to hear no such complaint.

"It's neither time for debating nor acting heroic, bean sprout! Now go, and search, and once you find it we can go from here, understand?" he said. "I believe they said it was kept in some kind of altar. Now make yourself useful and go!"

Kanda pushed the boy away from him but he felt Allen tugged on his coat and looked straight into his eyes as the boy said, "You better be alive when I come back."

Hearing that, Kanda let his gaze soften and said, "And you better have the innocence with you when you come back to me."

That was his last words to the boy before he saw him fleeing from him. He could sense the Akuma moving as if in attempt to chase after the running boy but he positioned himself to block their way, smirking menacingly.

"And where do you think you're going?" he hissed, feeling stupid for really attempting to talk with creatures like them and put the blame on his blood loss as the cause of him being irrational. "Our fight has not yet ended."

He did not know whether the Akuma understood him or not but they did give him much thought after his statement. Soon, their battle resumed in the same way as before with added spice that now there was no Allen there, meaning those Akuma had only one target left: him. Being the sole target for those Akuma was really something that he found the least bit thrilling. And he could see white spots dancing before his eyes which, he thought bitterly, he doubted those being snow. His vision became hazy and his world started to spin beneath his feet. More than once he tripped and gave himself fully open to the attacks.

Kanda swore. He cursed. He cussed using anything both holy and unholy. Those white dots before his eyes had gotten thicker and they began to twirl like blizzard when, at one point, he saw a very bright light coming from the direction to where Allen had left earlier. He saw the light got even brighter. He saw those Akuma backing away. He saw the pitch black shadow give away to the light and the snow covered floor glowing under his feet. And then he saw no more. All around him was simply white.

Blinking his eyes, Kanda realized that he somehow had ended lying on the floor. He did not remember collapsing, but it must be what happened to him earlier to make him in this kind of position.

His headache came back to him as he stood up. He placed his palm on his temple and felt the sticky blood there. He looked around, somehow confused and tried to make his mind work to get some sense about what really happened here. He looked at his wounded body and a memory of a certain white-haired boy flashed through his mind. His eyes widened as he remembered everything. The mission, the battle, the light, Allen…

His feet were wobbly at best when he forced them to walk in search for the said boy. He knew he should stop before further damaging his feet but he did none of that, rather he pressed his lips and ran as fast as those legs could carry him. He did not know what happened after the light came into his field of vision. He just knew that somehow when he woke up, all of those Akuma was gone already. The only reason he came up to was that they had gotten the innocence and took their leave.

They took the innocence, Kanda thought as he ran frantically, they had the innocence, but…

But, if they had somehow taken that stupid bean sprout too…

His face was as dark as the stormy sky when he came to a halt before a certain sight. He felt his breath stopped in his throat as he processed the vision before him. There, just some feet away from him, Allen Walker, the boy who was currently occupying his mind for some good deal of time, was lying in the middle of his own blood.

All around them was white, but there, he saw the redness of Allen's blood standing conceitedly on the pure whiteness of the snow. Red on white, and on top of that was Allen, sleeping soundlessly as if he was content being there.

The sight made him sick. The feeling of sticky blood beneath his feet as he made his way to the seemingly sleeping boy was enough to make him cringe. The emotion rose within him as he took that motionless body into his arms could not be described with any word from any language. But the relief he had in his heart when he spotted the faint rising and falling of the boy's chest was beyond any other. He was alive, and that only was enough.

Carefully so that he wasn't hurting the boy more than what he had already endured, Kanda took Allen's body and exited the building. The blood coming from Allen's many wounds trailed a trace behind them as they walked on the perfectly white snow, staining it with the colour of red.

All around them was white when they walked back the path they had just walked earlier, but this time, there were red stains of blood on the white snow beneath their feet.

- end chapter 1 -

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