... F u t u r e ... B l u e s ...

By Miss P

Summary: Miss Parker gets to see what her future will hold;
she doesn't like it at all…

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Characters and
I'm not getting paid for writing it…

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Chapter One

She had him handcuffed today. She had him in her car, the Centre would soon have their prized pretender back and Miss Parker would be free. But something happened along the way and the accident couldn't be stopped.
The road was full of water and the car made several spins before landing upside down, dangerously close to a tree.

She managed to crawl out of the damaged car with only a few bleeding cuts on her body. One of her arms was hurting, but she could tell nothing was broken.

The water was pouring down when she saw him sneak away from the place. She draw her gun and screamed at him to stop. He did, and she walked up to him. She was shocked to see how much he was bleeding from a wound in his head, but forced herself to ignore it. She forced herself to not feel anything; she had to do her job…

"And where do you think you're going wonder boy?" she snarled. He was her ticket out of the Centre and this time she was not going to let him get away. Her daddy would be so proud of her…

Jarod didn't answer and Miss Parker quickly dialled Broots number on her cell phone. When she hung up she had a satisfied grin on her face.

"I'm not going back," Jarod growled.

"Oh yes you are, and it will be a great pleasure to put you back where you belong, hunt is over lab rat."

"I can't believe you're this cold, do you really think this is what your mother would have wanted?"

Miss Parker waved her gun in front of his face. "Don't EVER talk about her!" she snapped.

Jarod raised his handcuffed hands in the air. "I'm sorry ice queen, does that make you feel anything?" he said coldly. "That would be really awful wouldn't it?"

Miss Parker felt like she'd gotten a punch in her stomach. She looked down for a moment, swearing to herself. How could she let him get to her like that?

The few seconds out of control was Miss Parker's mistake. Before she could react she felt a terrible pain in her head, then everything went black.

"I'm sorry Parker, I had no choice…" Jarod checked her pulse to make sure she would be okay, and then he quickly got away from there.


When Miss Parker awoke again, she had no idea of where she was. The room was bright and the sun was shining from a window. She looked around and noticed she was in her own living room, lying on the floor.

She quickly got up on her feet, to her surprise she wasn't injured anymore, but something felt wrong, very wrong.

It wasn't until she found a photo of herself as old and a very old Mr Parker next to her she knew something wasn't right. Who the hell had placed that thing here? What kind of twisted joke was this?

Miss Parker snatched her cell phone from her pocket and dialled Sydney's number. There was a computer-like voice telling this number wasn't available anymore. Miss Parker cursed out loud. She really needed to talk to him… Sydney always answered his phone. Where the hell was he?

Confused she started to go through her house, all the time she found things she had never seen before. Things she didn't know existed at all.

In her bedroom she spotted a black photo album on her bed. Damn it, this must be one of Rat Boys games… but how? Her mind was racing as she sat down and opened it. What she saw almost made her faint. There were pictures from a funeral, her fathers' funeral… with trembling hands she continued looking through the album. There were pictures of herself in different ages, of her mother and of Jarod. Miss Parker frowned. Where did these photos come from? This couldn't be a joke… could it? One special photo caught her attention. It was of Jarod and Zoë's wedding. He looked older, and there were two little kids there with them, a boy and a girl. This was no joke. But the question remained, what the hell was going on? The date on the photo was more than ten years ahead of her.

Miss Parker dropped the album, shocked. She finally realized. She didn't believe in supernatural. But she was a hundred percent sure this was her future… and she didn't like what she saw, not at all. And the question was - where was her older self?



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