The first time Draco had shrieked about hair fall, utterly distraught, Harry had merely laughed and dismissed his ludicrous fears. A quick glance at Draco's head told Harry all he needed to know. Draco wasn't balding, merely melodramatic.

The second time Draco had lamented about his soon- to-be-bald state, Harry had paid a bit more attention. A bit. He conceded that it was probably only for a few seconds, but he did look up from his latest case brief to survey Draco's blonde locks. He did. Truly, he did.

The third and fourth times, Draco's distress had been palpable. So Harry had gotten out of his chair, to inspect the four to five strands of hair, grasped loosely in Draco's palms. Harry had dutifully inspected Draco's scalp and commiserated with his loss of another four strands. Harry of course, did not roll his eyes. Truly, he did not.

Nothing was amiss then.

Nothing was amiss the fifth or sixth time either. Nor was there any cause for alarm during the seventh, eighth or ninth time.

But Draco was still convinced.

Draco was balding.

The tenth time, Harry all but almost threw his briefcase at Draco's head. Maybe then it would knock some hair off, justifying the attention they were paying to this ridiculous notion.

But the look in Draco's eyes stayed his hand. Truly, it did.

Harry did roll his eyes this time, but it was just before he drew Draco into his arms to kiss Draco's perfectly-normal scalp. One kiss to bestow health, two kisses to bestow hair growth and abundance, three kisses to prevent further hair fall.

Draco laughed at his nonsense, pushing him away to fix his styling gel, all worries forgotten.

So the next day, when Harry woke and found strands upon strands of blonde strewn across the pillow, he merely quietly picked them off without fanfare.

Maybe Draco truly was balding.

So Harry bestowed another three kisses to Draco's sleeping form.

One kiss. Two kisses. Three.

Just in case.

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