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Balls, Boys and Other Great Mysteries of Nature

by juanafever

Chapter 1

Hermione yawned into her palm and looked around. The library was disserted if you didn't count Madam Pince and her. The librarian looked and her watch and then pointedly at Hermione. The Gryffindor got the message and started gathering her things from the table, her thoughts returning to the world of the living from the land of books and knowledge.

Hermione slowly made her way to the Gryffindor Tower. The halls were already deserted because of the nearing curfew. She really didn't want to go to the common room right now and sighted.

'Bloody blind idiot…'

She swore rarely if ever, but today Hermione was willing to make an exception. Life was just not fair sometimes. Didn't she have enough things to worry about? School, Harry, Ron, staying alive, Malfoy… school again.

Hermione readjusted her school bag.

'I bet the two of them are sitting in the common room… ' She could imagine her two friends sitting on the cozy couch and talking about some nonsense like Quidditch or the incoming Yule Ball. They were worried that they didn't have dates for it. Hermione growled under her breath.

'They don't want to go with trolls…my ass. What do I look like? She- troll? They are so used to me that they don't even notice me unless it's something about their homework.'

She felt her anger rise again and kicked an imaginary stone on her way. She wasn't a troll, sure she also wasn't Ms Popularity like Parvati or Lavender, but she was a girl damn it. That was dateless for the Ball.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? Isn't it a little late for a walk, Granger?"

Hermione cursed her luck under her breath and turned around to face the speaker. From the shining badge she guessed it was a prefect. His robes were decorated in green and silver. A Slytherin prefect. Just what she needed for full happiness.

'Well it's a tough luck if you are waiting for me to tremble in fear.'

"And your point would be?"

The guy smirked.

'What with Slytherins and smirking? Do they have it in the curriculum or something? '

"It is past curfew."

"You wish. I still have twenty five minutes to get to my dorm." She glared at him and fought back the urge to show him a tongue.

The Slytherin smirked even wider and Hermione narrowed her eyes in suspicion her hand reaching for the wand on pure instinct.

"Gee, Granger. I am not going to hex. Trust me."

Hermione snorted in a very un-lady like fashion and readjusted her bag.

"Sure and I trust all Slytherins that say so."

Hermione studied the teen in front of her. She was pretty sure it was the Slytherin Quidditch Team's captain. Dark hair, tall, arrogant and for some reason pretty popular amongst the girls. The Gryffindor wanted to turn around and head to her dormitory and get some rest, besides she was getting nervous. Being alone with a Slytherin has never been a good thing.

"Aren't we fiery today?" He was clearly enjoying her bad mood.

"Bite me. Get out of the way." Somehow during their conversation he came to stand on her way.

"Such a behavior can easily earn you a detention you know. With Snape for example. "

"Had you wanted to give me detention I would be scrubbing the dirty cauldrons by now. So if you don't mind?" Hermione looked pointedly at him and tried to pass, but he only moved to block her way again.

"I mind."

"It was theoretical question. Move it."


"You are repeating yourself. Can't you just let me pass?" She felt heat rising to he cheeks much like she was arguing with Malfoy. 'All snakes are the same. Dumb and frustrating.' Hermione released a frustrated sound at his behavior and gave her best death glare she could muster.

"It is not my fault you look good when you all angry and flushed. No wonder Malfoy gets on your case all the time."

What ever Hermione expected to hear it wasn't this. From surprise she almost keened over, dark honey eyes went wide and she blinked like an owl a couple of times.

'A compliment from a Slytherin. Well that's a first. Wait a sec…. A compliment from a Slytherin? To me? Is he blind or am I am hearing things? I must have misunderstood it. Yes. '


"Problem with hearing, Granger?"

She just shocked her head still not quite over the shock.

'He is joking on me. Great. A second Malfoy.'

"I have no time for your jokes."

"Who says I am joking?"

Hermione didn't have time or patient for his games. She took a deep breath and intended to give him a piece of her mind.


But the Slytherin cut her of before she could start it.

"I am not done yet, let me finish." He made a serious face at what Hermione rolled her eyes. 'I am not falling for any of your tricks.' Flint ignored Hermione's look and cleared his throat as if before saying something important. "From a reliable source I have heard that you're still dateless for the Yule Ball."

Hermione felt even more color rise to he cheeks.

"That is none of your business." 'Oh great… Now the Slytherins knows that nobody wants to take me to the Ball. Like the fact alone isn't embarrassing enough.'

"Will you go to the Ball with me?"

This time instead of an owl Hermione strongly resembled a fish thrown to the shore. She opened and closed her mouth few times till she her vocal cords decided that it was the time to start working. She took few deep breaths and looked around fully expecting to see a bunch of Slytherins laughing at the great new joke on Granger. But weirdly enough they were alone in the hall with no signs of eavesdroppers. 'I must be hearing things today. I need rest. Lots of it.'

"Come gain?"

The Slytherin took a deep breath and in a clear voice repeated.

"Will you go to the Bloody Ball with me, Granger?"

Hermione was silent for few minutes simply looking at him.

"Get out of my way, Flint, before I'll hex you."

"She talks!" The Slytherin guy crossed his hand over his chest. "I am not moving till you'll answer me." His eyes wondered over the Gryffindor. He had to admit that he liked whet he saw. She was in his taste. Petite, but not overly skinny like all those mummies in his year. Wild chocolate hair framing her face, dark honey eyes that were glaring daggers at him. 'I bet she'll be a screamer.'

Hermione wanted to hex him so badly that her hand shock. He was playing some joke on her. Like she would believe that he liked her like in that way. Well, she would never believe that he liked her at all. Finally she gathered her wits and decided that she should set things clear.

"No." She hoped that she looked calm. Hermione would rather go alone than with him. Besides it was not like he was being serious. 'Fucking Slytherins.'


"Oh, for Merlin's sake you can drop the act, Flint. I am not falling for it. Is it a bet or a dare who will make a fool out of Hermione Granger first?"

"You are paranoid, Granger. Do you talk to every bloke like this? Not all of us are bastards you know."

"Blokes or Slytherins?"

"Blokes in Slytherin. So, will you be my date?"

"No. Even if you are not playing a joke on me. What I find hard to believe. I wouldn't go with you if you were the last guy on Earth. Besides why would you pick me of all the girls in Hogwarts? And why should I say yes?"

"And why not?"

"Beside the obvious?"

"What is your problem, Granger? I know it will be your first ball and you weren't asked till now. Shouldn't you be happier about it? "

Hermione gritted her teeth in frustration. 'Can't he just drop it and get lost. Just because you fixed your teeth doesn't mean you became my type of guy.' If to be honest Hermione didn't have a faintest idea what her type of guy was, but she was pretty sure it wasn't Flint.

" Flint. Read my lips. I. Will. Not. Go. To. The. Yule. Ball. With. You. Was that clear enough?"

Suddenly Hermione noticed the predatory look Flint got in his eyes as he watched her lips.

'Uh… Help?'

"I think you should start calling me Marcus as we are going to the Ball together, Hermione."

"As soon as the Hell freezes over solid, Flint"

"What? Am I not good enough for the Princess of Gryffindor? Is it because I am from Slytherin?"

"It is because you are not my kind of guy."

"And what is your type of guy? Weasel? Don't kid me. You need a man, Hermione. Not some spineless sidekick."

"And you are the man that I need, Flint? I don't think so."

"You won't know that till you try."

"I am not that crazy, Flint, to even think about trying anything with you."

"You might like it."

"Thanks. I'll pass on the offer. Why wouldn't you go and offer it to someone else. If Gryffindors attracts you so much there is a girl, a sixth year. Delirium over you. I bet she will accept."

The Slytherin snorted rolling his eyes.

"I want a date to the Ball not one time shag. Well, I do want the shag too if to be honest, but from you."

Hermione looked at him blankly.

"Don't be honest with me when it comes to topic like this, because I am really not interested. Besides isn't there anyone else for you to harass? Some Hufflepuf wandering around?"

"There is always someone to harass, but there isn't always a chance to get you alone without the Weasel and Boy Wonder. What are they doing anyway? Trying to figure out what their wands are for?"

"Can't you let me pass, Flint? It is kind of late and I am really tired."


Hermione frowned.

"Where's the catch?"

"Smart girl. Just the way I like it. Well, all you have to do is to say yes and will keep you company to your bellowed Tower."

"You need to get your hearing checked, Flint. Along with your memory. And I don't need you to find the way to my dorm."

"Granger, why can't you just say yes and get it over with?"

Hermione was beyond frustrated now. He acted like her agreement was only a matter of time. Fat chance…

" Flint, as you still haven't caught on what I am telling you then let me clue you in. I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU! YOU BL… "

Her rant was cut midway. Girl's eyes went wide as he clasped a palm over her mouth.

"Can't you keep it down? Your bellowed McGonagall is haunting somewhere here." Flint looked around the hall cautiously.

She pushed his hand away much like her feline does.

"Don't you ever touch me, Flint."

"Or what? You'll hex me? Even if you are as smart as everyone say I got more practice, so don't bother."

The Gryffindor glared at him her temper flaming up.

"Fuck you." God, she was pissed.

"Later, sweets. We haven't even been on our first date yet."

Her Gryffindor temper was the only thing that was keeping her from panicking as she was backed up against the wall with him looming over her. Hermione gulped. 'Why do all Quidditch players has to be so tall?' Now he was standing too close to her for comfort. 'He isn't going to… No way!'

Hermione wasn't going to allow Marcus Flint of all wizards to steal her first kiss. She didn't care if he fixed his teeth and Padma thought he was hot. It was not happening.

All her thoughts lasted a sec and as his lips were about to touch hers she ducked and dived under his arm getting a good hold of her book bag while making a mad dash for the Gryffindor Tower.

"Sorry, Flint! But I have to run!"

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