To Shape A Solo

Anakin Solo felt queasy. Nauseous. The hole in his gut did little to help that. He was dying, on the hard yorik coral floor of the worldship where the Yuuzhan Vong had developed the vicious Jedi hunting Voxyn. He vomited out another mouthful of blood, and lay there as it pooled around his hair, which was already matted and tangled with coagulated blood.

He heard footsteps approaching.

Turning his head slowly, and feeling extreme pain, he saw that three Yuuzhan Vong were walking up to him.

They had a Voxyn on a leash with them. The trio were lead by an ancient looking male Yuuzhan Vong, with eight fingers on each hand. The ancient Yuuzhan Vong squatted down next to Anakin.

"Your brother has killed the Voxyn primary. Congratulations," he said, with a brittle sounding voice.

Anakin only sighed weakly in response. The shaper (the tentacles on his head gave Anakin that impression) gestured to the two warriors next to him, "Bring him to my laboratory and restrain him."

He was dragged roughly through the worldship's twisting tunnels, finally arriving at a sealed membrane. The shaper stroked the membrane, causing it to dilate and permit them to enter. He was thrown on the floor and blorash jelly was used to cement him to the floor. The warriors left, leaving him alone with the shaper.

The shaper picked up a snake from a nearby vivarium, and said something harsh-sounding to it. The snake stiffened and flattened out, much like an amphistaff which was becoming spear-like. The shaper approached him.

"Now, Jeedai, you will be shaped," he said, slicing openAnakin's skull with great precision and slowness. Anakin felt fire in his head, but didn't even have the energy to speak. The shaper then took out a slug-like biot, which proceeded to latch onto his head. The slug slowly moved away, pulling the top of his skull with it. The shaper approached him, and he saw in the shaper's hands a long, whiplike instrument. He shuddered, shaking uncontrollably, and the shaper laughed, "You will now join our voxyn queen, Jeedai."

And with that, the shaper used the flagella-biot to sever Anakin's brainstem, and put in an oxygen-secreting oozith, which would preserve it. He would bring it to Warmaster Tsavong Lah.

In Tsavong Lah's audience chambers, Yal Phaath presented him with the brain of Anakin Solo.

"This is the brain of Jeedai Solo, Warmaster," said Yal Phaath.

"Very well. I'll get Ch'Gang Hool to grow a dhuryam with his brain. Many thanks."


Months later, when Jacen killed several dhuryams aboard Ch'Gang Hool's ship, he never knew why one of them was pleading to him. Telling him to kill it.