A/N: So I finally wrote a story. Er, the first couple chapters anyways. We'll see how it goes. Now that the semester is over I have time do something besides be a music major. sigh of relief…

Fiyero/Elphaba, of course. Musical verse, I think. It takes place a month or so after 'As Long As You're Mine,' with Fiyero and Elphaba at Kiamo Ko, then totally departs from the musical plot. It's my first try at a full-length story. Let's hope that it's decent… feedback, reviews, help, criticism, advice, comments…all are appreciated!

I don't own Wicked. Surprise, I know.

Prologue—Sweaty Palms

Fiyero awoke with an upward jolt.

Groggy from sleep, wide eyes darted nervously around the room, finally adjusting to the heavy darkness of Kiamo Ko. He stumbled out of bed and made his way blindly down the hallway to the bathroom, sweaty palms struggling with the doorknob. His breaths came in sloppy gasps, and he closed his eyes in attempt to calm his trembling heartbeat.

Turning on the light, he saw a much disheveled Fiyero staring back in the mirror. Sweat ran down his brow, plastering his hair to his forehead. As a matter of fact, he noticed, sweat crept along his entire body, producing a series of chills that ran through his system. He moved to turn the water faucet on and found that his hand was trembling.

What in Oz is wrong with me? Confusion flooded his mind, preventing him from forming any coherent thoughts. He didn't feel sick. Well, he had a slight headache but he certainly didn't feel sick to his stomach or anything.

Wait. His stomach. There was a sensation there. Not the squelching, tumbling feeling one associates with nausea. Just a nervous tingle, one of apprehension, flittering around like a bucket of butterflies. Something snapped in his mind, and the flooding waters of confusion drained away, leaving a clear space for worry and dread to creep in.

"Oh God," he trailed off, eyes wide. He remembered. His labored heartbeat returned and the nervous tingle in his stomach multiplied tenfold, torturing his insides as he turned around and bolted back to the bedroom.