Chapter Ten


Miss Parker pressed the phone closer to her ear. Suddenly she had forgotten everything about being in Jarod's safe arms.

"What happened?" she asked, holding her breath as she waited for the answer.

"Mr. Broots is awake… he's going to recover completely. You can come see him if you want to, but remember he's very weak so be careful…"

Miss Parker smiled. "We're coming right away!" she hung up and turned to Debbie.

"Daddy's awake!" she said, watching the kid's face lit up.


The visit at the hospital was what they all had been waiting for, what they all needed to feel okay again. Broots was indeed awake and Miss Parker didn't think she'd seen Debbie this happy in a long time. Sydney was there too and Miss Parker couldn't stop smiling. And the fact that Jarod had insisted on coming with her, was making her nervous, but she couldn't deny that she liked having him around.

Miss Parker didn't think she would ever forget the look on Sydney's face as she and Jarod came walking through the corridors. It was actually kind of funny!

Miss Parker and Sydney left the room to let Broots and his daughter have some time alone, and Miss Parker just closed the door when Sydney started to chuckle. Miss Parker glared at him, then quickly scanned the corridors.

"Parker, I can watch out for myself, but I appreciate the concern," Jarod smiled and received another glare.

"Excuse me for not wanting you back at the Centre, wonder boy."

"So it is true? I'm happy for you two," Sydney smiled his usual grin.

Miss Parker rolled her eyes. "Don't say a word about this to anyone, get it Freud?"

Sydney nodded. "I won't tell a living soul," he said.

Miss Parker flashed him a smile. "You know, you should have seen the look on your face when you saw us," she said and Sydney couldn't help but laugh.

Miss Parker looked at Jarod. Things had turned out better than she even dared to think about. The little look into her future had really made Miss Parker realized her life wasn't what it should be. But in some way she had managed to change things and for once in her life she felt like there was hope. She had something to look forward too, something that made her happy.

Debbie was back with her father and Miss Parker was so happy that she was able to change Broots's and Debbie's destiny. Because Debbie deserved so much more than to grew up at the Centre, she deserved something better than Miss Parker herself. She hated to admit it but her life hadn't exactly been what normal people would call a life at all. But maybe that could change…


Visiting time was over at the hospital and Miss Parker Jarod and Debbie were back at Miss Parker's house. Debbie hadn't wanted to leave her father there, but the knowledge that he was going to be okay soon, made her feel happier. And she really enjoyed staying with Miss Parker.

After watching TV for a while, Debbie left Jarod and Miss Parker alone and disappeared into the guestroom to sleep.

Jarod looked at Miss Parker. "So, now when we're alone…" he started. He moved a bit closer to her in the sofa. "Remember when I promised to help you change your future?" he asked. Miss Parker nodded. "That's good, because I think I have the perfect way to do that, to be a part of your life…" Jarod paused and looked at the woman next to him. She met his look and smiled a little.

"I've always known our lives have a bigger meaning than I run and you chase. And I'm sure you know it too… Parker, thank you for changing my future, I really can't stand the thought of marrying Zoë, so thank you for making me realize that."

Miss Parker didn't say anything, but the look in her eyes told Jarod everything he needed to know, and he continued.

"What I'm trying to say is… Parker… Mirah, will you marry me?"

Miss Parker gasped out loud, staring at him. Had she heard it right? Marry him? A huge smile appeared on her lips before she could stop it. And for once in her life, Miss Parker let her heart speak for her.

"Yes," she whispered. "I want to marry you!"

Jarod laughed, embracing her tightly. Miss Parker was stunned. She had said yes, just like that. She hadn't even thought about it, what would the consequences be?

"I love you baby," Jarod whispered tenderly. Miss Parker smiled, but remained silent. Instead of saying the words back, she wrapped her arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his lips. As their lips met both of them knew that nothing could ever keep them apart. There had always been an invisible bound between them and that kiss just proved what they already knew. Still it was the most wonderful thing both of them had ever experienced, something they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Jarod was first to pull away, but only to slide the golden ring onto Miss Parker's finger. He smiled.

"It's beautiful," Miss Parker whispered, smiling back at him. "Thank you Jarod, for not giving up on me."

"I'll never give up on you."

"I like the thought of that," Miss Parker smiled.

"Me too," Jarod once again put his arms around Miss Parker and this time he didn't have to pull her close, she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

Miss Parker could hardly believe it, but she felt happy. She didn't know if it was because of Jarod or the fact that she had managed to change her future, to save her friends life and make Debbie's life a hell of a lot better than it would have gotten. There was only one thing left to do, get Sam out of the Centre. He didn't deserve to grow old there; he should have a family, like a normal guy.

Miss Parker knew she would find a way to save him from the Centre, and when she did, there was a huge risk she would leave too, go somewhere with Jarod. Miss Parker liked the thought of starting over somewhere, but she needed some time to think things over, and she was sure Jarod understood. He would give her all the time she needed.

Miss Parker was sure Jarod already knew what her decision would be; to be honest she knew it herself too. She just needed some time to say goodbye to her old life, to the Centre and to all the pain. Miss Parker needed some time to understand that she could actually have the life she had dreamt of for so long, a happy life.



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