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Now let's rock!

The academy was huge. Not extremely luxurious, but it would do nicely, the guy thought as he was in line to register for Kaiba Corp's Dueling Academy.

'Man, sure are a lot of people here,' the guy thought to himself as the lineup was rather large. There were many kids that were around his age. And judging by their looks, they probably had come from all around the world. Global duels had become more popular since Kaiba Corporation's Grand Championship Duel Monsters Tournament that was held ten years ago.

And now, enter the newest dueling craze. The dueling academies. Schools dedicated to giving duelists a high school formatted education, and teaching teenage duelists on how to hone their skills so they'll be ready to become full accomplished pro duelists. The academy that provided both aspects was what inspired Jay Gilder to come to try out for the Academy. However, this tryout would only come once a year and you would have one duel to show the instructors what you're made of.

Jay was indeed excited at having a shot for the Duel Academy. His shining green eyes and brown hair only proved his point more. At age fifteen, he was slightly above average height compared with the other boys he had seen being five feet ten inches and one hundred sixty pounds.

After what felt like an eternity, he had reached the front desk, where an exhausted receptionist greeted him. "Hello. Welcome to Toronto's Audition for Kaiba Corporation's Duelist Academy," she began. "I'll need you to fill out this form before we proceed any further."

Receiving the form, Jay looked it over. Basically, simple identification requirements: first (Jay) and last name (Gilder), date of birth (3/15/15), current level of education which was up to Grade nine at the time, health card number which was part of Canada's health system. Once he filled out the form, he handed it back to the receptionist, "There, all done."

"Good," she handed him a piece of paper. It was numbered #C-2-128. "When this number gets called over the PA system in the C section, it will be your turn to duel. The "2" means you'll be dueling in the second arena in the C-section," she noticed his dueldisk on his left arm. "And I see you have a dueldisk, so you don't need to rent one. Good luck."


Koji Kuramoto knew that even from these people who had not even qualified for the academy, that one could potentially learn many chapters of information from even a single person. Such was the reason why he was here, to gather information on others' dueling strategies.

It wasn't necessary for Koji to be here, as he had already qualified. But he did not want to pass up the chance to get an advantage on what any potential opponents had to offer. However, from what he was observing from the C-section, there were only a few students worthy of observation. Hopefully, he would get the chance to duel the potentials with his unique deck.

Koji was a student entering his second year. And he always took his dueling and his studies very seriously. As such, he was rewarded for his phenomenal scores with a spot in the top dorm known as Obelisk Blue, which was shown by the blue jacket the Obelisk students wore. Koji was fairly well built for his age, being sixteen. He stood five feet ten inches, and clocked in at one hundred seventy pounds, which was slightly bigger than most Asians he knew being of Japanese descent from the countryside. He sported spiky hair, and a pair of glasses to top it off, making him appear even more intelligent than he already was.

Koji sighed at the last duel he watched. Yet another, disappointing duel down the hatch. He couldn't even gather anything interesting on account of the kid's deck being pretty much all over the place. He then heard another number be called over the PA system. Not long after, a girl strode into the dueling arena. Judging from her look of confidence, and perhaps her opening moves that he will soon see, much could be learned here.


Once Jay got inside the C-Section, he was amazed at the atmosphere inside. There were more kids than there were outside. Some were showing their friends the cards they had gotten; some were dueling using the playing mats they bought with card packs, and some were just socializing with their fellow duelists. Jay went over to a food stand instead and bought himself a hamburger to munch on while he waited for his chance to prove to the instructors of the academy that he was ready.

As he munched away on his triple burger, he decided to take a quick look at his cards. Thumbing through them quickly, he made sure that they were all there. A deck that consisted almost entirely of Spellcasters was what Jay was going to throw into the ring. His thumb-through confirmed that all cards were there and accounted for. This was sure going to be exciting.

Jay spent a lot of his time playing in the local tournaments in his Toronto neighbourhood. He won a lot of them. That's when he learned about the Duel Academy, where some of the best of the best were taught how to play even better. So he had prepared all summer, in hopes of being able to qualify. After finishing his burger, he turned his attention to the duel going on the big television many people were watching. A girl was doing her examination duel, and she seemed to be doing very well.

Girl: 1900 LP

Examiner: 1200 LP

"Your Ryu Kokki is nothing to be afraid of," declared the girl. "I couldn't care less if its ability destroys all Warriors and Spellcasters it faces!" She thumbed through the cards in her hand. On her side of the field, she had a Dark Blade, a dual sword wielding knight clad completely in black armour in Defense Mode (4/1800/1500), and a Gearfried the Iron Knight, another warrior wearing a bodysuit made out of iron and sporting a long blade along its right arm also in Defense Mode (4/1800/1600). On the instructor's side of the field, was a Zombie monster known as Ryu Kokki (4/2400/2000). Its body appeared to be made completely out of other skulls.

"Then prove your point Miss, otherwise forfeit the duel."

"Very well, I shall," she answered with a flick of her long brown hair, "I sacrifice my two Warriors to summon my ultimate monster! Meet Gilford the Legend!"

The two warriors dematerialized into balls of light, which merged together. From the light, emerged a single warrior. It sported navy blue armour across its chest, which matched the facemask it wore. To top it off, it had large gray armour pieces on each shoulder. But most of all, it had sheathed several swords along its body. (8/2600/2000)

"And now for the best part," her brown eyes narrowed, "his special ability activates. This lets me take every Equip Spell card from my Graveyard and equip them directly to any warrior on my side of the field. This includes my Lightning Blade, my Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade, and my Wicked Breaking Flamberge Baou!

Everyone watched as the three swords returned from the Graveyard surrounded Gilford and were magically sheathed were other swords used to be. (8/4200/2000)

"Now Gilford, attack Ryu Kokki now!" the girl commanded. At her command, Gilford charged at the undead monster. As it charged, the three swords equipped to it magically unsheathed themselves to surround Ryu Kokki. Next Gilford became a blur, and flew right through the Zombie. It grabbed one of the swords, and flew through it again. Gilford did this two more times before stopping. After a few seconds, the skulls that held Ryu Kokki together suddenly began to fall apart and the monster crumbled before becoming scattered into bits of data.

Girl: 1900 LP

Examiner: 0 LP

The crowd gave its applause to the female duelist, for this victory would guarantee her a spot in one of the three Duel Academy dorms. She was told to proceed to another area, and that the next duelist would be called out in five minutes.


C-Section Cafeteria

"And what a spectacular finish," Jay said aloud to no one in particular, "Nothing rocks more than winning with style." Once the duel ended, he went over to a card stand, in hopes of finding some good packs of cards he could buy.

'Yikes! These cards are expensive,' he told himself, 'but these are definitely some good cards without a doubt.' Perhaps he could buy a card or two. But that may put a hammer blow to his wallet, and at the same time the cards he may buy could be a factor in the upcoming duel. As he about to ask the card vendor to make a purchase…

"Duelist C-2-128, report to the second arena for your examination duel!" the loudspeaker boomed.

'Aw man, so much for totally kicking ass. I'll have to settle for plain kicking ass.' And with that, he strode towards the dueling arena. He entered through the doors where the duelists entered. He showed the guard there his identification that he was required to go through.

The atmosphere was even more fascinating. Probably because everyone who was in the stands likely had their eyes locked on who the next duelist was going to be and what he/she had in store to prove their worth. And now they were about to lock their eyes on Jay as he walked towards the center of the stadium.

Jay gazed at the man standing opposite to him. He was bald, had a yellow jacket on, and something that looked like a guitar with duel zones strapped onto the jacket. He was immediately confused.

"Say, what the heck is that you're wearing?" he asked slightly tilting his head, "Is that a duel disk or a guitar?" This question got the whole audience laughing.

"Very funny," replied the examiner. "Should you win this duel, you automatically qualify for the Duel Academy. And if you lose, then you obviously do not qualify for the academy. Are you ready?"

"You bet. Otherwise why would I be here other than to check out the pretty ladies?" And with that, he activated his Kaiba Corporation made dueldisk. Many different versions of the dueldisk had come out in the last ten years, but he liked the original the best.

"Let's duel!" Jay and the examiner said in unison.

Jay: 4000 LP

Examiner: 4000 LP

"Since I am the examiner, choice of turn is yours. Choose whether you or I will start."

"I think I'll start," answered Jay, picking up five cards from his deck. 'Hmm…it's not too bad of a hand.' He selected one card from his hand, and placed it face down sideways on the dueldisk, "One monster in defense mode." A large hologram of the back of a card appeared horizontally in front of Jay. "I'll set two more cards face down, and that's all for now." He slid two cards into the Spell/Trap slots on his dueldisk. Two more cards appeared between Jay and his horizontal card.

Now the examiner drew a card from his guit… err dueling… device. "I play Cost Down. By discarding one card from my hand, I am able to lower the star count of every monster in my hand. And now I am able to summon a six-star monster, known as Mobius the Frost Monarch!"

In front of the examiner emerged a large sky blue being that looked like some sort of robot with a blue cape. (6/2400/1000)

"And now Mobius' ability lets me destroy your two, face down cards." Two laser beams shot out from the monster's eyes and dispersed Jay's Trap cards, leaving his lone monster on the field. "And now, I shall attack your monster!"

"You've revealed my Gravekeeper's Spy! (4/1200/2000)" A dark skinned man clad in a black turban and black robe appeared and was immediately crushed by Mobius. "You get one point for being able to destroy it, but its effect activates, allowing me to summon another monster with "Gravekeeper's" in its name with 1500 Attack Points or less! And I'll summon another Gravekeeper's Spy in Defense Mode!"

"I set one card face down and end my turn," said the examiner.

"Okay, back to moi." Jay drew a card off his deck. 'Now that's cool man. That's cool. That monarch just fried my entire defense strategy. But he's in for a shock.' "I set one monster in defense mode. Then I play one card face down and end my turn."

Jay watched as another card hologram appeared next to his Gravekeeper's Spy, and one appeared behind the monsters. 'Well my plan will rid the field of Mobius, and give me the lead in this duel.'

"Already running?" mocked the examiner, "you're here to duel, not defend." He drew. Now I play Mystical Space Typhoon, which let's me destroy one card on the field. A huge gust of wind blew Jay's card off the field. "And since the monster I sent to my Graveyard was an Earth attributed monster, I may remove it from play, namely my Big Shield Guardna, so I may Summon Gigantes!

A large brown ogre with a single horn coming out of its forehead appeared on the examiner's side of the field. (4/1900/1300) "And now Mobius, attack his Gravekeeper's Spy with Frost Crush!"

Jay basically saw a repeat of what happened last turn as his face up monster was destroyed. But the examiner as expected was not done. "And now, Gigantes, attack his face down monster!"

"Think again," shot back Jay. "You've revealed my Old Vindictive Magician, (2/450/600) which spells trouble for you! I can automatically destroy one monster on your side of the field."

Once Gigantes had made quick work of the aging magician wearing a red magician's robe, an aura surrounded Mobius the Frost Monarch. It began to rust quickly, and then dispersed.

"Not bad Mr. Gilder," said the examiner. "But I now have one monster to nothing on your side. "And it's your move."

Jay then drew another card bringing it up to two cards in his hand. Choice cards they were, as he would use them both. "I summon Skilled Dark Magician in Attack Mode! (4/1900/1700)" A man wearing a black robe with three beacons on it appeared. "And now I activate Graceful Charity! This lets me add three cards to my hand, but I must send two to the Graveyard!

One beacon on the magician's robe lit up. Jay was quick to explain. "And whenever a Spell card is activated with Skilled Dark Magician on the field, he gets a Spell Counter. And now I activate Pot of Avarice!"

"Hold on!" interjected the examiner. "You need at least five monsters in your Graveyard to use that. And I count three!"

"Heh! When I played Graceful Charity, I discarded two monsters. Giving me the amount I need!" Jay took his five monsters, and added them to his deck. He then proceeded to shuffle it. "And then I draw two cards." From the look on his face, he liked what he saw. "And now, I'll boost my magician's strength with Mage Power! This raises his attack and defense for every Spell and Trap on the field, which includes this face down card." (4/2900/2700) The third beacon on the Skilled Dark Magician lit up. "And now, I'm ready to attack! Go my mage! Attack Gigantes!

With one blast of its wand, the Skilled Dark Magician had crushed Gigantes.

Jay: 4000 LP

Examiner: 3000 LP

But the examiner was not alarmed. "Since you destroyed Gigantes in battle, his special ability activates. Now all Spell and Traps on the field are destroyed." An unknown force appeared which destroyed Mage Power and Jay's face down card.

But Jay was far from worried. "However, my Skilled Dark Magician (4/1900/1700) has three Spell Counters now. So his special ability activates. I sacrifice him to Special Summon Dark Magician from my Deck!

With the vanishing of the Skilled Dark Magician, a new monster appeared in its place. This one had a purple bodysuit with a large purple hat, and it carried a large green staff. (7/2500/2100) "And I think this is how my turn will end," said Jay.

The examiner drew one card off his deck, and acted quickly, "I play Swords of Revealing Light," he announced. Large bright swords came down from the sky and landed around Jay and the Dark Magician. "Now you cannot attack for three turns. And now I summon Chiron the Mage in Defense Mode!" (1800/1000) A strange half horse half man appeared on the examiner's field holding a long rod with a ball at the end of it. "And I will set two cards face down."

It was Jay's turn now. 'Great, now I can't attack with these infernal swords up. But I'd best prep myself for something, because he's got three turns to prepare something for me.' Taking the single card in his hand, he placed it face up sideways on the disk. "Peten the Dark Clown, in Defense Mode."

A clown appeared, with large baggy pants and a fancy red hat appeared kneeling on its card hologram. (3/500/1200) "And that's all."

"My draw then," said the examiner. "I play Pot of Greed, which lets me draw two cards." Looking at his set of four cards, he made his move. I play Heavy Storm, which destroys all Spell and Trap cards on the field!"

"You must've really not liked your Swords of Revealing Light, nor your face down cards to do that," retorted Jay, as large gusts of wind blew all the Spell and Trap cards away.

"Actually I like them better than you think, especially if they are Statue of the Wicked cards. Which they are," shot back the examiner. "And for those cards destroyed, I can summon a Wicked token." Two tokens appeared on the examiners side of the field, giving him three monsters. "And now I shall sacrifice my tokens to bring forth my Moisture Creature!"

A large translucent ball shaped creature appeared with glowing yellow eyes. What was bizarre though was that an umbrella and what looked like some sort of drill came with the monster. (9/2800/2900) "Next I shall play Mask of Brutality, which raises Moisture Creature's Attack power by 1000! (9/3800/2900) And now I'll shift Chiron into attack mode. Moisture Creature will attack your Dark Magician!"

Suddenly, the drill that came with the Moisture Creature began to move. And it drilled right into the chest of the Dark Magician, destroying it. "And now Chiron will attack your Dark Clown!"

Chiron's staff stab was quick and deadly, as Peten was destroyed instantly. But Jay wasn't totally alarmed. "When Peten gets destroyed, I can automatically Special Summon another one by removing the one that got destroyed from play." He took a card from his deck and placed it sideways on the dueldisk. In response, another Peten appeared in Defense Mode.

Jay: 2700 LP

Examiner: 3000 LP

With a draw of the card, Jay could tell he was in trouble. 'Well I think I'm on to his strategy. And that involves Spell and Trap disruption. Evidence of that is four of my best Trap cards in the Graveyard, all of which could have come in handy right now,' Looking at his monster card in his hand, his eyes glowed slightly, 'But I think I'll be okay for at least another turn. I can play this monster, and I can summon another Peten when I lose this one.' "I may be down, but out I am not. I set one monster in defense mode and end my turn."

"Very well then. To keep Mask of Brutality's power in play, I will pay 1000 Life Points. And now, Chiron attack his Peten the Dark Clown again!" With another attack, another Peten was gone. "And my Moisture Creature will finish off your final clown. Now no more clowning around from you!" he mocked.

Jay: 2700 LP

Examiner: 2000 LP


It didn't take a genius to figure out that this guy named Jay was running a Spellcaster deck. In Koji's mind, Jay was a good duelist. However, he ran out of cards pretty quickly in his hand. A smarter duelist would have rationed his hand more intelligently until it was absolutely necessary to use all the cards required to win. Koji noted that Jay would have to keep top decking (a term for those who rely on the draw of a card) in order to win, and then find a way perhaps to either replenish his hand, or find a way to knock down the examiner's powerful monsters.


Jay was a little disappointed that his face down monster was not attacked. Now to activate its effect, he'd have to flip it and possibly risk an impending attack. Ah well, life never came without risks. "And now I flip my Magician of Faith into Attack Mode (1/300/400)! A female magician appeared, sporting a purple robe with maroon coloured underclothing that matched her hair with a crescent shaped staff.

Jay snapped a card out of his Graveyard. " And when she's flipped, her ability activates! Now I can move a Spell card from my Graveyard back to my hand, and I choose Graceful Charity!" He quickly drew three cards from his deck. Of the cards he held, he discarded two. "And now I activate Magical Dimension!" A human shaped capsule appeared that was held in place by chains. "By sacrificing my Magician of Faith, I can Special Summon one Spellcaster from my hand!"

The examiner watched with curiosity as the Magician of Faith dematerialized into a ball of light, which went into the capsule. His face turned to horror when he remembered the effects of Magical Dimension. Jay had a big grin on his face, and he was right to have one. "Say hello to Dark Magician Girl!"

The capsule opened, to reveal a human shaped figure. It was a female, dressed in a pink skirt and blue top. It matched her blue and pink boots, her armbands and her hat perfectly. And to top it off, a short blue and pink staff with a golden head. Her looks alone could dazzle a crowd. She gave the examiner a wink and a peace sign. (6/2000/1700)

Jay wasn't done. "And thanks to the Dark Magician you destroyed earlier, she gains 300 extra attack points (6/2300/1700). And Magical Dimension's second effect lets me destroy one monster on the field," looking around he made his choice, "so your Moisture Creature can start packing." With a poof of data, the Moisture Creature was sent to the Graveyard. "And now, time for me to take action! Dark Magician Girl, destroy Chiron the Mage with Dark Burning Attack!"

Dark Magician Girl floated elegantly in the air. She raised her wand high, as a ball of magical energy was quickly generated. And with a swing of the wand, the magical energy was aimed right at the opposing monster. It raised its shield in an attempt to defend itself, but it was no match.

"Beautiful and elegant, isn't she?" asked Jay.

Jay: 2700 LP

Examiner: 1500 LP

'I think I really got him on the ropes. His strategy involves disrupting my Spell and Trap cards. But now he's in a tight spot, and I got nothing other than my beautiful Dark Magician on the field. What can he really do?' Jay noticed that the examiner was taking his time playing his cards.

"I set one card face down and another face down in defense mode," the examiner glumly said.

"Then I guess I had better wrap this up then," declared Jay. "You fought well with a deck you barely know, but knowledge truly does beat ignorance in the end." Drawing a card, he continued, "And now I play the Spell card Nobleman of Crossout! This automatically removes your face down monster from the game." A black hole opened up and took the revealed Cyber Jar down with it. "And since I doubt that face down card can harm me, I'm gonna finish this now. Dark Magician Girl, direct attack!"

The bald examiner braced himself as he was struck directly by the magician's attack. The force of the attack knocked him to the floor.

Jay: 2700 LP

Examiner: 0 LP

"And that's that," said Jay as the holograms disappeared from the field. He heard the thunderous applause from the crowd as they cheered.

The examiner got up after being knocked over and walked over to Jay. "Congratulations son. Your skills are excellent. However, there is much you still need to learn. I think a spot in our Duel Academy will do wonders for your skills."

"Thanks sir!" said Jay shaking his hand. "You won't regret losing to me!"

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Card of the Episode

Moisture Creature


Attribute: Light

Type: Fairy

Effect: If you Tribute Summon this monster by offering 3 monsters on the field as a Tribute, destroy all Magic and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field.

Jay: Hmm, this is quite an interesting monster. If you're willing to make the 3 monster investment your opponent, which was me in this case can say good bye to his entire back row of Spells or Traps.