Chapter 18 – A Tale of Two Brothers

Night settled over the British Isles, replacing the murky grey of the days with a murky darkness of a typical British autumn night. It wasn't yet turning really cold, but it was obvious that summer had packed its suitcases and had gone on a long vacation. Darkness settled over the cities and villages, but over the past weeks the darkness had proven to be anything but peaceful. The darkness was when the Death Eaters came out to play. All over the country, witches and wizards were more careful than usual in locking their doors and windows at night and avoided leaving the house after nightfall.

In London that change was less easily recognisable, as the population of wizards and witches in the big city was not that big. But after the attacks on the Tower Bridge and Camden Town there were noticeably fewer tourists in the city and nightlife seemed to thin out remarkably.

But all of this played no role whatsoever in the scenery in a small purely muggle-inhabited area in the north of London. The people who lived there worked most of the day and went to bed early at night, never mind what Voldemort and his Death Eaters were up to, and never mind that the British authorities had officially declared the destruction of the Tower Bridge and part of Camden Town as an act of terrorism by unknown perpetrators. It didn't change anything about the fact that hardly anybody was ever seen on the street here after nightfall. The people here needed to get up early in the morning to get to work, they had no interest in staying up late at night, anyway.

However, there was one amongst the inhabitants of this street-block who in fact did care a lot about what Voldemort was up to, and what his next move would be. However, as even evil needed to sleep at times, the pursuers of evil had the right to do the same.

It was half past five in the morning when Janus suddenly woke up. Automatically, his hand pulled his wand out from underneath his pillow and he silently sat up in bed. He didn't know what it was that had woken him, he was a light sleeper, but there definitely had been something out of the ordinary that had interrupted his sleep to make him become this alert so suddenly. Something more than a bird, or a car honking somewhere in the distance.

Not bothering to switch on the lights, Janus soundlessly got up, moved towards the bedroom door and opened it. He always kept the hinges of all his doors well oiled so that he could move through his flat without making any sound. He didn't really think that he was in any danger, his apartment was well protected and warded up tightly, a fact that was made all the more easy by him living in a purely muggle neighbourhood. But nevertheless it was never wrong to be careful and vigilant. It was one of Moody's lessons, though Janus never took it to the same extreme that the old Auror did. But Janus wasn't stupid. There were quite a few Death Eaters who'd rather see him dead than alive, and he had planned on living for a while longer, thank you very much.

On bare feet Janus silently walked down the corridor towards the living room, from where a dim light was shining. Somebody had lit a fire in the fireplace. Probably somebody had flooed into his flat, which would limit the number of people who could be here at this time of day down to a very few people Janus trusted. Nevertheless, Janus remained careful and turned around the corner into the living room with his wand in a firm grip. He immediately lowered his wand as he saw just who was lying on his living room sofa, then stepped fully into the room.


Slowly, Remus lowered the arm he had placed over his eyes and focussed his slightly glassy eyes on his brother.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I went to headquarters, but Sirius left a note in my room that I should come here immediately", Remus said, his voice flat and without expression. He looked tired, and didn't even make a move to sit up on the sofa.

"I'd have gotten up in half an hour anyway. And considering what's happened, it's good that you came here immediately."

A small frown appeared on Remus' forehead. "Did anything happen?"

"You could definitely say that."

Remus struggled to sit up a bit straighter on the sofa. "Is Dad all right?"

Now it was Janus' turn to frown. "Yes. I mean, I haven't talked to him in a while, but why shouldn't he be?"

Remus sank back down into the sofa and sighed. "Forget it. I just thought…forget it. Obviously, you wouldn't understand."

Janus shook his head and instead of trying to find out what his brother was talking about he tried to focus his mind on more pressing matters. He took a moment to take in his brother's appearance. Remus' clothes weren't torn or extremely damaged, but they weren't really clean either. Remus hadn't shaved in a couple of days, there were dark rings under his eyes and he seemed to be radiating exhaustion. But on first sight, there was no way for Janus to determine whether his brother was injured or not. No way but asking. "Are you all right, or do I need to call a healer?"

Remus tiredly shook his head. "Just tired."

"Then you'd better get some sleep. When is moonrise tonight?"

"Quarter to six."

Janus thought for a moment, then he nodded. "All right, there's still time for you to grab some hours of sleep. But not on the sofa. Take my bed, I'm awake anyway and I need to make a couple of calls."

Remus nodded, but for a couple of seconds he didn't move, as if he needed to work up enough control over his body to rise from the sofa. Without another word he slowly made his way out of the living room, and a few seconds later the sound of the closing bedroom door came from the hall outside.

Janus scratched his head with the top of his wand, then he went into the kitchen to make some coffee.

Half an hour later, Janus had showered and dressed, – including sneaking into his own bedroom for clothes on tiptoe so as to not wake Remus – and he was just about to start his third cup of coffee. Slowly he was starting to get awake, and that meant he had better start making some calls before Remus woke up again.


Harry and Ron still didn't know where Hermione had vanished to, but they did start to worry when Binns floated through the blackboard towards his desk and started his monotonous lecture. Class had started without Hermione. She was late, and that in itself was an occurrence without precedents. Professor Binns didn't seem to notice anything amiss, but then again Harry guessed that the ghost would not notice it immediately if none of the class showed up for the lesson.

Harry fought the oncoming drowsiness as the minutes trickled by like syrup, occasionally doodling on his parchment instead of taking notes, and exchanging worried looks with Ron when Hermione didn't make an appearance, however belated.

An hour into class, Harry was convinced that Hermione wouldn't show up for class anymore.

"Do you think something happened?", Ron whispered in a worried tone of voice.

Harry had to hide a smile. "Ron, Hermione only went to the library. What could have possibly happened to her there?"

"I don't know, but she's missing class, mate. Voluntarily. When has that ever happened before?"

Harry cast a glance at Binns, but the ghost didn't even seem to notice that anybody else besides him was talking.

"I don't know, but I really don't think anything happened. She probably looked something up, became engrossed in it and forgot the time. You know Hermione. There's only one problem about it."

Ron frowned. "Yeah? And what would that be?"

"She might expect us to take notes for her."

Ron paled and looked down on his parchment. Two games of hangman with Harry, some ineligible doodles and a small variety of pictures showing a hook-nosed figure with black hair drowning in a huge cauldron. Harry's parchment was equally empty as far as notes from Binns' lecture were concerned, and Ron's gaze grew worried.

"We're doomed, mate."

"Think anybody else has notes we can copy?"

Ron looked around the room, but all he saw were students in various states of drowsiness and sleep, and he didn't suspect that anybody had taken any really useful notes during this particular class.

Harry sighed. "Well, we'll just have to tell her that she missed a class without a chance of catching up on it. And anyway, she'll have a bit of explaining to do about why she missed the class in the first place."

Ron nodded, and at that moment the bell rang, announcing the end of the lesson. Binns stopped his monologue mid-sentence, took a quick look around the room and as he saw nobody approaching his desk with a question, floated back through the wall out of the classroom. Ron and Harry hurriedly packed up their stuff and left the classroom. They both had the rest of the morning off, which would normally mean they'd head back towards Gryffindor tower. But today, curiosity was deterring Harry from his plan. After a quick check on the Marauder's Map that Malfoy was on his way to Charms class as he was supposed to, Harry turned towards Ron.

"Shall we go to the library and see what Hermione is up to? I'm curious as to what it is that could possibly keep her away from a lesson."

Ron nodded and together the two of them set out to search for their friend.

The library was still rather empty that early in the morning. A group of fifth-years was sitting around one of the front tables, studying for their O.W.L.s, and here and there a random student was looking something up in a book, but no Hermione in sight.

They finally found her in the back of the library, sitting at a table, nearly hidden from sight between stacks and stacks of books. She had a roll of parchment in front of her and was scribbling frantically, not looking up except to check something in a book, or to sort the volumes with quick and precise movements into neat little stacks.


Hermione didn't react as Harry and Ron stepped up to her desk. Harry cleared his throat and tried again.

"Hermione? What are you doing?"

Hermione raised a hand to stop him while she finished writing something down, then she looked up.

"Ron, Harry, hello. I'd have come and fetched you soon, I just needed to finish something."

Ron was staring open-mouthed at the stacks of books Hermione had surrounded herself with. "What in Merlin's name is this? 'Mione, you do know that you just missed History of Magic, right?"

Hermione waved him off. "That's not important, I can always read it up later."

Harry took a step back and Ron's jaw dropped a little at that off-handed statement. Hermione saying it didn't matter that she had missed a class? Ron cast a worried glance at Harry, then looked back at Hermione.

"Are you all right?"

Finally, Hermione looked up at her two friends and smiled. "Of course. Something Fairbanks said this morning got me thinking. I just wanted to look something up, but then I found out so much that I needed to get some sort of order into it first."

Harry shook his head and looked at all the books with a frown. "Hermione, what is all this?"

"Research", Hermione replied with a smile.

"Research?", Ron echoed.

"Yes Ron, research. The most important research we might have ever conducted."

Ron swallowed visibly. "And by "we", you mean…erm, us? As in you, Harry and me working through all those books? In our free time, outside of class?"

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, not even taking notice of Ron's worried tone. "Yes. You'll understand once I tell you what all this is. And now sit down and let me explain."


It was nearly eleven when sounds from the bathroom announced that Remus had woken up. The shower started running, and because he had just finished off the last of the coffee, Janus got up from his seat at the kitchen table and started to brew a new pot.

Remus came into the kitchen a little while later, wearing the clothes he had arrived in this morning, only that he had exchanged his shirt for one of Janus' t-shirts. He looked a little less exhausted than he had done earlier, and also a lot less ragged now that he was showered and shaved. He slowly entered the kitchen, as if he was only waiting for Janus to object. Remus had hardly ever been in Janus' flat over the past years, and he certainly reacted as if he didn't quite belong there.

Only when Janus filled a cup with coffee and placed it on the table in front of the empty chair opposite of him did Remus fully enter the room and sat down.

"Good morning", he mumbled as he began to stir milk into his coffee. "Sorry for waking you earlier, but Sirius' note really sounded urgent."
Janus waved him off. "It's all right, I told him to make it urgent for you to come here. There's a number of problems we have to deal with before moonrise tonight."

A frown appeared on Remus' face. "What problems?"

"The Ministry wants to interrogate you."

Remus put his cup down so hard that some of the coffee spilled onto the tabletop. "Why?"

"Well, I'd say what with Voldemort threatening to set werewolves loose on the community it was only a question of time until they started to go looking for the people on the werewolf registry. Imagine their surprise when they found out that you were amongst those who were nowhere to be found."

Remus sank back in his chair and tiredly rubbed his hand across his face.

"Great. And now?"

Janus shrugged and finished his coffee. "I have something in mind, and I've already been making some calls."

Remus nodded, clearly trying to figure out what Janus was talking about, yet he didn't ask directly. Instead he got up from his chair, took a glass down from the shelf above the sink and filled it with water from the tap.

"You do know that London tap water contains chlorine?", Janus asked just as Remus had raised the glass to his mouth. It only took those words and one sip of the water and Remus was leaning over the sink, spitting the water out again.

"Thanks for the warning", Remus said grumpily and poured the remaining water down the drain.

"There's water in the refrigerator", Janus replied without revealing whether he was amused or not by the little episode. Remus went over and pulled a bottle out of the refrigerator, then he sat back down.

"Before we go and try to do our best to keep you out of prison, how about you give me a little insight into what you've been up to over the past weeks. You cut our last conversation short, so now I want some answers."

Remus sighed. "Do you really want to know, or do you merely want to get rid of the lecture you've been making up ever since you got to know about what I've done?"

"Does it really matter?"

"Of course it matters. Because if it's a lecture you have in mind, I'm going to spare myself the trouble of trying to explain anything to you."

Janus shook his head. "Well, I think we don't need to talk about how incredibly stupid that idea was. What did you think you had to prove?"

"Nothing", Remus snapped defensively. "This wasn't about proving anything."

"Oh no? Then why in Merlin's name did you suddenly decide to go and chase the man who very nearly killed you once?"

Remus rolled his eyes. "Do you honestly think that's what it was about? I wasn't chasing Greyback, but if Voldemort uses him to recruit the werewolves, then I am the one who has the best chance of finding out what he's trying to do. So stop lecturing me."

Janus raised his hands in a gesture that clearly said "suit yourself", but in all honesty he wasn't in the very least calm or satisfied with his brother's argument. It had been a ludicrous risk Remus had taken, that's all there was to it.

"So then, what is Greyback doing?"

"He's not making it easy for you if that's what you're hoping. He's on the move nearly constantly, never stays in one place for longer than a day or two, three at the most."

"And what about the other werewolves?"

Remus shrugged and refilled his coffee. "Greyback knows that the Ministry keeps a close eye on those werewolves that are in the werewolf registry. He's not stupid, he's trying to gather the others."

"Oh come on Remus, it has a reason that there's a werewolf registry in Great Britain. How many werewolves who are not on the registry can there be?"

A smile showed on Remus' face. "For somebody who worked his way so high up in law enforcement you seem to have a pretty blind spot on that topic. The werewolf registry is an attempt by the government to try and get things under control. And it's working. But that doesn't mean that there are no more unregistered werewolves around. Quite the contrary, to be precise."

Janus' thoughts began to race in his mind. Truth be told, he had never really spent much thoughts on the werewolf registry and the question whether it encompassed all the existing werewolves in Britain. He knew that one of the healers who had treated Remus after he had been bitten had put his name into the registry, first in France and then later after their move to Britain Remus had also been registered here. But the question whether there were werewolves who were not registered had never really crossed Janus' mind.

"And how many unregistered werewolves are we talking about?"

Remus shrugged. "Don't ask me for any numbers. But that's your big problem. Most werewolves hold a grudge against society, and that's what Voldemort is counting on. The werewolves who are registered might be more careful because they know they are being watched, but those who are not registered might be very susceptible to Voldemort's promises."

Janus still wasn't entirely convinced by his brother's arguments about the not registered werewolves, but that was not what was bothering him so much.

"But where is Greyback? Voldemort threatened to set werewolves loose somewhere in Britain, where does he call them to? And how in Merlin's name does Greyback know where to find werewolves?"

Again, Remus only laughed at his brother's imagination of how things were going. "Believe me that Greyback knows where he has to look. He has made a large number of those werewolves what they are. And he's not exactly handing out invitations saying "If you're a werewolf and feel let down by the wizarding government, please come to this address two days before the next full moon." The day I called you was the only time that there was something that could be called a bigger gathering, and that was also the only time that I dared to get really close to Greyback. Before that, I had been following him around, keeping my distance and trying to find out what he was up to. And after that I didn't want to keep following Greyback because sooner or later he would have noticed."

"Then what did you do? I mean, you've been away for nearly a month."

"I went here and there, seeking out some of the werewolves to find out what exactly Greyback had told them to do. That was a lengthy process, that's why I thought I might not make it back before the next full moon. It was too risky, though, that's why I returned to headquarters."

Janus waited for a moment whether his brother would continue. When Remus didn't but instead poured himself another cup of coffee Janus sighed impatiently.
"There's one question you're dodging to answer, Remus. What is going to happen tonight? What has Voldemort ordered Greyback to do?"

Remus didn't look up from stirring milk into his coffee. "I don't know."

Janus' head snapped up. "You don't know?"

"No, I don't know."

"So you're telling me that you've just vanished for a month, worrying everybody, with the result that you don't know what you left to find out?"

Something like anger showed on Remus' face, but Janus didn't care. He had every right to be angry, not Remus. What had Remus been thinking? And why hadn't he simply aborted the whole stupid mission once he had realised how useless it all was? Janus was about to voice those thoughts when Remus interrupted him.

"I might not know what Voldemort's orders were, but that doesn't mean that I didn't learn anything. The problem is that after Voldemort's threat the whole Ministry expected him to gather the werewolves and set them loose at a certain target tonight."

Janus frowned. "And you calling this a problem means that you don't think that he's going to pull through with that?"

"Oh, I think that threat was meant very serious. I just don't think that it was Greyback's task to gather the werewolves."

"And what was his task?"

"As far as I can tell, Greyback was sent out to do what he's doing best – to pull people on Voldemort's side. The mere fact that somebody is a werewolf doesn't necessarily mean that they are only waiting for Voldemort's command to reach them. Most of the unregistered werewolves aren't on the registry simply because they don't want to be revealed. They hide the fact that they were bitten, but they don't necessarily go stalking for prey once a month. They hide away, afraid of the government's repercussions, and lock themselves up once the full moon comes. It's those werewolves that Greyback was trying to recruit, those werewolves he was trying to pull on Voldemort's side with the promise of a life free of potential repercussions for what they are. That's Greyback's job."

The frown on Janus' face deepened. "What, to tell the werewolves that it'll all be better once Voldemort is back in power?"

"No, to convince them that the only way to make their lives better is to do their own part in helping Voldemort get back to power."

"And how?"

"By not locking themselves up anymore during the full moon."

Janus shook his head. "You can't be serious. First you tell me that those werewolves are trying to keep a low profile, and now you're suddenly telling me that upon one word from Greyback they start biting people?"

Remus shrugged tiredly. "Greyback is very persuading. And you would do well not to underestimate all the repressed anger and fear that's simmering in every werewolf in this society. No small wonder, seeing how awfully difficult everyday life is made for a werewolf. The promise of a normal life, of retribution even, is a very powerful tool. And both Greyback and Voldemort are far too clever to do things the way the Ministry expects them to do."

Janus' expression darkened. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"That it's hard enough to prepare for one concentrated werewolf attack somewhere in the country, but given the right intelligence and information the Ministry might be able to prevent the worst. But there is no way to prepare for werewolves roaming loose all over the country. Do you understand that now? If werewolves are going to run free all over the country, there is nothing the Ministry can do to stop this. No evacuation, no Auror forces to stop them, nothing. Well, nothing short of setting a country-wide curfew, though you'll never be able to muster the forces to successfully put it through everywhere. But it's a start, so maybe you should go to the office and arrange things." He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a tattered and slightly dirty roll of parchment. "Here's all the information I have gathered over the past weeks. Places Greyback went to, people he talked to, everything I could observe without revealing myself. It's by no means complete, but it's a start as to what places and people you should pay special attention to."

Janus leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head, thinking hard. What Remus had said made a cruel sense, and he could kick himself for not having thought about it earlier. He needed to tell Moody as soon as possible, that was true.

"Janus?", Remus' voice tore him out of his thoughts. "You did hear me, didn't you? Why aren't you on your way to the office yet? I can get to Dad's place on my own."

"I'll tell Moody in a moment."

Now it was Remus' turn to frown. "But don't you need to get to the office?"

Janus sighed, not at all fancying the lengthy explanations that were bound to follow. "I'll tell Moody. Right now, I'm persona non grata in the DMLE. Fudge suspended me."

"Why did he do that?"

Janus shrugged as nonchalantly as he could. "Fudge would jump at every opportunity to get rid of me. He never trusted me. And when the headcount of the werewolf registry showed that you were unaccounted for, that was reason enough for him to suspend me." He saw that Remus was about to say something, so he raised his hands to ward off his brother's next words. "I know what you're going to say, so spare yourself the trouble. I'm in contact with Moody, and just because Fudge thinks he can stop me it doesn't mean that he really can. So yes, I am going to tell Moody what you just told me, but for now it is important to keep you out of prison."

Remus leaned back in his chair and tiredly rubbed his face. "As much as I appreciate the idea of keeping me to of prison, I don't quite see how you're going to manage that."

"As I said, I've already made some plans. Basically, all we need to do is figure out a plausible story as to where you've been for the past weeks. And the story needs to be tight enough so that they have no grounds to interrogate you anymore. As soon as they do that, they'll force you to take a truth potion and then the whole thing will blow up. Or do you want me to obliviate you?"

Remus shook his head. "No, thanks."

"That's what I thought. Which leads us back to creating a plausible story for your whereabouts." Janus got up from his chair and fetched a roll of parchments from the living room. He sat back down and refilled his coffee before he started to speak again.

"I've been making some calls earlier, now you only need to memorise what I tell you. All right. For the past three weeks you've been in France. You've been working on a research for Professor Luc Bouloin, director of the French Bibliothèque Nationale. Professor Bouloin is currently working on a book about…let me see" Janus shuffled the parchments around a little as he was searching "Here, about…sociological reasons for the inter-goblinish wars of the 15th century, and he needed an assistant who is able to read ancient goblinish fluently. Which is where you come in."

Remus swallowed. "I wouldn't call my reading knowledge of ancient goblinish fluent, though."

Janus looked up from the parchments and glared at his brother. "Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to find a research project that was more suited to your liking. You'd better be glad that Professor Bouloin owed me a very big favour. He's finishing the paperwork as we speak, you'll get a copy of it as soon as it's finished."

Remus shook his head. "That's all good and fine, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the Ministry knows that I never left Britain during the past weeks. I'd have needed to inform the Ministry about my leaving the country, and I never did."

Janus grinned. He hadn't forgotten about that little detail. The Ministry was keeping protocol of werewolf movements, another regulation which made the life of a lycanthrope all the more difficult. So if Remus wanted to claim that he had spent the past three weeks in France, the Ministry needed to be able to check that story. Which meant that there had to be a written announcement of his departure with the Department for Control of Magical Creatures, and there had to be a confirmation of his arrival in France with the French Ministry. This procedure was the main reason why Remus' and Janus' father hadn't full moved back to his native country yet, despite the fact that he had wanted to for a long time already. But Richard Lupin wanted to spare his son all that official trouble whenever he was coming for a visit. There was a house in France which belonged to Remus' and Janus' aunt where Richard spent quite a lot of time, but the most part of the year Richard Lupin lived in Kent. Currently, though, Richard Lupin was in France, watching the house while his sister was on a prolonged trip to the South American.

"As soon as the Ministry will check your story, they will find the written announcement of your departure, dated exactly twenty-four days back, which had unfortunately been placed into the wrong file. You only need to sign it before it gets sorted into the wrong file." Janus pushed a parchment, quill and ink towards his brother and continued. "People simply make mistakes. As soon as they're going to check back with the French Ministry, their request will be forwarded to Eloise Toullebecq, who will then tell them that you have arrived in France at exactly the day that you announced you would, and that you stayed in France since then. She's currently handling the paperwork on the French side for me. So we've got all sides of this covered. The story is tight enough so that there are no grounds to interrogate you, and nobody will have any reason to give you a truth serum."

Remus finished his coffee and frowned at his brother. "Why are all those people faking documents and risking their jobs to do this?"

Janus just shrugged. "They owe me favours."

"You're calling in favours to help me? And what in Merlin's name did you do that they owe you such big favours?"

"You don't really want to know, believe me. Now we only have one problem."

Janus sighed. "Well, just in case the Ministry is more thorough than I think. I wouldn't put it past Fudge to put some pressure on his people to find something that justifies my suspension for an even longer stretch of time. So just in case they come asking, we need to tell our dear father what he has to tell them. That you were indeed in France and that you have been staying at his place for the past three weeks."

Remus sighed and leaned his head into his hands. "And your choice of wording bears the message that you haven't spoken to him yet and that it's my task in this whole scheme to tell him about it."

Janus nodded. "That would be right. It's only fair, seeing that I did all the other calling and explaining."

"All right, so be it."

Janus silently raised an eyebrow. "The only problem is that Dad will probably want to know where you were during those three weeks. I'd very much want to hear what you come up with for that, but unfortunately I've got other things to do today."

"Then I'd better go and apparate to his place as soon as possible, it might take a little while for him to calm down."

Janus started to rummage around in the pocket of his robe and withdrew a roll of spell-o-tape.

"Better take this. Homemade portkey, practically untraceable. Just to be on the safe side, after all as far as the Ministry is concerned, you haven't left France in weeks. Just tap it with your wand, and off you go."

Remus took the spell-o-tape and put it into the pocket of his own robes. "Thank you, Janus."

"I can bear with the loss of a roll of spell-o-tape."

Remus rolled his eyes. "I was thanking you for all you've done, but I know that you understood that immediately, so I am not going to repeat it. I'd better be off."

Remus went into the bedroom to fetch the dirty shirt he had discarded earlier, then he pulled out the portkey, tapped it with his wand and vanished. Janus looked after him for a moment, the he pulled out his wand and levitated the dirty cups into the sink where they started scrubbing themselves clean. Janus checked his watch, then decided to go out for a quick lunch before he went to see Moody. Remus would spend the full moon tonight with their father, and before that nothing much would happen. He'd get the paperwork from Professor Bouloin later in the afternoon and drop it off at their father's place for Remus to sign. That should give Remus enough time to calm their old man down from whatever worried frenzy he would talk himself into as soon as he heard the news that his younger son needed an alibi for the past three weeks. Janus didn't particularly want to be there for that occasion.

And seeing that he had no office to return to, nor any paperwork to finish, Janus would try to make his evening enjoyable. He'd keep an eye out on what was happening tomorrow when Remus officially came back to Britain, and he'd also tell Moody to try his best and keep Remus out of further trouble. It wasn't the most perfect plan, but it was the best that could have been done in the short time, and it would have to do.