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Chapter Two

Yuki blinked, staring at the pile of text books that Hiro had 'so politely' dumped on his desk. "Hiro, what's this?"

"What's it look like?" The sheep shot, glaring at the rat who simply raised his eyebrow in Yuki's direction. Oops. Hiro had looked down his nose at the rat on impulse – even Hiro was smart enough to know that looking down his nose at Yuki was not the way to get the help he needed. "Uh, I mean; Would you help me study, p-please?"

Okay. That had almost killed him. Being nice to his cousins was like a foreign thing for Hiro – especially the word 'please'. Hiro never used that word. Not even with his mother or younger sister. Obviously, that had completely shocked Yuki, and the eldest of the pair tilted his head to the side and asked; "Why are you suddenly asking me for help, Hiro? Did something happen between you and Kisa?"

"None of your god-damn business!" Hiro shot back automatically. Screw being nice to Yuki – if he wanted to pursue things that weren't his own business, then Hiro would rebel with things that would make him not want to ask him the same question again. So, looking extremely rebellious, Hiro glared at Yuki and dared him not to help him.

Luckily, Yuki sighed, scratched the back of his head and said; "Well, I won't pry any further." He sighed in a dramatic-Yuki-fashion; "pull up a chair."

Hiro did as he was told.

"Kyoooooo, you're never going to believe this." An overly hyped Shigure sang, bouncing down the stairs – he'd followed Hiro – to the living room where the cat was eating potato chips under the kotatsu. He stopped when he realised that Kyo wasn't paying any attention to him.

Shigure sighed, and sat himself on the corner beside Kyo – Kyo being on the end of the table, that would have to mean that Shigure sat on the right diagonal side, as that was closest to the door. And then... he tugged; meaning that he tugged at Kyo's sleeve.

And he wouldn't stop until the cat paid attention.

One minute...

Two minutes – and a small rose red annoyance mark on Kyo's forehead.

Three minutes – and a medium rose red annoyance mark on Kyo's forehead.

Four minutes – and a large rose red annoyance mark on Kyo's forehead.

Five minutes – and a massive rose read annoyance mark on Kyo's forehead.

Half way through minute five, Kyo exploded. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT YOU STUPID DOG?"



Shigure sighed, his hand on Kyo's forehead, keeping the cat positioned over the diagonal of the table, away from his person. It was surprisingly what a little joke like that could do to set the cat off. Kyo's temper had been improving, though, in the years; especially after he started dating Tohru – much to Shigure's woe, now he really would get hit if he tried to hit on Tohru. "Calm down, Kyo-kun, I was only joking."

Kyo humphed and sat back down on the other side of the table, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Anyways," Shigure said happily, knowing that Kyo was paying him some kind of attention, even if it wasn't direct; "guess what our lovely Yuki's doing."

"What who's doing?" Kyo asked in a stubborn manner, causing Shigure to sigh.

"What Yuki-who-is-ugly-and-not-as-good-at-fighting-and-kicking-sufficant-ass-as-Kyo is doing."

"Oh. Him." Kyo said, tilting his head; "What's he doing?"

"Tutoring Hiro."

Kyo's mouth almost hit the floor. Yuki – who, by the way, was inferior to him after he lost at a game of chess due to a stupid mistake – it is important to note that Yuki was half asleep. It was good that Akito hadn't specified what Kyo should beat Yuki at. – was tutoring Hiro? The selfish, brattish, thought-he-was-better-than-everybody, madly in love with Kisa, Hiro?

Happily, Shigure was nodding in the background. "Yep, yep. Or, that's what I presume it was anywho. Hiro did go into Yuki's room with a lot of school books."

"It won't last." Kyo decided, stretching; "Hiro will lose interest eventually."

"No, he was snappier than usual today." Shigure said, his hand on his chin contemplating this fact; "I wonder if something happened with Kisa again?"

"Oh, right, and the stupid sheep decided that he'd get Yuki to tutor him over that."

And, in a rare Kyo-Shigure moment, the pair looked at each other for a few seconds, and burst out into laughter.

"Okay, and in this one you..."

Hiro didn't understand any of this. Here Yuki was, pouring over his paper with a red pen – let it be known that Hiro hated the colour red – marking all his answers with large crosses, then going back and re-explaining them in a way that only a college professor would understand. Yuki finished explaining the question, shoved the red algebra marks into Hiro's face and said; "Do you understand?"

Hiro looked blankly at the sheet of paper, but he would not under any circumstances or pain of death actually admit that he didn't understand what Yuki was saying. "..."

It was unfortunate that Yuki seemed to get the picture though. He sighed; "Let's try explaining this in a different way. Okay, if an ice-cream truck sells this many ice-creams..." he drew a number on the sheet, and continued the explanation.

Hiro resisted the largest urge to pick up the textbook and whack the rat over the head with it.