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Good morning/afternoon/evening to everybody! If you haven't ever read a fanfiction of mine before, my name is Dyeh - pleasure to meet you, my new buddies! In fact, I praise you for even clicking the link that lead to this. It was curiousity, wasn't it? Either that or you're one of my old friends who are following my stories n.n;;. But yes, curiousity was probably the main reason you clicked on this.

So let me clear some things up.

1. This is a Future Fic. Meaning that this takes place in Hiro's 1st year of Highschool. I do have enough shame to not put an eleven/twelve year old with a sixteen/seventeen year old, thank you very much.

2. Hiro may be a bit out of character, but this is how I view it. I don't believe he's really a selfish brat, I think he's hiding under a mask. But, you analyse it yourself, but please don't flame me over; "ZOMG! Hiro's out of character!"

3. This is a seven part series (not including this prologue.) There will be no sequels.

And, all in all, this is a challenge Fanfiction for PurpleAjah. In return, she owes me a Kyou x Momiji one. I can also say for certain that this is the only Yuki x Hiro fanfiction on Fanfiction. (Heh heh, I wonder why... -.-). It makes me feel kind'a special, ya know?

Anywho, I won't keep you any longer. Enjoy.

I'll Show You!


"Hello, is Kisa there?" Hiro spoke into the phone, cross-legged on his bed, his pillow in his lap biting the bottom of his lip in anticipation. He was going to tell her his feelings. He couldn't tell her in person, despite his 'in your face' attitude, he was far too shy. What if it destroyed everything? What if she didn't feel the same way? ... What if he hurt her?

Well, at least Kisa wouldn't be able to see Hiro's rejected face, or Hiro wouldn't be able to see Kisa's hurt one.

His breathing hitched as Kisa's Mother replied; "Ah, Hiro-kun! I'll get her for you!" Yes, Hiro called so often that his voice had become an easily recognisable voice to both Kisa and her mother.

This was it...


"Ki-Kisa, h-hey, I ha-have to tell y-you so-..."

"I'm so happy, Hiro!"

Hiro blinked. Kisa had... cut him off? Wait. Had Kisa interpreted what he was going to say? She was his best friend after all. Had she really known, and had just accepted like that? Really? Was this true?

Hiro's face lit up, his fingers clasping the pillow rather tightly. Okay, now ask her to the movies with you on Saturday. Come on, Hiro, stop being such a stupid prissy princess! You're supposed to be a prince, dammnit, a prince!

"Hey, Hiro, can you guess what I'm excited about?"

"Huh?" What in the...? There was something more exciting than his feelings for her?

"Yamada Suzu, he asked me on a date! I'm so happy, Hiro, so happy!"

Hiro nearly dropped the phone. His eyes widened, mouth moving to work but not being able to get anything out. His brain shut down, and he could have sworn he felt faintish. Who in the hell was Yamada Suzu? Oh... right... that was that dickhead that Kisa was working on her chemistry project with. What was so great about that?

Finally, Hiro's mouth started to work; "a-and what did you say?"

"Yes, of course!"

This time, Hiro really did drop the phone, although it fell onto his mattress and bounced before muffling the receiver. His hand, still raised where it had been began to shake, and, for some strange reason he felt uncontrollable tears accumulate in the side of his eyes – guys didn't cry though. He didn't know what this incredible feeling of hurt was, why he wanted to cry – or, why he was crying. He didn't understand any of it.

"Hiro? Hiro? Are you there, Hiro?"

But, what he didn't understand most of all was why Kisa would accept a date from anybody but him.